HEAL the sick, cast out evil, raise the dead

What’s the most important characteristic of a healer? Selfless courage. 

One of the most impressive things about Jesus’ healings is how unafraid he was.

No matter what the scene — angry group of religious extremists, packed temple of wealthy elites, demon-possessed horror film — Jesus always kept calm and focused. Nothing could deter him. It was almost as if he was completely unconscious of himself. Just a vehicle for his Father’s instructions. Completely selfless.

We all inherently know how to heal. But the question is: Are we willing to do it? Are we willing to completely remove ourselves, our personal relationships, fears, and histories, in order to accomplish the will of Life, Truth, and Love?

Join me in fearlessly experimenting with what Mary Baker Eddy, a phenomenal Christian healer, says will heal the sick and reform the sinner: “unselfed love.” It won’t be easy. Jesus never said it would be. But he did say it would be possible.

So let Spirit move, make decisions based on your highest understanding of God and man, and don’t be afraid to act on the Truth found in the Scriptures. This is the only way to immortality, the straight and narrow way. 

We can do this together.

Michael Morgan, June 2012


  1. David says:

    Awesome article! I would like to add a page that lists dozens of healing miracles that happened recently:



  2. Jay says:

    A couple of years ago I went to the dentist for several fillings. As the appointment neared, I decided to make a concerted effort at applying prayer and spiritual thinking to the situation with more dedication than usual. When it was time to leave, I felt well-grounded in my spiritual identity as the reflection of divine Love. I greeted the dentist and his assistant happily and refused be fearful.

    About halfway into the procedure, they started marveling at how much pain I must be in. They used words like “agony” and “excruciating” and then looked at me for confirmation. Actually, I’m fine! I tried to say. My mouth being wide open to accommodate several tools, I had a hard time getting across the point. Sure, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing to do, but I wasn’t in excruciating agony … yet their conversation repeatedly came back to how miserable I must be.

    What irony! I was lying there perfectly fine while well-intentioned experts told me that I was suffering. I gave up trying to convince them otherwise and thought about the situation. This seemed just like “aggressive mental suggestion,” a term used in Christian Science that refers to thoughts and fears which try to convince us that we are separate from God, and that there can be moments when we are not protected by divine Spirit.

    In this case, these suggestions of pain were being verbally launched at me, and even though I couldn’t turn it off or ignore it, I knew it wasn’t true and therefore had no reason to believe it, no matter how much they talked about it.

    Everything went smoothly, and before I left the dentist told me, yet again, that I was going to be in a lot of pain and suggested I buy some medication. This scared me for a moment – maybe the pain would come back with a vengeance.

    “NO!” I stopped myself. Fears about future pain are just as untrue as those about current pain. I knew that I could see through the falsity of those claims just as clearly as I knew I wasn’t hurting during the operation when the dentist kept telling me that I was.

    While my mouth and jaws were recovering over the next couple of days, I experience no pain and very little discomfort. When I remembered that I was supposed to be hurting, I just replied Actually, I’m fine!

  3. Kate says:

    I was feeling rather “dead” inside.  I didn’t feel like there was anything that could possibly raise me out of the sense of hopelessness I was in.  I was depressed and didn’t really care that I was.  I was fine with walking through my days without really feeling anything.  It was better that way I told myself.  If you can’t feel anything, you can’t feel hurt.

    One morning I woke up and didn’t even try to confirm for myself that I was alive.  I lay there in the space between sleeping and waking and didn’t move.  I didn’t try to open my eyes and confirm that I existed in the same “world” I had before I went to sleep.  I didn’t move a muscle to feel the friction of bed linens against my skin or the sensation of air moving through my lips.  I didn’t try to hear the sound of water running in the next room or the creak of floorboards.  I just stayed in the place of non-sentience.  And what I discovered was the most beautiful sense of Life — I was.  I was, just because.  Just because I was conscious of being.   I was NOT conscious of being rich or poor, well or not-so-well, tall or short, musical or tone-deaf — but just being.  Being alive to all the thoughts that were possible in the universe.   It was enough. It was everything.

    Life itself raised me from being dead to living.  Eddy says, “Life is reflected in existence…”  This statement felt very very real to me that morning.  This space, this consciousness of existence — of conscious worth (or the worth of consciousness) has been my one true place every since.  Life asserts itself and raises us from any sense of deadness to the beauty and wonder of living.  We aren’t using God (Life) to raise the dead — Life itself is raising us up –

    Whenever I forget the simple joy of being — I just have to go back to that quiet place of “nothing but Him” and I am refreshed.

  4. Shelly says:

    That is listening!!!

  5. Ansley says:

    At Home in Heaven

    I was at a diner and God arranged it so that I could not see the faces of anyone in the room except for one man.  I saw the Christ in that man and there was a spot light glowing on him.  

    So after the meeting I felt moved to speak to him. God told me to give him a hug and meet with him and get him a Science and Health.  I did not really want to, but I was obedient to the Father. 

    Later I was flooded with love for him by the Holy Spirit.  He received an email right then that notified him about receiving full-time employment which he had been praying about for weeks! All provided by Father-Mother God.  

    Homelessness is not real.  As the sixth verse of the 23rd Psalm states, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Wherever we are, we are at home with God qualities like compassion, selflessness, joy, and freedom. When we keep our focus on those wonderful things, we realize we can never lack anything – including home, heaven. 

  6. Rachel says:

    This summer I went to Burning Man, the week-long festival in the Nevada desert. It was a leap of faith for me to voluntarily spend a week in the middle of nowhere with 60,000 people I’d never met, and every day brought a new spiritual lesson that made my faith tangible and reliable. Burning Man has principles that guide and organize the structure of the festival. I learned about their principle of immediacy which is expressed as the desire to “overcome barriers that stand between us and a recognition of our inner selves, the reality of those around us, participation in society, and contact with a natural world exceeding human powers.” There’s a Beatitude that leads me to overcome those barriers every day, and I put it to work in Black Rock City. The Message interprets the Beatitude “Blessed are the pure in heart” to mean, “You’re blessed when you get your inside world – your mind and heart – put right. Then you can see God in the outside world.” In the proportion that I spiritualized my thought through daily prayer, I began to see God in action in the desert. I witnessed others expressing goodness, truthfulness, and healing towards me, and saw the law of Love manifested in everyone’s experience. No one was left out. With a friend I met at the Life, Truth, Love: Christian Science Experience camp, I spent some time standing at an intersection in Black Rock City. We simply waited and were approached my multiple people over a couple hours. To each person that stopped to talk, we offered a prayer blessing. If they accepted, and they all did, we stood holding hands, eyes closed, listening for divine Mind’s infinite and immediate supply. Then we shared whatever ideas arrived in sincerity and honesty. Their gratitude overwhelmed us. The quiet assurance we felt and manifested together was healing and uplifting us all. This was church in action, relying on the structure of Truth and Love, leaning on it, climbing on it, giving others a hand up and as a result “raising the dead” (Matthew 10:8) and “elevating the race” (Science and Health, 583: 15).  I walked away with a firmer foundation in unselfed love and humility, and I’m working to apply this lesson in my life by being willing to offer prayer-based compassion and comfort to the people around me.

    • nina says:

      Rachel, I love this story of “church in action,”  and the courage it took.  Here’s another story of church in action, the just-published audio profile of Radical Actor Ricky Porter.

    • Tricia C says:

      I followed you guys on your Burning man journey and was grateful all the way for your BOLD love.  Thanks for steppin’ out like that!

  7. Jay says:

    A close family member passed away suddenly last year. It was completely shocking and unbelievable, and as I crumpled down to the floor (physically and mentally), I didn’t know what to do but reach out to God.

    We were on a plane just a few hours after getting the call. I had my Science and Health, and I my mind was racing in circles so fast that I couldn’t get much to stick, but the one thing I was able to hold onto was a line from pg. 311: “Is man lost spiritually? No, he can only lose a sense material.” I stared out the window and repeating that line to myself, looking down at the clouds trying to elevate my thought above the material picture.

    Over the next few days, whenever we were confronted by the idea of having lost part of our family, I reminded myself that we could in reality “only lose a sense material.” We could only lose our material perception of this person, but we can never lose the love, comfort, joy, and closeness that we share. Of course we long for the physical presence, but that is ultimately just relying on matter to feel spiritual qualities of God like care, goodness, tenderness, and safeness.

    These ideas helped ground my thought in Spirit. By the time we were returning home, I no longer had feelings of helplessness and tremendous loss. God is timeless and changeless, and all we can ever lose is our “sense material” about Life.

    Whenever despairing or grief-stricken thoughts presented themselves to us, I immediately recite that line and acknowledge that we can’t lose anything that is real about each other.

    • nina says:

      Jay I love this story because it reminds me of the many times I pray but can’t get a visceral feel for what I’m declaring.  And honestly, can’t get to a place of peace.

      When I first started practicing CS I’d figure, oh well, that prayer’s a dud.  But then, time and again, a few hours after I’d prayed, I’d suddenly realize that I was feeling peaceful.  Then, the situation would turn around.  There’s a potency to TRUTH that may be mysterious to human sense . . . but it’s something we can rely on!

  8. Amy says:

    I was walking home from a lunch with friends yesterday afternoon when I saw a little black squirrel limping kind of slowly across the road.  I said to him–in my head–”God is governing you.”  He picked up the pace and ran off limp-free.  I have to admit, I was kind of surprised.  But why?  These are LAWS!!!!!!!!

  9. Alex says:

    This is really interesting too. I am digging hearing her experience of praying for others. What do you think of it?


  10. Alex says:

    I just came across this interesting testimony of a healing in the emergency room on  a website called Christian Healing Today. http://christianhealingtoday.com/2009/10/29/an-encounter-with-swine-flu-but-god-undertakes/

    Pretty interesting! While she uses different language than a Christian Scientist would, it is not hard to see where in some ways her experience is parallel to the experience a Christian Science healer might have.

    • Tricia C says:

      …”When the burden lifted, I stopped, called the mother and told her I believed her son would be fine. At this point, there simply was no outward evidence of this, but I was convinced it would be so.”  The burden lifted.  I love that part, the conviction regardless of evidence.  Thanks for sharing this Alex!  It’s energizing to read these, and fun to read the different language.  It’s all the same Christ, the same Advocate, the same glory to God that we praise.

    • nina says:

      This is great!  My favorite line is, “Faith is what you KNOW, not what you feel.”  CS would speak instead of spiritual understanding, but hey, I get it.  So many times I’ve been scared but I’ve been able to KNOW anyway.  Thanks for this beautiful story!

  11. Allen says:

    Hi Kate,

    Thank you for your comment. I especially related to when you said “I am sure that it will inspire others to stop and reason spiritually when facing anything that would say that this is “too big” to maintain that “clear sense and calm trust” that silences the drama.” For the past ten days I have been immersed in working with the families of the victims in the Naval Yard Shooting. In addition to profiling the “shooter.” I have now had a couple of days to  start thinking through the days I spent doing so. There were many times when I felt all the “drama” crashing in on me, seeking to take away my focus and clarity as I reached out to those in need. Many times, I would just close my eyes for a moment and center myself on that “clear sense and calm trust,” that indeed silenced the chaos and drama. If I would have believed the drama and chaos it  would have made me ineffective in reaching those in desperate need of peace and Divine Love. Instead I chose to believe that “God rests in action,” and so could I as a “humble servant of restful Mind.” I chose to believe that “no power could withstand Divine Love. And questioned any “supposed power which opposes itself to God?”

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you all who have held me in your thoughts and prayers and have sent me many encouraging emails and texts sharing powerful scriptures and citations. It is all of us acting as a community of Divine Love that can impact the lives of others and the world! Peace, Love, & Light……

    • nina says:

      Allen!  I’m thrilled that Time4Thinkers.com could extend its RADICAL reach all the way to those involved in the Naval Yard shooting.  We look forward to hearing your stories and insights as you see fit to share them.  Blessings and welcome back!

  12. Kate says:

    Hi Gordon — so glad you found those ideas helpful.  I don’t know if you ever read these posts on my blog, but it is the experience where these insight really took root in my heart:

    http://stoneriverstudio.blogspot.com/2006/10/screaming-has-no-authority.html http://stoneriverstudio.blogspot.com/2012/02/magic-its-all-about-distraction.html

  13. Allen says:

    It amazes me that when we choose to embrace the Truth over negative influences how the negative fades away. I was visiting a friend ay his home which was being remodeled when we heard a scream come from within house. Upon running into the house one of the construction workers was sitting on the floor holding his hand. From a material perspective, he’d obviously cut an artery.

    As I went over to help the man who was fixated on his hand. I asked another worker to give me his shirt and I wrapped his hand in the shirt. As I did I asked the man to stop looking at his hand and to look at me. I noticed the fingertips of his hand were calloused. A thought came to my mind that the man played guitar. (I know nothing about playing a guitar.) I found myself asking the man, “Do you play guitar?” He looked surprised that I was asking this question and answered yes. He kept wanting to focus on his hand and the blood and I kept telling him to look at me. I said “So God gave you a real gift being able to play guitar. Do you think that God would allow that to be taking away by cutting your hand today?” Still wanting to focus on his hand he answered no. I said, “Then stop focusing on your hand and start focusing on God and the beautiful music that God gives you the ability to create.”

    About that time the paramedics arrived rushing in. I informed them that the man had cut his artery in his hand but the bleeding had stopped. As I stepped away the paramedic informed me “that it doesn’t work that way. That it would have to be repaired.” As they removed the shirt from his hand the bleeding had completely stopped. Oh, the power of Divine Truth. “You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free!”

    • Shelly says:

      Thank you Allen!!!   Thank you Thank you.   Thank you for being there and thank you for sharing this story.

    • Savannah says:

      Allen, that is wonderful. Not only was it such a peaceful blessing for him to have you near, but for your words to be such a comfort and for you to be such a  healing presence…. Thank you for sharing.


    • Tricia C says:

      Allen, I am SO digging your examples of BOLD Love and your trust of it. What compassion and healing power It gives you!

    • Allen says:

      Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words that acknowledging the power of Divine Love. Please continue to keep the families of those who lost loved ones in the Naval Yard Shooting. As I continue to work with these families I have seen  many examples of Divine Love manifested through acts of compassion and kindness. We will be having a memorial service on Sunday. Please specifically keep me in prayer for strength, clarity, and rest. Nina a special thanks to you for all the words of Truth you have been texting me. They are always right on time!

      Love, Peace, and Light

    • Kate says:

      Thanks for sharing that story Allen — I am sure that it will inspire others to stop and reason spiritually when facing anything that would say that this is “too big” to maintain that “clear sense and calm trust” that silences the drama.

      I have been noticing this summer that error loves to wear sequins and scream — but it’s only to pull our focus away from the presence of God — the still small voice, the simplicity and profundity of divine Love — that doesn’t need to flash its drama or scream its message.

      When my girls were toddlers I realized one day (when they were screaming for me to do something they wanted me to do) that if they felt they had the authority or power to do it themselves they would have just done it.  They were jumping up and down and screaming because they KNEW they didn’t have ability, authority, or power to make it happen themselves — they needed for me to be complicit in order for anything to happen.  I think this is what error does.  It knows it has no entity, so we must,  as the Bible says,

      “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour…” 

      Devour our confidence, our peace, our trust in God, good to be the only power, presence, and truth.

      It roars like a lion, and stomps about because without our “consent” and willingness to pick up the “script” and read the next line it is feeding us — it can’t do a thing.

      And when we don’t feed it the next line  – the story stops.  Like a rubber ball rolling to a stop.  No more drama — we just go forward into the next moment trusting the truth of being to unfold its purpose in our lives — moment  by peace-filled moment.

      • Gordon says:

        Wow, Kate, I really like your comments here! I’m laughing a bit at the fact that error does seem to like to wear sequins and scream. Everything you have here is really quite profound.

        It also reminds me a bit of something I once heard in a Ryder Stevens lecture. He was commenting on the three temptations that Jesus was faced with in the wilderness, and got to the one where Jesus heard the temptation to jump off a high steeple. He said something like, “All the devil could do was suggest. If the devil had any real power, he would’ve pushed.”

  14. itsaboutgood says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot recently about X-Men. You know, the team of mutant superheroes who endure persecution and fear-mongering from others who don’t understand them only to have to fight against other “weirdos” who feel their powers should be used against humanity instead of in support of it.

    For most of my life I was like Wolverine. I knew I was different, I saw evidence of my being different, but I still tried to fit into groups I knew I didn’t belong, but at least stood out in. Other times, I stayed by myself, sort of a loner, and helped bring miracles to people’s lives.

    How many of us see that Church, true Church, is like the X-Men mutant academy? It’s a place where the “weirdos” can come to be guided, mentored, and loved by others who know what it’s like? Where they can unite with one another to help heal the world?

    One of the biggest temptations is to isolate oneself from others. To think that God is just a one-on-one relationship that doesn’t require community. If Jesus had thought that, we probably wouldn’t know about him today. We must remember that he taught TWO golden rules – not only one. If Mary Baker Eddy had thought that, we wouldn’t have the mass power of publication, distribution, and organization around healing that this website offers today.

    The enemy of good hates organization because it is the only thing that poses a really threat. The enemy of good has no trouble picking off a few super heroes here and there throughout history, but an entire league of them? That’s another story.

    Wolverine is a great example because his power allows him to heal himself. Now, technically, he could just keep going along, getting captured by Russian scientists, breaking out from captivity – fighting, healing himself, fighting, healing himself. But when he joined the X-Men things changed. He had to learn to work within a team – he had to humble himself to Cyclops’ leadership. Cyclops, by the way, simply has the ability to shoot beams out of his eyes. It’s not THAT impressive of a power, but his leadership abilities, strong moral character, and love for the greater Cause is what got him into the position that he’s in.

    I share this because I’m still learning to be less like Wolverine and more like Cyclops. I’ve had extreme situations that have put me into foreign environments where healing was needed. In one case, I was brought into a church community of all Spanish speakers. While there, I was asked to preach from the Holy Bible and had to have a translator take everything I said and put it into Spanish. I felt led to share from Isaiah 43, “Behold, I will do a new thing; now, it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert…this people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise” (Isaiah 43: 19, 21).

    After preaching, calling some children up to the front to remind the congregation how important it is to be free and childlike in our healing ministries, I noticed a young girl in the back. After talking with her I found that she had lost her voice from screaming and enjoying a Christian concert and workshop in Mexico during the weekend. It just didn’t feel right to me that someone could be punished for their enthusiasm and love for the power of God. Would a parent punish their child for squealing and laughing with delight? Never! Then how could our heavenly Parent ever do that with us?

    So I asked if I could pray with her and then administered a Christian Science treatment. In the middle of audibly giving the treatment she suddenly was able to talk. Her voice was soft at first, but as she kept speaking it grew stronger and louder! Then she started yelling, “I can talk! I can talk! I can talk!” The entire congregation came over to find that she had been completely healed through the power of prayer.

    Here is a video of her giving a testimony right after it happened: Healing at Comunidad Cristians

    I love how this testimony shows the power of prayer, but after it happened it made me even more interested in what an entire church of healers could do! I am only one man – one Wolverine – and that might make for good movie material, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

    We are living in a thirsty land. I’ve struggled with ego and pride when following leadership decisions that I personally disagree with. If we can learn the Science of collective prayer, collective action, like this year’s Radical Acts is encouraging, it will highlight the truth that healing is a Science anyone can practice – not only those who have been given “gifts” by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit IS a Science available for anyone who is willing to buckle down and abide by its methods!

    The best part of my experience at Comunidad Cristiana was being able to leave behind several copies of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy in Spanish and English for their entire church community to learn from. It’s not enough to receive a healing and then move on with our individual lives. We have got to PASS the healing along. We have to teach and heal, preach and teach, heal and preach. It has to reach the greater community!

    Wouldn’t it be great to see how this Radical Acts community could work TOGETHER to bring healing on a more mass scale? What might that look like?

    The other night, I went to a family member’s house with two other class taught Christian Scientists. Before we stepped foot in the house we actively determined through group prayer that we were going in as a ministry team. That we would listen for how the Holy Spirit was using all of us – not just one or two of us – but all of us.

    At the end of the party, one of the team members who is a featured musician on this site, took up his guitar and started playing the most beautiful guitar melody while myself and the other team member held the hands of the woman of the house who is getting married in just a few weeks. She had felt overwhelmed and afraid of all sorts of details about the wedding, but after group prayer with audible affirmations of her peace as a child of God and harmony of all right activity in the kingdom of heaven, she experienced an instantaneous healing of anxiety and fear. By the way, this individual doesn’t identify as being religious at all, but she responded to prayer with identifiable results.

    This is the kind of activity that makes healing teaching and teaching healing, which Mary Baker Eddy writes is the BEST way to share Christian Science. On our ride home we were able to debrief, laugh, and express collective gratitude for the healing we saw take place.

    This is what church is for me. It involves actively serving and healing those who really need it. I love this website and can’t wait to see more ways that God is moving through us collectively to heal the world! The more we communicate, share, and connect about how we are living and seeing Christ alive in today’s world, the more we grow together as a family. This keeps us from isolationism and judgmentalism – it opens up thought and doors that bring blessings to everyone!


    • Kristin says:

      Hi Isaboutgood. I don’t know much about X-Men but I do know about this: “One of the biggest temptations is to isolate oneself from others.” I am tempted to even isolate myself from my own church members. I’m glad you pointed out the TWO great commandments. Thanks! I am a reader at my church and very occasionally have been using Bible translations. Now there is to be a vote on that. Isolate myself! Isolate myself! But no, like Cyclops I will use spiritual vision to see what to do. At a party at my house two guys recently told me their churches, one Catholic and one Presbyterian, were using translations. They said it was weird hearing Bible verses that they knew by heart changed. I can see that. Hey, I liked hearing the resonance in your voice in the video clip you included. I felt a lot of salt in that. Anyway, hello and thanks again for the “super” message.

      • itsaboutgood says:

        Hi Kristin!
        Thank you so much for your sweet and honest response! I love how you picked up that X-Men metaphor and took it to the next level. Cyclops sees SPIRITUALLY and his ability to see spiritually allows him to DESTROY WITH LAZERS what isn’t real!

        It isn’t just the ability to shoot red beams out of his eyes – it starts with being able to see what is true!

        I also love your thoughts about Bible translations. I am currently reading through The Bible with the Message Remix translation by Eugene Peterson. There are times when I prefer to go back to other translations, but I’m enjoying the journey that The Message provides. I also love reading it aloud with others.

        Here’s a little Psalm 138 for you,

        “Thank you! Everything in me says “Thank you!” Angels listen as I sing my thanks. I kneel in worship facing your holy temple and say it again: “Thank you!” Thank you for your love, thank you for your faithfulness; Most holy is your name, most holy is your Word. The moment I called out, you stepped in; you made my life large with strength.”


    • Allen says:

      Hi Michael, I love this story and I love the focus that you maintain on relationships. I often say that, after I pass on, I will not be remembered for anything I may have achieved but for the relationships that I formed with others. Within those relationships we see Divine Love reflected in amazing ways. And that is what it is all about! There are so many people searching for love. Many feel they have found “true love,” only to find it was an imitation. It is through our relationships that we can reflect the only true love, Divine Love! You my friend reflect that Divine Love in a wonderful way. As we all collectively come together reflecting Divine Love it will change the world! Foe” Love Never Fails!” (1 Corth. 13)

    • Shelly says:

      Wow!!    I love your love for this work.   I love your spirit.

    • Gordon says:

      Michael, I too love your enthusiasm, brother. The connection to X-Men just gives me a huge smile. I love the way that the angel messages we get are always so specific to us — and that they can come from literally any source. I remember seeing an angel message in a Japanese anime some years ago that spoke to me very strongly. And I still see those more “esoteric” angel messages today. But I have to say, I love your radical stand to be fully, uniquely you and share those fearlessly.

      • itsaboutgood says:

        Hey Gordon!
        Right on! There are many, many angels in anime stores! haha.

        Would you care to share specifically what the angel was? I’d love to hear.

        I had some seriously powerful angels come from this show Samurai Champloo when I had one of the most remarkable healings of my life. It was what really took me into Science.

        Here’s an episode of the show that still really resonates with me:


        • Gordon says:

          If you really want to hear more about the angel message I heard from an anime series, just email me your email and I’ll find time to write it up. And if not no biggie. (I worry that it might be way too long for here.) I’ve noticed that we can see these sort of angels all the time. “All things work together for good,” right? God can use any situation, or any medium, to speak to us.

  15. Alex says:

    I love that Nina.

    Like your friend with the 6 year war, I am am coming to see that one of the most radical acts is to keep praying, keep going to God, when the praying feels long and maybe even unanswered.

    It’s such a dematerializing thing to let difficulty drive us further into God instead of driving us away. But I am learning its the only way.

    It is such a comfort, such a richness to allow the faith that I am part of something greater, a redemption that is so big and important that I’m not seeing all of it. When I think of that enormous redemption that’s going on, and allow myself to feel the real satisfaction that comes from FEELING that I am included in it, I am so energized to seek further and keep my eyes on the prize.

    • Tricia C says:

      Alex, your comment is beautiful, rich and hopeful and grounding, and concise to boot.  Amen to it and I’m with ya man!

    • Allen says:

      Hi Alex, as I read your comment  a scripture came to mind. ” Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Accept my teachings and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in spirit, and you will find rest for your lives. The teaching I ask you to accept is easy; the load I give you to carry is light.” (Matthew 11:28-29).

      When we realize that we can bring all our difficulties and problems and lay them at the feet  of Divine Truth and Love we experience an amazing peace and calmness in our life. “A peace that surpasses all understanding.”

      I am full of gratitude that I have come to understand this truth in my life. For so many years I felt as thou I was carrying a big itchy, scratchy , burlap sack on my back. So that I could carry all the rocks. Some were rocks of rejection, some were rocks of regret, and some were rocks of guilt. I had no idea how those rocks weighed me down. Then I discovered Divine Love and one by one, Love lifted each of those rocks off by back and healed my wounds that they left. In the process I realized that I had no rocks to throw at others either!

      I pray that as people read this that they discover they to can leave that heavy load of rocks behind and come to understand that they are “Created in the image and likeness of God ” With a life full of purpose.

  16. nina says:

    Last night a friend told a story in church that I just LOVED!  It involved watching scary wounds close through prayer.  It reminded me of a time I’d seen that happen.  I was relatively new in Christian Science and I can still remember my amazement.

    What happened was that I’d called a CS healer about some work issue.  His prayer allowed me to experience deep peace all day, and the issue was quickly resolved.

    I hadn’t told the healer, though, about a big wound on my dog’s back.  It was a mess, and didn’t seem like it was ever going to heal.  But by the end of the day it was brown instead of red, closed instead of open, and a lot smaller.  WOW!  Plus that feeling of peace stayed with me for days afterwards.

    Good thing, because soon a friend called me for prayer.  Her adult daughter had been angry and hysterical for hours, and my friend was starting to panic.  Actually, the daughter had been angry for the past six years, and often really cruel, despite the mom’s best efforts to resolve the situation.  Still feeling that deep peace, I dove into prayer.

    My friend called the next day and said, in a hushed tone, “It’s over.”  “What’s over?” I asked.  “The war,” she said. “The whole six-year war.”

    My friend wasn’t exaggerating.  The next day her daughter posted a slew of photos of “my beautiful mom” on her Facebook page.  This was years ago.  They spend a lot of time together now, and communication from the daughter is always loving and respectful.

    This successful chain of prayer from the healer to me to my friend gave me the deepest understanding I’ve ever had of “the divine ‘Us’ — one in good, and good in One.”  (Misc. p. 18)  It’s impossible to forget that feeling of bliss and belonging.  And satisfaction, too, from being able to help others in a really profound way.

    • Tricia C says:

      Oh Nina, what a story!  It’s inspiring me today. I’m committed to be a link in the unbroken chain of the “divine Us”,  all the way to Syria!

  17. Tricia C says:

    The Venice beach Christian Science reading room sits on a corner that’s a vortex of all manner of folk, from everywhere with every kind of story. Each week I spend a whole day of ministry there. I don’t work there, I just hang out and go with the flow.

    The first time Jim wanders in, I find out he’s fresh off the bus from Muncie, Indiana. He ‘s been “living rough” which is a common lifestyle at Venice beach.  He says he has money coming soon and I tell him if he comes back on Sunday, I’ll help him look for a cheap room in a decent area.

    On Sunday, we eat, then look for rooms on the internet  and I get more of his story.  Lived with his mother until she died and since then with his sister.  Apparently, he just walked out one day and got on a bus and no one knows where he is. Lots of bitterness,  then incoherent gibberish about Mary Baker Eddy’s scrapbook, and twelve white stones and a retired librarian and the televangelist Oral Roberts. I begin to suggest local agencies that can help him.  There are a couple of good programs in the area.  He’s quickly onto me though, that I’m really talking about social services for the mentally disabled, and he declares angrily that he’d been  “kept in a place” for years where they listen to the devil. He vehemently asserts -

    “I know who I am!  I’m trusting God!  I’m putting first things first!”

    On the one hand, I’m feeling frustrated with his orneriness, but on the other hand, he’s just called me up short by his declared trust in God.  Where’s mine? I stop trying to push social services and hear a quiet voice say “just hold space with him”.  So I do. And as I let myself really connect with this man, right where he is, unwashed and dirty fingernails and ranting about Oral Roberts, I see how tired he is of whatever battle he’s waging, and how hard he’s trying to hide his mental anguish and keep from falling apart.   I see in his eyes he’s striving for clarity. And beyond the angry, stubborn, bedraggled appearance, I see the dignity he’s daring to claim.

    And suddenly I feel the spirit of Love rise up within me and envelop us both.

    I feel awash in God’s love of this man and join in declaring just as vehemently as he –why wouldn’t I -  that God cherishes him completely, and he has nothing to fear or be ashamed of and of course he can trust God, that he’s right on the mark.  And I’m crystal clear in my heart who this man really is, even though I don’t know him.

    The third time Jim comes in – this all happens in a week -  he eats and then demands I find him a cheap ticket back to Muncie.  His money’s on its way.  But he gets mad at me when the ticket isn’t cheap enough and I call him on his manners and he storms out.   I’m not fussed by it though because I’ve gotten beyond the appearance to the righteous judgment – dignity and worth and loved by God.

    Later as I’m down on the beach boardwalk with friends, having a hip burger in a hip café, I see Jim wander by, looking lost and alone and for a moment I feel guilty about my stable and cushy life.  But then I remember the enormous Love that includes us both no matter our different lives, and that my task is to know who we are and trust God, and that’s putting first things first.

    Helping another person practically when they’re down and out is a Christian demand. But beyond that, each experience that humbles me and calls me to righteous judgment is the deeper, constant demand, though I may never get to see the result of it.  I want to cast out demons – and I have – and every righteous judgment of a person’s dignity and worth in God is a Jesus command for the “unclean spirits” to come out.

    • nina says:

      This is beautiful, Tricia.  A healing of your own thought, inspired by his uplifted thought. A cool twist on the usual story . . . .

  18. Tricia C says:

    WooooHoooooo Allen!  Feelin’ the power in your story.  I choose too!

  19. shelly says:

    very very sweet..   thank you.

  20. Allen says:

    God is a very present help in our time of trouble!

    I had a young man approach me yesterday needing someone to talk to feeling that his world was falling apart. He shared from his perspective and I quote, “my wife left me, my father deserted me, I lost my job, and I am an alcoholic.” As he focused on all the negative, tears rolled down his face. As he spoke I focused on what he truly was, a child of God with everything he could ever need to be all that God wanted him to be. As I spoke with him I asked him to stop focusing on the negative and to tell me what he liked about himself? He struggled to do this.  I assisted him in seeing that that he was made in the image and likeness of God and that he needed to look within and search for his true nature and stop believing the lies that he was letting cover up the Truth of who he really was. As he attempted to focus on what was true I literally saw a transformation taking place before my very eyes. I saw the “peace of God that surpasses all understanding” Philippians 4:7 bring a calm to this young mans emotions. As he focused and believed the Truth; that Truth was indeed setting him free!

    This has helped me stay focused today. Today I choose Love. I will love God and what God loves. I choose joy. I will refuse the temptation to be cynical. I will refuse to see people as anything less than the image and likeness of God. I will refuse to see any problem as anything less than an opportunity to see God. If I succeed, I will give thanks. If I fail, I will seek God’s grace. And then when this day is done, I will place my head on my pillow and rest.

  21. Kennedy says:

    I’m curious, how has your life changed?

  22. Kristin says:

    I just want to say that this Radical Acts community is vitally precious to me. It is one of the few places I feel accepted and at home. It has given me a voice, has accepted me, and not judged or condemned me.  I want you to know I love you all. You’ve changed my life.

  23. nina says:

    I live in a subtropical climate. It’s snaky here most of the year, so you have to keep your dogs clear of places where they might have a lethal encounter. Like, for example, your own back yard. So I keep a big sign on my back door with this from MBE:

    “The serpent of God’s creating is neither subtle nor poisonous, but is a wise idea, charming in its adroitness, for Love’s ideas are subject to the Mind which forms them, — the power which changeth the serpent into a staff.”

    Nonetheless, several nights ago, one dog and I stepped out the back door and into a scary encounter with a couple of copperheads. (Yup, it’s mating season.)

    Only once before have we ever had such a close call. That time, I was on a business trip, and the dogs were home with a sitter. On my trip, someone publicly attacked me in a meeting. An intense, vicious, verbal attack – the only time anything like that has ever happened to me professionally. Later I found out that, back home, at exactly the same moment, a water moccasin almost got one of my dogs. The dog sitter saved the day.

    So the other night, after chasing the copperheads out of the yard, my first thought was – what’s really going on here? Is someone hating me? And the answer was: yes.

    Just a few hours earlier, a family member who’s been under a lot of stress about another family member’s health had sent me about 36” of texts. In them he was disagreeing about health care decisions in quite a hateful way. And – not so funny – this family member has always reminded me of an aggressive, poisonous snake.

    So I grabbed Psalm 91 right quick, and spent some delicious time in prayer. In which, of course, the snaky family member was revealed as a saint.

    The next morning, he texted to say that he’d come down with a stomach flu. That afternoon, he texted again to say that after this “purgative” experience, he’s no longer insisting on any of the positions he took in the 36” of texts.

    So now I’m working directly with the health care professionals, who say they’ll come up with “out of the box” solutions to meet our loved one’s needs. All’s well that ends well — thanks to “the power which changeth the serpent into a staff.”

    • Kristin says:

      This story has stayed with me a long time.

      • nina says:

        This story has continued, and isn’t fully resolved yet. Yesterday, though, I heard a loud thump on the roof.  I ran out to find that a tree branch had come down, bringing with it a huge, striped rat snake.  This character, about five feet long, was hanging off the roof in a ridiculous loop, trying to collect himself.  He hung there for a few minutes while I enjoyed his unexpected beauty, then slithered gracefully back up the tree.

        Rat snakes are HARMLESS.  I took this as a happy sign from a God with a fine sense of humor.

  24. Kaye in Calif. says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Michael and Ann and others about the importance of being fearless and confidant when facing a need for healing; this becomes easier with practice, of course.

    For example…one morning when I arrived home I discovered that our sweet, little pet rat, Tidbits, had gotten out of her cage during the night and had fallen in the toilet and apparently drowned.  Her head was under water, and she wasn’t moving at all.  I must admit my first thought was how sad my two daughters would be at losing our beloved pet.  Not very metaphysical!

    My neighbor retrieved Tidbits from the toilet, and even though her body was as stiff as a board, he gave her a little squeeze, and to our surprise, she moved ever so slightly.  I wrapped her in a blanket, and in less than two hours (by the time my daughters got home), she was perfectly fine.

    Although I didn’t initially have any hope that Tidbits would revive, God, in His goodness, blessed us, and she was healed.  This healing prepared me for an opportunity I had later to pray for someone who needed help.

    My daughter called me very early one morning to pray for her friend who was in the hospital.  The doctor had said that nothing further could be done medically for him and only a miracle could save him.

    I  remembered Tidbits – and this time I knew that with GOD, all things are possible.  I realized that this man’s life was not dependent upon a machine for support because GOD supports all life eternally.  Even though a mortal might be impressed by a dire prognosis, God is not impressed.

    There were a few of us praying that night, and in the morning, the patient awakened from the coma, could speak clearly, and went home shortly thereafter.

    We are conditioned to accept limitations, but by having faith and by being fearless and confidant in GOD’s omniscience and omnipotence, we can and should be expectant of good.


  25. I embrace the concept of healing.  However, I have questions about two items in the third paragraph of this RA.

    First: “We all inherently know how to heal.”  Ok, so what is it about us that intrinsically knows how to heal, and if that is present in us, then why do we need the guidelines or direction given to us by MBE?  Why can’t we just heal naturally?

    Second: “Are we willing to completely remove ourselves, our personal relationships, fears, histories, in order to accomplish the will of Life, Truth, and Love?”  Of course it’s good to leave behind fears and negative histories.  However, if we can heal “inherently,” then why would we need to “remove ourselves”?  Wouldn’t we need to understand/appreciate/know ourselves even better?  And why would Love want us to remove ourselves from meaningful personal relationships, especially those in which we are responsible for caring for others?  I know Jesus told the disciples to leave their families and follow him, but I think those were unusual circumstances.  I don’t feel that as a general practice, Jesus would have wanted us to up and leave – or to emotionally separate from – those with whom we share meaningful relationships.

    It makes me cranky, lol,  just thinking about “Love” (God) applied in such an abstract manner…as demanding that we give up ourselves or our close, positive relationships in order to pursue healing.

    Note: this is not an attack on the author’s contribution but simply a questioning of ideas about healing


    • itsaboutgood says:

      Hi Mountaingirl2,
      First off, thank you for your questions. We always need to be asking questions and listening for answers.

      I’ll take your question in two parts and answer both with Scripture then I’ll share an experience of my own in learning about true friendship. I think it’s so important that we look to the Bible as our authority to these kinds of questions and the better we know its message the better we can communicate these truths to the world.

      Jesus says, “The kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21). For me, this points pretty powerfully to our inherent God likeness – which includes the power to heal. Mary Baker Eddy has shared the Science of Christ through writings and teachings that help to universally explain, explicate, and uncover this power. But like any teaching meant for humanity, different styles, scales, and levels of understanding are compassionately taken into consideration, not to mention the woeful inadequacy of the English (or any written) language to explain this Science. Christian healing took place before a woman named Mary Baker Eddy ever walked the earth – but the freshness her perspective and life experience brought to making the Science more widely known has been integral to reawakening the kingdom of God in each of us. For this we must be deeply grateful. If you look at the gospels from the lens of education, you will find that Jesus used many, many methods to communicate this core teaching – and written scripture was actually never one of those teaching styles! Healing is best explained through experience – a relationship between the healer and God – and words can never do that relationship justice. Which is why this is an awesome radical act and not just a dinner party conversation!

      As far as your thought on personal relationships, I’ll refer to this passage from Matthew, “‘Who is my mother and who are my brothers?’ And he stretched out his hand toward his disciples and said, ‘Here are my mother and my brothers!’ For whosoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother’” (Matthew 12: 48-50). This is a pretty clear teaching – the relationships most important to Jesus were those based on God’s will for the kingdom of heaven to come to earth. So I would encourage us all to really be honest with ourselves and ask, “Is this relationship helping the kingdom of heaven be seen more brightly on earth?” If the answer is yes, then it’s a healing relationship. If not, then it’s an unnecessary distraction. We have to make those decisions for ourselves. I have had to drop a lot of so-called friendships because they have not helped to support my healing practice.There’s an old saying that says if you let something go and then it comes back to you, it is surely a gift. I see Jesus doing this with many of his relationships – especially in the case of Lazarus (John 11). Jesus takes friendship to the ultimate level when he obeys his own radical teaching in going to the cross, “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. You are my friends if you do whatever I command you” (John 15: 11-12). Only in obedience to the commands of the Master can we express true friendship – and this motive will always bring healing.

      I’ll share one brief example from my own experience. My best friend growing up lived down the street from me. We did everything together – including getting into trouble! Around college time, when I began to experience profound shifts in my thinking and embrace my spirituality in whole new ways, we separated and didn’t keep in close contact. Every now and then, when back in my old neighborhood, I would visit him, but for years he was never home when I visited. In fact, he never, ever answered the phone when I called! It was as if this individual didn’t even really exist anymore. Well, finally, not too long ago I found out that his mom had passed on. So I was determined to sit down with him and share whatever I could to bring comfort to him. So I got to his house, knocked on the door, and – behold! – there he was after all these years! We went out to eat and I shared with him what I was discovering about God in a language he could understand – mostly using anime metaphors. Finally, we went back to his house and I gave him a Science and Health. It was at this point that he told me he wanted to read the Bible, but didn’t know where to start. I asked him if I could pray for him and that night stayed at his house and, basically, stayed up all night praying for he and his family alone in their living room. It was a holy experience for me – a true communion with God and a great example of the new level of friendship I had with my Creator. Sometime near dawn he came in, gave me a hug on his way off to work, and I rode my bike home later.

      I didn’t see him for months, but recently I was back in the neighborhood (divinely led by “wrong” directions in trying to get to another friend’s house). I had to wait for a few hours for him to finally get home from work, but when I did we talked and I shared more of what I was learning about my relationship with God. In doing so, he told me that after he last saw me, he started dating a girl who was raised Catholic and together they began studying Scripture together. In fact, her new years eve resolution was to read the whole Bible – and he’s doing it, too! Then he started laughing and gave me a sly look, “Hey, by the way, did you sign me up for some bible quote a day thing?” I was shocked at his question – I did no such thing. “Well,” he said, “After our last conversation, when you said you’d pray for me, I started getting this random email every day with a different Bible verse. At first I was going to just delete it, but I haven’t. I’ve been reading them every day ever since.

      This is what true friendship now means to me. That I can pray for my friends and God can handle the rest. That God can show His infinite love for my friend through a new girlfriend, through daily bible verses, through feelings of peace, comfort, and purpose, and that I don’t have to be personally implicated in any of it. It’s truly all about the relationship with God – not a friendship or even a practitioner relationship with me that brings healing and favor. No self involved: It’s completely about God. I hope that’s not too abstract for you – it certainly isn’t for me!

      • itsaboutgood – Thank you for giving so much time and thought to your reply. What about the relationships you gave up? What made you decide that they interferred with healing?

        Do all your meaningful relationships involve healing? You seem like a very focused individual. Focused on healing. So what about just hanging out with someone who never wants to discuss CS ideas or who isn’t interested in playing a role in your personal healing mission?

        Thank you!

        • itsaboutgood says:

          Hey Mountaingirl2,
          Sorry for the tardy response. I actually had to learn a little more practical truth about your question before I could effectively and honestly answer it. So here it goes:

          If by saying “talking cs ideas” you mean metaphysics and jargon then I will totally respond no! I can’t stand talking cs. I have found it strips us of our power to witness God’s healing through us.

          I connect well with those who love the Bible – and if the Bible is the basis for our relationship then, like Jesus said, “It is like a wise man who built his house on a rock…and the rains descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock” (Matthew 7: 24-25).

          I also connect well with those who are morally upright, strong in principle and integrity (even if religion has nothing to do with it) and those who have a knack and aptitude for business. I find that I have much to learn from those individuals and so our relationship is based much more on my listening and their sharing. There is almost always some facet of spirituality to their love for business (selfless love, humanity’s progress, compassion and self-improvement) which becomes the core basis for our relationship.

          But I am reaching a point in my life – which really is wholly my ministry – that I find it hard NOT to ask people if I can pray with them. If they say no, for whatever reason, I honestly don’t have much else to offer the relationship unless they ask for something specific.

          I use Bible reading and prayer as a litmus test now for true friendship. If a person is willing to sit down and read the sermon on the mount with me then I consider them a valuable friend and a fellow healer. If they are willing to let me pray with them (reciprocal prayer!) for healing in their life then I consider them poor in spirit and a seeker of truth that I can learn from as much as they can learn from me. If they would rather do other activities then these two things while with me, then I don’t think we have much of a basis for developing a friendship that will serve our respective purposes here on earth.

          But I try to pray specifically about all of my friendships, and even for those friends who I no longer see, connect with, or have much in common with. That’s the beauty of Christianity: God’s love is unconditional, not personal.

          Blessings on your healing journey!

          • Monica says:

            Hello itsaboutgood :)

            When you say that you cannot stand talking CS and that in doing so, deprives you of healing ability essentially, then what about all the wonderful lecturing going on about CS?  Those can be so eye-opening and healing for those giving the talks as well as those listening.  I know you know this to be true.

            Just yesterday in fact, my son’s teacher was really at a point where she felt everyone was beginning a “hate club” against her.  I had spoken some words of spiritual comfort to her in the past and she really took it in and appreciated it.  Sitting at my computer yesterday, I had found myself typing an email all about Truth and what that really means in the grand scheme of our daily experience.  This was totally done out of pure inspiration from God, and her reply back to me was one of sheer gratitude.  I am praying also about the situation.  I had no direct nudge to quote the Bible or use any “jargon” that seems to be attached to any religion… just regular words of Truth.  This totally helped her and her situation as I know she is trying to see it from a higher perspective.

            Perhaps I misunderstood your whole conversation with “mountaingirl” ??, but I feel very strongly that we should say when we are directed to do so by our heavenly Mother, don’t you agree?  As a practitioner, I am certain you do ;)          In following my spiritual command  I was given, I know what I had said helped this precious woman, and it also helped me more deeply realize God’s perfect, unerring control over every part of our lives.

            Thanks for all you do!

          • nina says:

            Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems that you, itsaboutgood, and the most effective lecturers are all on the same page.  When we eliminate jargon and use, as you beautifully say, “regular words of Truth,” everyone who hears us is blessed.

            What’s more, we’re all experimenting with this and can learn from one another.  Here are some “regular words of Truth” from itsaboutgood and friends that have given me lots of inspiration:  http://itsaboutgood.bandcamp.com/

          • itsaboutgood – Thanks for the response.  It’s good to know that there are a lot of ways to love God and to get to know Him better.  I appreciate your enthusiasm.

          • Kennedy says:

            @Monica — what happened with the hate club and the teacher?  Is there a follow up?

  26. Kristin says:

    A year ago my aunt called to say that my cousin Beth had leukemia. Beth was to have a bone marrow transplant at The City of Hope hospital near my home. My aunt asked if I would visit her. I said yes of course!

    It took a little effort to find Beth on the large City of Hope campus and I was a little unsure about what to do and where to go. I was not very familiar with hospitals. But everyone was very helpful. At the entrance they gave me a map so I could locate the building. The receptionist showed me which bank of elevators to use and then I followed lots of signs down many hallways and finally found dear Beth’s room. I was shown how to wash my hands, put on rubber gloves and a surgical mask before entering.

    And there was Beth! We gave each other a big hug! We giggled together over her new wig, and I re-arranged the furniture in her room so I could sit right up next to her. We yakked away and got all caught up.

    That was the first of many visits. The next time I brought my giant Scrabble board. I love Scrabble, but who knew Beth was an expert! We had some intense matches. I found out she practiced on Words With Friends. No fair! Since it was Christmas time we also enjoyed making a little winter village scene with a chapel and buildings out of cardboard. We set it on the window sill. Far below we could see the red and white lights of the cars on the ribbon of freeway down below. So many people driving somewhere with their busy lives.

    She shared with me about her family life and her interests in house boating and travel. And I found out her kids were part Icelandic! My son was going to Iceland to study. I also found out how proud she was to be 6 feet tall, just like one of the nurses. I never realized that! I shared with Beth about why I had recently left my job and how I was open to new ideas and new paths. It had been kind of a lonely path so far.

    Sometimes we quietly talked about why were here, what our purpose was, and about God and what we were grateful for.

    After the transplant was complete and her doctors were satisfied with her progress Beth went home and was with her family on Christmas Day.

    And I realized I was healed of a sad and lonely heart.



  27. I love thinking about the words HEAL, CLEANSE, CAST OUT and RAISE — of course, we can be doing this constantly in overcoming all types of challenges :)

  28. Amy says:

    I’m feeling like we need another go at this one for the Challenge.  Because isn’t this what we’re all about???

    • Gordon says:

      Amen, Amy. I think it deserves another go, too. On a long drive this evening, I was thinking that ultimately there isn’t any such thing as physical healing, because none of us is confined to a physical body. What we embody in our daily lives is the only thing that might need uplifting or healing.

  29. itsaboutgood says:

    hey there heart warmers!
    Wanted to share a cool little story. I was recently at a Wednesday night testimony meeting held in someone’s home. There was a handful of people there – but through the day there had been different people coming in and going out, eating lunch, loving on each other, watching movies about Christian healing, it was kind of like the service was all day – and this was the finale!

    A friend had come by before to chat about some things going on in his life, and we had opened up Science and Health to get some inspiration. He also had brought his guitar :)

    So before we knew it, the service was starting and people were coming into the living room. He kicked off the service with his song simplicity which you can check out here: http://haik.bandcamp.com/track/simple-2

    The Holy Spirit was totally palpable. We had some powerful readings from the Bible and Science and Health – all on forgiveness and healing.

    When it came to be testimony time there were some crazy powerful stories shared: healing of malaria through forgiveness and love, overcoming fatal diagnoses during childbirth, and coming out of poverty and drug addiction through the power of God.

    So as the service was ending I was inspired to hop onto the piano and play this little diddy: https://soundcloud.com/itsaboutgood/lord-jesus-freestyle

    One of the brothers joined me in singing and just feeling the Spirit.

    One of the attendees, a Christian Science practitioner of over 30 years, was on the couch in deep meditation. As we’ve since called it, “Absent from the body and [zonked out] with The Lord” (2 Corinthians 5:8).

    She was just totally in the zone. When we finished singing and playing she was still there on the couch with her eyes closed, totally in another place. After a while she got up and gave us both big hugs and thanked everyone for a super inspiring service.

    I found out later that she had been working on 6 or so cases as a practitioner and found out when she got home that at exactly the same time we were singing and ending the service ALL of her patients had healings of all of the physical challenges they were facing.

    Truly, when we are present with Love and not thinking at all about self, amazing healing happens.

    How cool is that? HOLLA Lord Jesus!!!

  30. Amy says:

    I was traveling right before the holidays in a small plane.  At one point, the plane dropped enough to make me nervous–and on alert–and then the pilot announced that we were in for a rough ride for awhile.  Ugh.  Not a fan of turbulence, I grabbed my iPad and opened up my e-Science and Health (fabulous resource, everyone should get it!).

    First I read “Human capacity is slow to discern and to grasp God’s creation and the divine power and presence which go with it” (p. 519) and then I flipped to this, “Divine Love blesses its own ideas, and causes them to multiply, — to manifest His power. Man is not made to till the soil.  His birthright is dominion, not subjection.  He is lord of the belief in earth and heaven, — himself subordinate alone to his Maker” (pp. 517-518).  I didn’t remember ever having read that last part before, but I must’ve because it was highlighted.  This idea was revolutionary to me.  I said to myself–and with conviction– “I am subordinate to God alone and the skies are subordinate to me.”  Right then the turbulence stopped and the rest of the flight was smooth.

    I’ve had a lot of turbulence experiences…it terrifies me, I reach out to God, and it stops.  This time I thought, I need to pray not to have turbulence in the first place.  Well, that didn’t happen on the flight home…the turbulence was there and I was in that same small sized plane so I really felt it, but for the first time that I can remember, I wasn’t at all afraid.  I prayed, but not out of desperate need, instead out of kindness for everyone in that plane.

    But the value of that idea has spread far and wide in my life.  It has made me a better healer and a more productive–and RADICAL–giver to my world.

    • nina says:

      How beautiful!  The more I feel I “get it” the more compelled I feel to give to others.  I remember a time when I was so weary, and wary, of humanity that I just wanted to hide.  Now it’s effortless to throw a little love around like you did in the plane!

  31. Anonymous says:

    It’s midnight Christmas Eve here at my house. Quiet. Two small children are asleep. They anticipate finding gifts left by Santa in the morning. Surrounded by twinkle lights I pray for my household to “sleep in heavenly peace”.

    Earlier this afternoon I was making some candied pecans while listening to a heated discussion going on around the kitchen table. Thoughts boiled inside me. I was upset and hurt that my sister and her family had chosen to go to another church on Sunday instead of mine because, after all, they had a life size manger scene.

    Hot melted sugar burned the tip of my finger. Pain radiated. I recognized that I had to be radical and release the resentment that was bubbling up. Not making a sound, though it hurt, I ran cold water on the finger. Then I remembered what a little child once said when hurt. “There is no sensation in matter.” SH 237: 4-6 And she went bounding off with laughing eyes. I realized that my finger or the sugar or the water can’t tell me anything about myself, any more than the pecan I am glazing or the potato I am peeling. I am so much more than those material things. The pain disappeared.  I am typing with the finger now.

    Earlier this evening my family dressed as Santa and elves and delivered presents to children in our city who had written letters to Santa. The whole experience was joyful. It was fun to be with my family driving around on Christmas Eve and planning excitedly for each child we visited. My favorite was the little girl who had to hand out all the presents to her siblings first - 4 of them. Finally there was one for her and when she saw her name she was radiant.

    But half way through our route I got miserably sick. They had to take me home. I started to give in to the idea of going to bed and sleeping the night away. I coudn’t even imagine getting up to watch the kids exurberance for Christmas in the morning. Then I started to listen for ideas from God. The idea that food could hurt me captured my attention. It seemed to me that a God who loved me wouldn’t nourish me with bad things. So I did not have to be afraid. And then I glanced quickly through my Facebook account on my iPad. Someone had posted this Christmas idea along with a beautiful image of a painting of an angel talking to Mary: “The illumination of Mary’s spiritual sense put to silence material law….” SH 29:20-21.

    This said to me that Mary percieved and conceived that spiritual existence is what is true.  I pondered this for a moment.

    Then I got up and set the table for breakfast, filled stockings, took photographs of the beautiful Christmas tree. And decided to write this down.

    In only a few hours everyone will be up and opening gifts. I can’t wait. Feeling great.

  32. Anonymous says:

    My younger brother and his four young children disappeared for a few years. Our family was deeply distressed. The business he worked for closed. Mortgage payments were insurmountable and the house was lost. He had a heart attack. His marriage fell apart.

    We could not find the children. We didn’t even have a photograph of them.

    One day a phone call came. Anger and bitterness spewed out from my brother. But we had a life line. With more calls my mom worked hard to listen and be calm against the railing. This was not easy for her as the two of them had fought loudly over the years. During one call we found out that the children had gone a few days without food. I prayed. Help, Father. My mom got an address and sent money. They were living in a different state.

    Then during a call my brother asked my mom not to say “I told you so”. He then shared that he was so low that he had gone to church and taken the children to Sunday School. When we were growing up my family was not particularly religious, but my parents had taken us kids to Sunday School regularly. He remembered.

    I called the church in the town where my brother was right away and explained the situation. I begged for their prayers and help.

    A few months went by. I wasn’t sure what was happening with the family or the church. I awoke in the deep dark one night and lay awake listening to God, reaching out to Him who held all children in His arms. After some moments of prayer I glanced at my phone on the nightstand and saw a message from a church youth camp. It had some ideas about the weekly Bible Lesson that were warm, helpful and caring for children. I know some children that could really be helped by this I thought. I wondered if this organization really practiced the ideas they were sharing. I sent them an email inquiring about the possibility of at least one of my brother’s kids attending the camp.

    They wrote back immediately and said they would love to have all four come and could provide camperships. No judging, just loving. The children went last summer and life changed for the better for all of us.

    It was a grand surprise this fall when we received a packet with the school photo of each child. They are on the bulletin board next to where I am writing right now. Beautiful beaming children.

    Last Saturday I received a call out of the blue from a woman who said she was the Sunday School teacher for these children. She said that their church members had wanted to adopt a family from a local shelter for Christmas. But then they thought of my brother’s family. She asked what they could do. She said that last Christmas they had filled stockings with goodies and cards that had the 10 commandments and children’s prayers on them and left them by the front door for the children. I had no idea. My voice cracked.

    I told her my brother was out of work, but that he had a gift in a certain area. She thought she would connect him with a friend of hers who could not seem to find reliable employees. She said she worked across the street from where my brother’s girl friend worked. She would call her and ask her to lunch. She said the girl friend’s daughter had come to Sunday School with my brother’s kids. I had no idea.

    No judging, just loving. What a radical camp. What a radical Sunday School teacher.

    • itsaboutgood says:

      Thank you, dear anonymous.

      What a real story, real love, real good, just a lot of being real.

      The kingdom of heaven is a celebration! It doesn’t have limited resources, it doesn’t wait when good can be shared now! It is a place where we ALL are children and we ALL are helped when we need it.

      Your brother is a child, too. Accepting childlikeness always brings healing, seeing it and sharing it does it, too.


      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for seeing that my brother is a child of Our Father too. I had almost forgotten…. That opens up a wide space for healing. How radical to think that one is NOT the legends of the past. And never was.

        The Sunday School teacher talked about how people come to her town because they don’t fit in other places. She talked about a man who said he was the black sheep of his family. She told him God didn’t know any thing about that. I think she has a real ministry for so-called black sheep. I got a lot out of talking to her.

        I’m going to radically open my thought to the possibility of radical good today.

  33. Kristin says:

    Early Decision – Declined.

    She loved it. It was the perfect college. The architecture was classic, the environment was intellectual but not snobby. It was 2,000 miles away from the parents. She applied Early Decision. If she got in she was bound to go. No prob!

    The published admit date was December 15th. But everyone on Collegeconfidential.com knew that decisions sometimes came online a few days before, so she checked the computer often. Then on a Wednesday in her room, dark with December light, the screen illuminated the word “DECLINED”.

    So that’s what winter is for…the perfect setting for the experience of wretched disappointment. After watching all those YouTube videos of high school seniors opening their acceptance letters or reading the computer screen and jubilantly jumping for joy my daughter and I could now make our own. We’d title it “Declined in December”. “Disaster in December”. What a mockery of Christmas joy.

    Since the decision came earlier than expected the rest of the world twirled around merrily, business as usual. No one knew to ask. It was a very private grief.

    But it was Wednesday.  I went to church. How ironic that I could never go all through freshman, sophomore and junior year due to the time and effort supporting homework, and sports. And there was that niggling feeling of anger that because major sports competitions were on Sunday mornings and getting to the actual Sunday School class was difficult my daughter wasn’t fully embraced as a true member of it anyway.

    Sometimes I wonder about the importance and effectiveness of church. It can be a charade. It can be a drudge. It can be irrational. But it was the first place I wanted to go when it hurt so bad.

    The tears poured down my face. I couldn’t hear a word. I stared out the window.

    Then an image of Christmas trees and tiny white lights came into focus. Someone had set up three Christmas trees and decorated them for our church. This radical act had never happened before, and has never happened since.

    That one act of kindness reached my hurt. It gave me peace. It gave me hope. The shining lights said “I care”.

    Sustained by that hint of Love reflected in love, I was able to help my daughter re-group. Several applications were made to various colleges where a special connection was felt. And then we forgot about them.

    In April a small unassuming letter of acceptance came from a college. It did turn out to be perfect. She graduated four years later confident, poised, happy, kind.

    • nina says:

      Sure healing’s a radical act.  But hope BEFORE healing — isn’t that the key moment, the true leap into the arms of God?  Thanks Kristin for this delicate and beautiful story!

  34. HB says:

    I found this comment via the Radical Acts Game.  Such a beautiful experience, so beautifully told.  Thank you.

  35. Kristin says:

    Jesus was a carpenter before he did some of these radical acts. Why and when did he leave that trade? And should we all really do this too? Or be content to keep healing part of daily life?

    • John says:

      Hey Kristin!  I’m not super understanding your question…would you mind elaborating?  Are you wondering when we’ll move beyond healing?

      • Kristin says:

        Are people who are radically giving all of their time to heal, like Jesus did after he was a carpenter, closer to doing God’s will than those who are carpenters and lawyers and web designers and doctors and teachers? Is that our goal?

        • itsaboutgood says:

          Hi Kristin!
          Excellent question. I love this statement by Mary Baker Eddy in Miscellany:
          “This spiritual idea, or Christ, entered into the minutiae of the
          life of the personal Jesus. It made him an honest man,
          a good carpenter, and a good man, before it could make him the glorified (166).

          We’re all developing our understanding of divine Science, and therefore our healing practice. We are ALL in the practice of Christian Science if we are living according to its Principle.

          But there must be something to be said for living and following, emulating, exactly the life of Jesus as recorded in the gospels – especially his instanteous healing practice.

          Why not heal the world of all the problems it says are impossible to fix? Why not show the world there is nothing to fix, but that we are living in the kingdom of heaven right now!

          That’s what I’m into – the kingdom business. The right now kingdom business. :)

          “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

          • Kristin says:

            About a year ago I was able to leave my job and things are good. I am happy. But I’m having an identity crisis. Go on as before (easy) or commit more formally to the Kingdom Business. These Radical Acts are really making me think about it. How did God work in your life to put you in His business?

          • itsaboutgood says:

            Hello dear one!
            Excellent question – praise be to God for this answer! The link just went live today. Here’s my story of how I got into the kingdom business – starting with a technology business, lol: http://sentinel.christianscience.com/shared/view/1tgwz43jnzi?s=e

            Much Love! God always has you right where She wants you. :)

          • John says:

            I’ve been really appreciating this question and discussion ever since it started, and by way of a response I’d like to share an angelic message that has cradled me recently.

            I have been considering a lot recently about how to be consistently, immediately available for healing.  That may sound obvious, but I’ve been recognizing in myself a subtle, devious temptation to think that healing takes time and human steps.  But if healing is revealing what God has done, that’s completely independent of time, or any limits!  I’ve been really diving into what it means to pray because I’m already conscious of my oneness with God, and not to think I’m “going” to God in prayer – in other words, subtly anthropomorphizing God in thinking I’m separate from this big Being.

            So, the relation this has (I think) to this question, is that right now is a PERFECT time to discover more about your oneness with God.  You can put the lie to the suggestion that somehow you have to wait to heal, or wait to find healing.  The public healing ministry is not some decision you will suddenly make; it’s the outcome of God – an idea of God, just like you are.  How could you not be in a position to heal, no matter where you are?

            Thank you so much for all your love for your community and world.

          • Kristin says:

            I love thinking of you being cradled John.  That is so radical and childlike. Thank you for your thoughts. Healing is happening now. God is cradling the whole world in His arms, including you and me.

            This week I’ve been seeing larger meaning in the pictures of the babe in the ark made of bulrushes (Moses) and the babe in the manger (Jesus) and the babe of healing (the Comforter). It has been interesting to me to see how these babes were threatened (by Pharoah’s decree to throw sons born into the river, by Herod’s decree to slay all baby boys under the age of two, by apathy or self or even intentional malice) and how the ark and the manger were protected and illuminated  by the star of Truth. These stories are teaching me how to birth, nurture, protect and grow healing. I believe that the genuine, true primal practice of Christian healing shines forth and draws those watching towards it.

            I was just wondering about being recognized as a healer through the church. In my life it’s been easy to not be recognized. To be put down or conversely coddled instead. Lack of confidence, not in the healing power of God, but in my own worthiness is an issue. I was recently healed of stuttering and stammering for one thing. And maybe being a healer is just for cool people.

            But I am seeing more clearly that if I think I have anything to do with God’s work, whether for good or for naught, that is not right. It’s not what I am…but what God is.

            Itsaboutgood, you said in your story of how you got into the kingdom business that three friends were references for you. While I was getting a hair cut today I thought  Oh! The three wise men!

        • Tricia Chantha says:

          Hey Kristin, I love your questions!   How intriguing they are, and how we’re drawn to ponder them and share.  You mention “identity crisis”, and questioning not God’s healing power but your “own worthiness”.  I figure the very questioning is self-worth in God is rising up!  Dross from gold, tares from wheat, bitter water from sweet.  Necessary discomfort. Leaning in.  Your vulnerability is VERY COOL.  And I remember when my model of a healer in the church was someone who was above it all (mostly above me in knowledge and spirituality).  And then, I belonged to a church in a different country and a revered healer and teacher in that church rode my son’s scooter around the church’s parking lot, laughing and singing “wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Works for me :)

          And if you’re interested in someone who’s a champion of discovering self-worth through vulnerability, check out Brene Brown’s two TED talks on “vulnerability” and “shame” (in order)–



          • nina says:

            These TED talks are marvelous!  “Vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, creativity, love, and belonging.”  I’ve listened to each one multiple times.  They’re reshaping my sense of my own worth, and also swinging the door wide open for some amazing possibilities.  Thanks Tricia for sharing!

          • Kristin says:

            Do business and commercialism have anything to do with the radical acts of Jesus? I am turned off by the commercialism of these TED talks – the glitzy setting, the corporate audience, the speaker’s slick website with the photo shopped photo and the t-shirts offered for sale. With tenderness and appreciation for your taking the time to write, please allow me to appreciate, but have a different take on the talks.

          • nina says:

            Hey Kristin — I don’t think “business and commercialism” have anything to do with the radical acts of Jesus.  I think they’re irrelevant.  Spirit thrives everywhere  — in corporations, nonprofits, homes, streets, forests, deserts.  You can be radical in rags, and radical in a suit.  Why would Spirit be confined to particular forms of expression?

  36. Laura says:

    Okay, so I haven’t raised anyone from the dead…literally. But I have had a couple of recent experiences where, more than ever, I witnessed the essence of eternal life.

    In the past year, two of my fellow singers in a gospel choir passed on unexpectedly. They were two of the most vibrant women I had known, and I just could not see them as dead. In the first case, I heard that she had taken a sudden “turn for the worse” and was in hospice care. Now, the concept of hospice is a little difficult for me, so at first I was hesitant to visit. But I knew it was important for me to go and see her. When I arrived at her bedside with another friend and fellow singer, the picture was quite hopeless. She was not responding to me and did not look anything like the lively, energetic woman I had known and loved for years. Having been taught all my life about the fact that God’s children can never truly die, I mustered every ounce of faith I could find to look past that picture of the lifeless woman in the bed and just saw my beautiful sister.

    As we left the room, they told us she did not have much longer- she could go any minute. Members of the choir arranged to gather by her bed and sing some of her favorite songs to her. I heard people talk about “singing her home” as if to mean singing as she made her transition to heaven. But I thought of it differently. I was thinking about her home being in the arms of Divine Life and Love, the God who had never and would never desert her. As I entered the room to join in the singing, I simply saw her as I always had- alive. The choir director asked me to say a prayer and lead the group in a little service. In the prayer, I spoke of how she was in God’s arms and could never truly die. The music was powerful and especially comforting to her family members. I left feeling uplifted and with a conviction that she was very much alive. When we had been singing by her bed, I did not see her respond. She had not uttered a word at either visit, and people seemed to assume that she could not hear or talk. But later I learned that she had spoken to her sister and shared her appreciation for the music. Even when I heard a few days later that she had passed on, no one could convince me that her true being was any less tangible than when I had stood next to her in the soprano section and enjoyed her strong and radiant voice.

    This past weekend was a service for another choir member. From the moment the first person got up to speak about her, it was evident how alive this woman would always be. The service was full of life and joy, from the upbeat music we sang to the laughter that echoed throughout the church as people shared how her full life had touched theirs in so many ways. I left with a deeper sense of this woman’s character and with a new yearning to approximate her example. There was a spirit of holiness and unity that I’ve never quite felt at a funeral. The last speaker said, “This really isn’t about her. It’s about you. She worked so hard for this community, but there is still work to do. What are you going to do?” That question reverberated in my prayers, and I knew that one of the first things I would do is thank God profusely for this beautiful woman and her life, which so clearly had not ended and never would.

    • itsaboutgood says:

      Dearest Laura,
      Thank you so much for sharing this. It brought me to joyful, beautiful tears.

      There is no stronger proof of God in my life then the moments when I have felt the beautiful presence, the Love, the irrefutable being, of those who have “gone on.” It is in those moments when I know there is no death, truly, there is no death – there is only Life.

      Your courage in loving and joyfully singing in the face of false witness is inspiring and empowering.

      Thank you for your ministry.

      • Laura says:

        Thank you, brother! It was amazing to witness these experience. I’m deeply touched and grateful for your ministry as well.

    • Kaye in Calif. says:

      Thank you for sharing these wonderful words of Truth – everyone was blessed as a result of your prayers – even the ones who are reading them now.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Halloween makes me grin this year. Someone in town has a giant spider tied onto the top of their car. I never noticed before how many jack-o-lanterns are smiling. Bright, cheery, lit from within warm smiles. My mom is busy making pumpkin pies with my daughter. They are cutting leaves and acorns out of pie dough to decorate the crust. Soon friends will come by our home for a slice of warm pie at our annual Pumpkin Pie Party.

    The skeleton in the family closet is gone.

    My house used to be haunted. First, my dad died. It was creepy. As the oldest kid I got the phone call from the relative asking if his body was to be buried or put in an urn. My DAD??? His bear hugs buried?  Ashes? What a nightmare. Then my stepdad walked out on my mom and that’s when the screaming began. Nothing I could do was right. Everything was wrong.

    Did I ever love going to church. An hour of peace. An hour when the filth didn’t pour out on my head and run down around my ears and pool on the floor. On Sundays I heard the words “undivorced from Truth”. I clung to them with white knuckles on a scary ride.  And did a pretty good job hiding my fright.

    I love my mom. It was the witch face that scared me. When the witch was swooshing on her broom through the house I thought of how my mom sang in church. She always loved to sing with a full voice. Her high notes were glorious. She praised God with them.

    One day for no reason my mom tore my sister to pieces. She was shaking and crying. Out loud I said “Mom, this is not you. I KNOW who you are and this is not it.” In an angry, but quieter voice she said “I don’t know who I am anymore.”  And then went to her room and left us alone.

    The element of silent prayer brought new rhythms to our home.  Quiet time at breakfast. Naptime to rest in the afternoon. Church time on Wednesdays and Sundays.  Part time work, giving to others. Dinnertime and sharing all together.

    The ghosts of bereavement and rejection and bill collectors quit appearing. The horror of it all finally became an affront. I’d open the door, find spooks and gory things and crazy costumes and was able to say oh please, not you again.

    I’m enjoying Halloween this year. Life can be scary. But I see so many people putting fear in its place.  Spoofing the creepy. I now have a different sense of humanity bringing the spectre of ghosts and the evil dark side out in the open. There is a paper spider made by a kindergartner hanging on a string over my kitchen table. Eeeek! It makes me laugh. Believe me, I never thought I would again.

    • nina says:

      Me too, anonymous!  I grew up in a haunted house.  But I didn’t have that God experience, so all my houses stayed haunted for decades.  I love this post because it gives me a fresh opportunity to contrast my earlier, seemingly endless fear with my current peace and gratitude.  Just two words this Halloween:  THANK.  GOD.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I thought church on Sunday was awesome! I felt so inspired, so lifted up. So healed.

    But after church I got blasted pretty hard by someone I like for changing the service a tiny bit as I served as reader. Lightning bolts shooting out of the eyes and everything.

    When I got home I had to sit in the car for about half an hour listening to hymns. I was afraid to go in the house and hear what my family had to say. I didn’t think I could take it.

    When I finally opened the door my husband happened to be standing right inside and with great joy spontaneously said “what a fabulous service! I LOVED it!”

    I just melted into his arms.

    One of the things I really like about my husband is that he never keeps score. Once we had a big rock at the edge of our driveway. I backed into it more than several times, and each time popped the rear tire. He never said a word. Just helped me fix it.

    That quality is so healing.

    Church – a score free zone.

    Thinking about that.

    • Anonymous says:

      “We all inherently know how to heal. But the question is: Are we willing to do it? Are we willing to completely remove ourselves, our personal relationships, fears, and histories, in order to accomplish the will of Life, Truth, and Love?”

      I spent some time thinking about this question Michael.

      There were many reasons not to do this – personal relationships, fears, and histories - but I decided to write an email message to the church member who was angry with me. It took me a long time to compose it. I kept thinking about my former boss, and how I rarely heard a word from him good or bad, and how I longed to. I thought about doing for others what you would have done yourself. I thought maybe I don’t know what is going on in their life. And one small change, even one Bible verse from a translation, makes them feel unsafe.

      So, I wrote to this person to tell them how much I appreciated all of the good things they brought to church. And how safe and secure they made me feel.

      My favorite kind of hug is touching cheek to cheek. I was given one of those last night. And so much more. I felt God’s presence and love.

      • itsaboutgood says:

        Sweet Anonymous!
        You are filling this page with amazing testimonies to God’s healing power – thank you!!!

        I am learning more and more about Love’s score. It is so unlike any score I’ve ever kept. It just keeps going up, getting better, infinitely. It loves us MORE, infinitely MORE, the more we think we screw up – so cool! Love LOVES when we try new things, when we go out on a limb, when we trust and show our faith by our works.

        Isn’t that cool? Haha. So cool!

        Onward!!! (touching cheeks!)

        • Anonymous says:

          Here’s what happened next…

          A few days ago this friend heard me practice reading a powerful Bible verse and he said,

          “I can’t believe I am saying this because I like tradition so much…but why don’t you try reading a translation of that verse on Thanksgiving. It could really help someone”.

          Big smile here!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Your comment “No eyes outside of the one I” made me laugh. I loved reading about the healing of your eye/I, and especially about how someone else’s experience helped you. That gave me a warm sense of community and belonging. Thank you. The radical part about committing to be a reader in church is that the person I used to work for is a member. This situation has called forth deep strains of love that I have never known before. How is church supporting my practice? It is my practice…to bless and bless again…and in return I am blessed. The book “The Gentle Art of Blessing” by Pierra Pradervand has been helpful. Here is a link to a video of a message from it – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WegAgepCYfo.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I learned today that thinking about all of the other healings I’ve had makes room for another healing. Thank you for the encouragement to do this. You’re right, I thought the red and inflamed eyes would never change. An eye doctor told me the end result would be blindness. I rebelled. I knew God would never hurt me. That diagnosis just didn’t stick. It was like someone telling me that my black car suddenly turned red and now didn’t work. I knew it was impossible. I’d never believe it. And I didn’t. My eyes are fine now. I don’t even wear glasses.

    • itsaboutgood says:

      Amen! I am still learning much about spiritual sight. When we see and know only divine Love, see through that Love, we won’t have anything to be sore or blurry. No eyes outside of the one I.

      I had a wonderful eye/I healing published on tmcyouth back in the day. Hope it can be an inspiration for some out there!

      Just Love. All Love.

  41. Amy says:

    Think about all the other healings you’ve had.  You may have thought those problems would never leave you either.  But they did.  Jesus proved that healing Is natural and normal.  Mary Baker Eddy showed us how to do it.  You can experience the freedom you were designed to live.  Why wait?

  42. itsaboutgood says:

    Hey Kate,
    Thanks so much for this beautiful reminder! Church is really a protection for all healers from getting caught up in thoughts of self-achievement and personal accomplishment.

    Healers need Church to defend and understand the true power that heals.

    The son of God healed by going to the Father, but even then he needed the loving structure of Church to defend those works from the hatred of the world. His fledgling church fell asleep on him the night before his crucifixion. And those who, at that moment, understood true Church, were there at the foot of the cross.

    We need Church to take away a sense of work’s righteousness or personal responsibility. We need healing in our community to show evidence of the healing Christ and not a healing human being.

    Mrs. Eddy understood this better than anyone because she followed directly in the footsteps of the Master. That was what made her step away from her individual healing practice and set up church – Church would be the structure to allow healing to continue for ages past her own individual presence here.

    How is Church supporting your healing practice everyone?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am committed to the Radical Act of healing the sick, casting out evil and raising the dead through church. I just started as First Reader.

      The past few months I have studied, researched, and thought through what it means to serve church in this capacity. I have not accepted doing anything the way it has been done before unless I have felt and understood the inspiration and meaning behind it. I am praying my way through this. I think my way through each service. I listen my way through each service.

      I play the cello. Plying the strings of my cello is like sweeping the harpstrings of the mind. I enjoy finding and presenting ideas that may resonate in the minds of those in the church.

      When I am reading I feel God is close.

      One difficult thing has been that I have not felt well for a long time. I didn’t think I could even be Reader because I could not hear properly. I committed to do it, and literally by the first Sunday my ear was open. But there are still some other physical challenges and sometimes I feel like God is asking too much of me and that no one else really cares as long as I am up there doing my job.  I guess that doesn’t sound too good and it probably isn’t true. But I am being honest about how it feels at times.

      Already I am witnessing many healings. I guess the biggest one is that my own spiritual life is coming alive. I am enthralled with the beautiful images of the Bible like the sun and the moon being the “jewelry” of the sky, and am filled with wonder that Mary Baker Eddy wrote about “a convenient sieve”.  Was she a cook?

      I’m the one being raised from the dead so far!

      • Amy says:

        Oh, Anonymous, you know you’re not alone with those feelings, right?  That no one really cares as long as you’re doing your job (and not making a fuss!)….

        A couple of years ago, I’d been ill for several months.  I work from home so I worked from my bed with my laptop and didn’t skip a beat.  And frankly, I let my work take away from the thought and prayer needed for myself (though it doesn’t sound like you’re doing that — good for you!).  No one had asked me to do that, of course, and in fact, my boss (I had a great boss!) was the one who told me one morning that he was clearing my schedule so that we could pray together.  Oh, I felt so cared for!  And things progressed from there with a complete healing fairly soon.

        I learned two things, a) don’t soldier on yourself when you need help.  We have a church community who loves us and we can rely on it as we rely on God and b) people do care when they know you need help and c) keep your priorities straight.

        I know I care about you from where I sit.  I am rejoicing over the healings you’ve had and the healings you will have.  Thanks for being here and sharing with us.

        Oh, and one other lesson I learned from another experience.  I once saw how my family rallied around a family member who was getting divorced.  I had been divorced a couple years before and dealt with it pretty much on my own (with God!).  But now I thought, hey, I didn’t have anyone.  No one took me under their wing.  And I felt bad.  But then God told me, “But you didn’t need it.”  And I realized that I hadn’t.  I’d felt so close to God during that time.  I learned so much.  And everything I needed, I had.  I think that must be the way it is with you.  :)

        • Anonymous says:

          Dear Amy,

          I read what you wrote. And I am sobbing.

          I left my job because when my eyes were red and inflamed for a week and I worked from home on my computer peering through tiny slits my boss allowed our major client to rant and rave that no one else could do “her” work and allowed her to keep emailing and calling me.  We needed to organize it so that others on staff could minimally pitch in and get the client the updates she wanted. Which she truly didn’t need, but wanted.

          Also, once at an evening client event I wore a dress with a plunging neckline and my boss leered at me and pointedly asked me to go over and talk to this client’s husband. Hahahaha. And I am horrified to say that I did it.

          I left that job and my new job as Reader is better. Wonderful. But I wonder if I ever will feel really good physically again.

          Yesterday I read the lesson in church with all my heart and soul. We sang the hymn “Nearer my God to Thee” and I was so reaching out to God for healing for all, including me. Afterwards I felt some people in church, even those with “credentials”, thought I read too dramatically. This weighs on me.

          Now for a sweet story. Earlier in the week I had been soaking in that hymn “Nearer my God”. The phone rang. It was the school nurse. She had a middle school student in her office who wanted Christian Science help because she was having trouble breathing. The nurse had tried a practitioner’s home and cell phones but got no answer. She had to have help right away and she thought of me. I know this young student and was so happy to talk to her. We talked about the love her grandparents had for her (and all! I knew them too). And how that love was just like God’s love for her. And that God was “nearer” than her skin. Her mother walked into the nurse’s office when we were on the phone. The girl got calm, and she was able to go back to volleyball practice. Mom was relieved. I’m glad the nurse didn’t mention the word “asthma” to me until afterwards.

          Thank you so much for sharing your experience. My heart goes out to you about the divorce. There was a divorce in my family that was devastating. That’s a story for another time. Believe me, even yesterday, when I read the message that the sermon is “undivorced from Truth” it gets me every time. I am so glad we are all undivorced from Truth and “uncontaminated by human hypothesis” and “divinely authorized”.

          Love to you, and all Radical Actors and Radical Readers,


          • Amy says:

            Here’s the great thing about that divorce:  I realized just how much I’d expressed God’s strength and I walked away from it scar free.  These poor me feelings were just nonsense, trying to say something about the experience that had never been true, and not just from a spiritual perspective. ;)

            i saw something on Facebook the other day about the past that I thought was funny. “when the past comes calling, let it go to voicemail.’.  Hahaha.

            Think about all the other healings you’ve had.

      • nina says:

        Hey Anonymous!  I’m so excited that you feel raised from the dead by Radical Acts.  Me too.  In fact, I’ve decided there’s really just one Radical Act — resurrection.  Because you can’t truly commit to doing any of these crazy things — BE childlike, CHALLENGE Pharisees, FORGIVE, etc — and carry your old baggage with you.  The more Radical Acts you undertake, the more baggage (old, dead selves) you drop.  It’s a process of purification that never ends, with new benefits every day for us and the whole world.

        I hope you’ll enjoy this audio story, especially the part at the end about “raising dead hopes, dead careers, dead relationships.”  http://time4thinkers.com/raising-the-dead-for-real/

        Much love to you!

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you Nina, for pointing me to the “Raising the Dead for Real” interview. It’s energizing! In thinking about the idea of resurrection that you shared I envisioned the stone being rolled away from the tomb of Jesus. How could that happen? Well, all things are possible to God. All things are possible to God! Now that idea opens thought to life and love and health!

  43. Kate says:

    I love that Jesus, the most Radical Actor of all, expected us all to do “greater works” than he did. And then he gives the basis for doing those works, “because I go unto my Father.”

    When considering this RA, I’ve wondered why “because I go unto my Father,” allows us to do the “greater works.”

    And what’s coming to me is that the answer, is in the promise itself. He is telling us that he’s not going to be around, but that even without him “here,” we will still be able to “do the works,” and not only do them, but do them better than he did.

    He completely lifts a personal sense of achievement or accomplishment off of these acts. He reveals them to be the natural operation of divine law. This continues to be such a gift.

    There was a day this summer when the picture my body was presenting was unfathomably difficult to bear. I didn’t know where to begin in silencing the senses. But it was this promise I clung to. I didn’t know where to start, but God did. He had created the heavens and he earth, he had brought forth his only begotten son, He had given him courage in Gethsemane, and peace on the cross. And still, Jesus could promise us more, higher, deeper, greater works. So I shifted my heart into focus…transfixed on complete trust in God, rather than the picture staring back at me.

    And experienced His work.

  44. itsaboutgood says:

    Healing updates!

    So I watched this Christian documentary recently all about the amazing healing works happening around the world through disciple’s truly following this teaching of Jesus. It is called “Finger of God” Here is the trailer: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/finger-of-god/

    Watch the whole thing to see: American college student going on “healing hunts” on Friday nights after praying together, writing down the visions and directions God gives them, and going into the public and healing people.
    A woman named Heidi Baker heal blindness and deafness in Mozambique.
    Underground Chinese churches with thousands and thousands of followers who are being healed, and healing, in churches outlawed by their government.

    This is really, really amazing stuff!!!

    And to top it all off, here is an article from the Southern Medical Journal with statistically significant research confirming that Christian healing is curing blindness and deafness in Africa: http://journals.lww.com/smajournalonline/Fulltext/2010/09000/Study_of_the_Therapeutic_Effects_of_Proximal.5.aspx?WT.mc_id=HPxADx20100319xMP

    Christianity is so awesome!!!!!

    Members of the Christian Science church are not the only ones out there healing according to the teachings of Jesus!


  45. Kate says:

    This Radical Act is so beautifully described in each of your “stories” of pure unselfed love. I am so humbled to read how each of you has put this into practice.

    For me, as this summer has been drawing to a close, I have tried to focus on the demand to “cast out evil.”

    What stood out to me in this phrase is that it says to “cast out” evil…not to destroy it. I’m not sure I’ve fully plumbed what this means to me, but I can’t help but think of a fisherman who is casting his line (or his net) in order to gather something.

    Or Jesus talking to the disciples and asking them to “cast their nets on the other side.”

    I’m am starting to see (for myself) that it is only a false sense of the presence of evil as a REAL something, that would cause us to not just want to cast it out, but throw it away.

    But, what if, as Mrs. Eddy says, “All that is, is the work of God, and all is good…” That, since God is the ONLY Cause and Creator…the seeming presence of evil is only a misinterpretation, a twisting, of something that has its origin in God, good.

    Take the word “fear” for instance. You might call that evil. In thinking of it as evil you would be tempted to want to destroy it in its entirety. But “fear” is just a word. A word that someone came up with to describe a feeling. And what if the feeling itself is good. The word (or concept of) fear is used, in the Bible, to encourage us Godward.

    The Bible says, “Fear the Lord.”

    When I did some etymological digging, I discovered that the word “fear” is defined as “to be so transfixed or focus on something that you can’t think of anything else.”

    In light of this definition…fear becomes something I want to embrace and put into practice in my relationship with God.

    The feeling of “fear” that I have always translated as anxiety, weakness, being a victim…becomes a trigger for reclaiming my focus on God’s presence, in such a transfixed way that I can’t even begin to consider the possibility of His absence.

    Now I have cast evil out into the sea of God’s all-power and presence and come back with a net full of ways to acknowledge, and honor Him in my life.

    This kind of casting out…draws in all things for Him…He is, as He always has been, the ONLY Cause and Creator in my life.

    This redeeming of all things “for Him” frustrates, and shuts down, the clamoring voice of mortal mind. And as it says in Revelation, “The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our God, and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever.”

    I am loving this Radical Act….


  46. Miss C says:

    Michael, and Brandon… thank you both so, so much for sharing the Whitman passage. It brought me to tears.
    How incredible a healer’s love is!!

    “Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us…”
    (1 John 3:1)

  47. Monica says:

    This is SO inspiring and True! Thanks for sharing, Jenny! We are as perfect as Jesus Christ… so simple.

  48. jenny says:

    I love this command because it’s empowering. If Jesus demanded that we heal the sick, cast out demons, even raise the dead, then we must be able to do it…but how?

    Others have highlighted their own answers to this question in the comments above, but I just wanted to share a recent insight of my own.

    I had been struggling with a couple unresolved situations in my life that I just didn’t feel like I could get traction on prayerfully. I would pray, but it would feel uninspired–almost like I was just repeating words to myself. But then one day in the middle of these prayers (and my angst) I heard this message: You have the Mind of Christ.

    I was tempted to disregard this message–after all, it’s one I’ve heard literally hundreds of times in Sunday School and in church and even in my own prayers. In the past, it’s meant to me that I can’t be consumed by evil or by fearful thoughts because I express divine Mind, the Christly thought that only acknowledges good.

    “Yeah, yeah,” I thought. But the message came again. And again. And I really started thinking about it. That’s when it hit me: To say we have the Mind of Christ means that we reflect the exact same Mind that Jesus did. Which means that we know how to pray the way Jesus did. We can’t be uninspired or feel inadequate because we reflect the same Mind that the Master Christian expressed. We know how to heal the way Jesus did.

    We know how to heal the way Jesus did. WOW.

    That was a huge turning point for me, not only in praying about those unresolved issues, but also in my practice of Christian Science overall. Now, when I’m confronted with a problem that seems vexing or overwhelming, or in those times when I feel like my prayers lack inspiration or clarity, I’ve started affirming that I have the Mind that enabled Jesus to leave an extraordinary record of healing in the New Testament. It’s truly radical to think that as I humble myself to express this Mind more transparently, I can participate in that healing record, too.

    • Kennedy says:

      ” To say we have the Mind of Christ means that we reflect the exact same Mind that Jesus did. Which means that we know how to pray the way Jesus did. We can’t be uninspired or feel inadequate because we reflect the same Mind that the Master Christian expressed. We know how to heal the way Jesus did.

      We know how to heal the way Jesus did. WOW.”


      This is EXACTLY what I need to think about right now.  Thank you Jenny!

  49. itsaboutgood says:

    I came across this Robert Browning poem today titled “A Death in the Desert” that seems so apt for this discussion. The whole poem can be found here: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/173008 with a line in the middle that Mrs. Eddy quotes on page 108 of Science and Health: “the price of learning love.”

    This stanza really stood out to me:

    “Such is the burthen of the latest time.
    “I have survived to hear it with my ears,
    “Answer it with my lips: does this suffice?
    “For if there be a further woe than such,
    “Wherein my brothers struggling need a hand,
    “So long as any pulse is left in mine,
    “May I be absent even longer yet,
    “Plucking the blind ones back from the abyss,
    “Though I should tarry a new hundred years!”

    What a powerful dedication to nursing and healing expressed here! I myself am finding more and more how integral nursing is to being a good healer. And how often we are given the opportunities to nurse! But do we take them?

    Nursing is not a neat, well-ironed outfit, it does not have to happen in a hospital or clinic, it is not done by south-east asians.

    Nursing is spiritual fire. It is awareness expressed. It is mental touch. It is a life lit.

    It is not necessarily praying, persay, but it is always affection unfolded.

    Anyone with some nursing experiences to share? I was nursed by a beautiful friend in college when I was ill. We never talked spirituality, we never spoke of religion, but this person shared affection in a way with me that was so pure, so heavenly. She bathed my head in water and cooked me food when I felt I couldn’t move. That night, after she left, I heard the voice of God ask me,

    “Why are you here?” and I was without an answer.

    Then I heard, “Because I put you here. I have given you everything.”

    And at that moment I no longer saw my life as a series of strange occurrences tied together by a string of flesh and blood, but I realized that every moment of my existence was, is, and will always be in God. From elementary school to Hollywood, Principia to pre-law, everything had been made and ordained by Mind.

    What a healing. What a being. What a seeing!

  50. Monica says:

    Really beautiful… made me full of tears of Love, as I have had a similar passing on experience with my grandmother. Those experiences really help to see the “death” as nothing, I feel. It doesn’t scare me, but strangely, I am drawn to it, perhaps because Truth comes right out of me when this seems to occur.

    Very beautiful.. thanks for sharing :)

  51. Monica says:

    Unselved love… this is so important to the practice of Christian Science. Having this towards others as well as ourselves is crucial to demonstration.

    I have an experience to share that is so significant to me in that, it really helped me to deeply see that EVERYTHING, IS IN LOVE’S CONTROL.

    One day I was cleaning out my truck right after I had pulled into the driveway. Satisfied, we pulled the trash to the curb for pick up the next morning.

    It waz the next day, when I realized my keys were gone! They were no where to be found, and my family and I looked for a couple days. I had made promises to take my children to the pool, and moreover, my whole day-to-day life seemed to depend upon those keys. The worst of it came when I had realized they must have accidentally gotten dropped in the garbage, which was on it’s way to the dump by then!

    I got a very strong message that I could very much pray about this, so I began by spiritualizing my keys. Ideas such as, dependability, self-sufficiency, timeliness, came to mind, and then, I had also thought about the fact that NOTHING, is lost in Mind.

    Thinking this way for a bit really helped me completely forget about the keys being gone, and i went about my motherly duties.

    Here’s where finding and expressing every ounce of selfless love came in. I was drawn to call a family member whom I had been having negative feelings towards, and instead of having the old “how are things”? conversation, i was moved to be more still and listen to her every word with love, forgiveness, and, love, love, love. I loved her in that moment, with every fiber of my being, cometely forgetting I was even a “self” at all. I had hung up the phone with her and felt so uplifted in general, not thinking of anything except getting my little boy a snack. Upon opening our food cabinet, I had noticed my KEYS hanging in the most orderly place they could have been… they were not there before, but suddenly, there they were. My son was so surprised, he blurted out, “A ghost put them there, mama’!!! I laughed with joy and said, “no, my darling, God did! I have been praying, and here they are!” We all gave thanks!!!

    It was my recognition of absolute unity and oness of Man, through expressing this selfless love and forgiveness, that dissolved the falseity that amytbing could be lost in Mind! Love is never lost! We are by nature the very expressions of perfect Love, as Mrs. EDDY talks about in SCIENCE AND HEALTH with KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES. LOVE, UNSELVED LOVE, IS GOD’S IDEA, ETERNALLY EXPRESSED… IT IS WHAT MAKES US LOVE GOD SUPREMELY, AND ALSO, LOVING OUR NEIGHBORS AS OURSELVES.

    “Spirit is immortal Truth, matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal, matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness, therefore, man is not material, he is spiritual”. (Part of the scientific statement of being that was appropo to share… by MBE).

    Thanks so much for the ooportunity to share this experience :)

    LOVE, monica

    • nina says:

      If you’ve ever experienced the instantaneous return of a precious object — and I have too — you’ve grasped the nearness of God at the deepest level. Thank you for sharing this fabulous story!

      • Monica says:

        Thanks! :) I especially love to think about how much more precious are we to our Mother/Father, than a seeming random object. Whether it is health, or what-have-you, God always sees us as whole and perfect and complete! No detail is too small, and no problem is too big.

        Thanks for your comment! You are SO right!


    • itsaboutgood says:

      Ya, sister Monica! Loving the energy and enthusiasm in your post!

      Listening is a great form of selfless love. And it is infinite – just as you experienced with your keys.

      I saw something on the bus yesterday that was so awesome. This really grumpy older man on the bus had this HUGE box that was taking a bunch of space up. He was complaining and snapping at anyone that got near him and this young woman close enough to talk with him said, “Oh. I could move if you like to make it easier to get out.” She wasn’t ANYWHERE NEAR him! But she used it as an opportunity to strike up a conversation with him. In minutes he blossomed into a BEAUTIFUL, HILLARIOUS, BRILLIANT MAN! He was telling the funniest jokes, sharing stories from installing the first fiberoptic cables in the Atlantic Ocean.

      I just sat back and listened to these two. It was one of the greatest gifts I could have ever asked for from God. I didn’t have to do anything, but just listen to this A-mazing expression of selfless love.

      When he got off three lives (and maybe more) were changed forever just because of that young woman’s strength to be selfless.

      Spiritualizing the bus is awesome. It is a spiritual vehicle that expresses Love through community, comfort, mobility, and simplicity.

      God is so good when you sit back and watch the good that is already here!

  52. itsaboutgood says:

    My good brother Brandon O’ Neil shared this with me.  From Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself.”  It’s so good it needs to be posted here:
    To any one dying, thither I speed and twist the knob of the door.
    Turn the bed-clothes toward the foot of the bed,
    Let the physician and the priest go home.

    I seize the descending man and raise him with resistless will,
    O despairer, here is my neck,
    By God, you shall not go down! hang your whole weight upon me.

    I dilate you with tremendous breath*, I buoy you up,
    Every room of the house do I fill with an arm’d force,
    Lovers of me, bafflers of graves.

    Sleep–I and they keep guard all night,
    Not doubt, not decease shall dare to lay finger upon you,
    I have embraced you, and henceforth possess you to myself,
    And when you rise in the morning you will find what I tell you is so.

    *My. 195:20-24: “Christian Science is at length learned to be no miserable piece of ideal legerdemain, by which we poor mortals expect to live and die, but a deep-drawn breath fresh from God, by whom and in whom man lives, moves, and has deathless being. ”

    And I would add a song from a Modern Day Walt Whitman, Cee-lo Green: Fight to Win

  53. nina says:

    Here’s a healing story I hope you’ll all enjoy. http://time4thinkers.com/duet/

  54. Kate says:

    Hi Gordon…I wasn’t speaking about the kind of Love-impelled “stepping away” from a false sense of pushing or willfulness in a relationship that I think you are referring to here.

    I was talking about a stepping back that might be motivated by a sense of “giving up” or “frustration” with a lack of affection, or a claim of incompatibility that isn’t yielding.

    I think it all has to do with motive. Love-impelled movement is always forward (even when it may look like a “stepping back, or away”). Love-inspired actions are always progress, always healing, always strengthening…even though a stronger sense of “relationship” might appear as less personal attachment, frequent contact, or daily interaction.

    I don’t think there is a way to look at the direction a relationship is moving and judge it’s strength. I think this can only be seen with the heart. I know when Love had compelled me to draw closer, or, as Gibran urges, to “allow space in our togetherness.” And I know when I am shutting down, giving up, or being dismissive out of fear of rejection, frustration, or feeling hopeless.

    But even when Love compels me to step back, I never think of it as the relationship lessening. Love only has one way of being. You can’t get “less Love.” If we are putting a control valve on Love…it isn’t truly Love. It becomes something tight, strained, and like a hose that we bend and manipulate to staunch the flow…it can spew one moment, and be cut off and dry the next.

    There is something so beautiful about the gentle flow that takes place when our love is completely free to flow in the way of Love’s (God’s) directing. Instead of it being “on” or “off” it is just directed in a different way. The relationship that was once romantic, might be re-directed into one of quiet support from afar, collegial, or just a full appreciation of the other’s gifts. No less of a relationship…just different. Or at least this is the way it has seemed for me. And it is the sense of it that has brought me to a peaceful place of trust in God’s hand in every moment of my life.

    It has allowed me to see that every relationship I have ever had (or been in) has been a divine gift…and that if I am willing to let those relationships evolve and deepen in countless new ways…I can never lose even one of them.

    Even those relationships that seem to fade, or even disappear…don’t. I am still “thinking” and “cherishing” those loved ones every time they come to mind. That’s a full-on act of loving too.

    At least that how it feels for me….letting a relationship take a different “form” for me is not a letting go, but a stepping into the wings and celebrating my new role as witness to the other persons gifts…

    love, k.

  55. Kate says:

    This summer I am seeking to find all the ways in which I have entombed my right to love.

    Whether it is a relationship that I think I have the right to step back from because I have “tried enough,” or a niggling claim of sin or sickness that is not alarming or debilitating, but still surfacing now and again. I am going after the “dock root” Mrs. Eddy speaks of in The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany when she says:

    “Sin is like a dock root. To cut off the top of a plant does no good; the roots must be eradicated or the plant will continue to grow.”

    So…I am raising the desire to bury what I am willing to have just disappear, and eradicating the root belief that there was ever, could ever be, or will ever be a creator other than God. I am reclaiming my garden as only God-planted, God-nurtured, God-impelled to turn to the light.

    I am letting nothing “die” to me. But resurrecting all things for their original spiritual purpose. I am reclaiming it all for God. Nothing outside of His Life, that is life.

    Even the dandelion makes a delicious salad, and the thistle a lovely addition to any flower arrangement. I am gently and persistently eradicating the false roots of all that I have experienced and claiming God as my only Cause and Creator.

    I love this statement from Science and Health:

    “All that is made is the work of God, and all is good. We leave this brief, glorious history of spiritual creation (as stated in the first chapter of Genesis) in the hands of God, not of man, in the keeping of Spirit, not matter, — joyfully acknowledging now and forever God’s supremacy, omnipotence, and omnipresence.”

    Even the weeds of my life, when raised from a sense of having their root in a cause or creator other than God (what a dishonoring of God as the only Life, the only Cause and Creator) become a beautiful part of my spiritual eco-system. Become food for contemplation, and protect my heart from the eroding elements of pride and self-certaitny.

    I love it when John tells us, in Revelation: “And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, ‘The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.’

    This is a radical approach to “raising the dead” in my life this summer.

    • Gordon says:

      Kate, can I ask you about one of your statements here? Well I’m going to anyway… You said you would revisit relationships that you thought you had the right to step back from because you’d “tried enough.”

      I’ve found it quite helpful to accept that sometimes it’s necessary to love people “from a distance,” as they say, especially when loving up close creates too much dissonance for one or both parties. I think about the story of the Gadarene man in the fifth chapter of Mark. He had been an outcast his whole life, and even lashed out at Jesus amid his distorted cries for help, but Jesus saw completely through all that noise to the man’s perfect innocence, healing him completely.

      He was so overjoyed with Jesus that he begged to come with him in verse 18 of that chapter, but without hesitation in verse 19 the Master refused this request. I’ve pondered that a lot, because at first glance it seems almost cruel. The man was so ready to become his disciple, and probably would have been as enthusiastic about serving Christ as Peter. But Jesus enforced a bit of a “wall” there, in some sense. I’ve often wondered why.

      But as I thought about it, the conclusion I’ve come to so far was that sometimes, in some relationships, it is actually the more loving thing to do to take that hard step of keeping distance between you and the other person, if that is what is needed to better see them in their true light. I suspect that with the Gadarene man, his attachment to the personality of Jesus was too strong, when Jesus really wanted to teach him about the abiding power of the impersonal Christ.

      So… my only reason for saying this is because I don’t think that stepping away from a relationship means you love a person less. Sometimes that’s actually the more loving thing to do in the situation.

  56. itsaboutgood says:

    I never pictured myself as a healer. Growing up, playing role playing video games, I liked the warrior, the sorceror, the offensive attacker, and I always took the healer role for granted. I liked to rush into battle and toast the bad guys. I rarely thought about the healer, patiently watching every moment, ensuring that no matter how hard I fought I would keep healthy and not be taken out.

    Isn’t this exactly Jesus’ promise when he says that the first will be last and the last will be first? (Matthew 20: 16).

    So a little over a year ago when I reflected deeply on my life, imagine how shocked I was to discover that I had been prepared not to be a warrior (CEO) or sorcerer (celebrity), but that God had chosen and anointed me to be a healer by just being the way I was spiritually made! .

    But what’s funny is that I had constantly trained my thought to think of life from a warrior or sorceror’s perspective. This was self-focused and it made me the worst healer.

    But I felt called, I couldn’t shut the open door in front of me (Revelation 3:8), and I had to progress up the mountain of salvation first by being last – acknowledging that progress was mental rather than works of righteousness – based on prayers and hours with my eyes shut, humbling listening and envisioning God’s dream rather than my own.

    Turns out that healing is actually not an art – it is a Science. It happens when you don’t think it is happening. When you’re praying for others it’s not really your petitions that bring healing, but it’s your life lived as a prayer that shines light and extinguishes the dark places in your heart and, therefore, the heart of others.

    The key to healing is letting there be light (Genesis 1:3) in all that you do. In recent weeks I have heard back from people who called on me to work with them as a healer and shared how they were awakened to their true, spiritual being when they were snapped out of believing their being was defined by dis-eases like sciatica, a broken collarbone, and female health problems.

    These are not my works! These are testimonies to the power of God to heal us of ALL of our ills (Jeremiah 30:17) when we understand that reality only exists in God, good.

    I should also mention I have worked with some people who have not found this kind of physical healing. The temptation when this happens is to switch into offensive/attacker mode and leave the role of healer for the role of a warrior. This does not bring healing. And I have had to step away from certain patients because I have begun to feel personally responsible for their healing. These cases are the most trying, and they bring me to my knees in tears and prayers, asking God what I need to do. These experiences remind me that healing is about selfless serving, and they always remind me that without divine Love, I am nothing.

    When at my lowest, feeling alone and heavy burdened in my healing mission, I hear a whisper while in prayer that says, “Get out of the way. Get in the back and watch MY work, MY ways are not your ways” (Isaiah 55:8).

    Thank you God for this chance to grow and see what Spirit sees – even if it is only a momentary glimpse. Healing expresses salvation and through it I know, even if I can’t charismatically convince others through words or works, that the kingdom is come: healing is the only spiritual Science that proves it.

    • Monica says:

      This is really beautiful… what you are saying here. Mrs. Eddy would do the same thing when a problem wouldn’t yield right away.

      I really love all your music and VERY inspirational testimonies that you have posted throughout this site… so healing. I am eternally grateful to all who are selflessly a part of this Truth movement through Christian Science.

      I love how you say, “[let] there be light in all you do”, and living your prayer. And yes, when something doesn’t yield, we must “stand ye still”, and get our personal sense of responsibility out of the way. After all, we are God’s self awareness, not our own, right?

      thanks for all your obvious and demonstrable selflessness, brother!!

      love, monica

      • itsaboutgood says:

        Dearest Monica,
        Muchas gracias for your witnessing of the Love that is divine at work! It takes a healer to know a healer! Haha. A source to have a resource; a mirror for a reflection.

        Science IS all that Jesus promised it would be!

        “[Science] will guide you into all truth: for [Science] shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever [Science] shall hear, that shall [Science] speak: and [Science] will shew you things to come. He shall glorify [Christ]: for [Science] shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you” (John 16: 13-14).

  57. Heather Libbe says:

    Though it can seem a little daunting to be asked to “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils” (Matthew 10:8), I had a friend suggest to me once that we focus on the verbs — HEAL, CLEANSE, RAISE and CAST OUT. By separating out those words, I have really been able to see how tangible a command this is, as we can be healing, cleansing, raising and casting out each and every day. And, how wonderful that specific passage ends with “freely ye have received, freely give.”

    • itsaboutgood says:

      Hi Heather!
      Thank you so much for this simple focus on the action, the verb, rather than the object, process, or picture.

      It actually clicks with so much gospel existing in the world in popular culture and all around us. It reminds me of an old Third Eye Blind song with these lyrics,

      “Life is not to fear. Life is to enjoy.”

      So let’s enjoy our role as healers in the world today! It’s not stuffy. It’s not limited. It’s not isolated. It’s alive! It’s real! It’s individual! It’s good!

  58. Jeanne says:

    Thank you all so much for these beautiful stories! So inspiring! I loved the healing about the bugs!=) I recently had a similar situation, it was about a tick.

    I had to go to a medical examination and was a bit nervous because I never went to a doctor before. Then the day before this examination I saw that I had a tick in my shoulder. I prayed about it knowing, like carlos did with the bugs, that there is just one mind and that God could not create conflicting ideas that could harm each other.=) The tick didn’t leave me before the examination though and I thought, “well you can just ask the doctor to get rid of it for you”.

    When I arrived at the hospital I had to wait for a long time which I spend reading and praying. During that time I totally forgot about the tick and just at the very end of my examination I remembered it.
    But when I then wanted to ask the doctor to get rid of it for me, I realised that it was gone! I was so grateful for having this great proof of God’s allness in this hospital atmosphere! =)

    • itsaboutgood says:

      Thank you dear Jeanne!

      “For the Lord God is a sun and a shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly” (Pslams 84: 11).

  59. Maegan says:

    “Selfless love” reminds us to take the focus off of personal sense and onto the power of humility.

    A couple summers ago I was working at a summer camp as the co-director of the counselor in training program. I had recently gone through Christian Science Primary class instruction, (a two week class to further my understanding of God and healing) and I was overjoyed to share what I had learned and put it into practice. I arrived at camp excited to help run camp and teach the counselors, but also nervous about what others would expect of me now that I had gone through class instruction. I wondered if I would meet everyone’s expectations and if I would be able to teach the counselors. I had an important, very public, role and I found myself with a swollen throat, left unable to eat or talk. I was putting too much pressure on myself. It was my responsibility to talk to the counselors, inform them of their duties, and be a role model. I was in great discomfort for a few days, unable to fulfill my duties. I worked with passages from the Bible and Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy to recognize the fact that these symptoms were only a manifestation of my negative thought. I found comfort from a hymn that says, “Go forward then and as ye preach So let your works confirm your speech.” I finally realized that it is never about what I say, but rather what I do and how I act. All my focus should be on putting into action the works of Christ! Once I took the focus off self-expectations and onto Christ, I was completely healed. I had been mesmerized by doubt, pressure, and thinking of all that I had to do, when what really mattered was my awareness of the constant presence of the Christ. It is never about me, but all about God.

    I am so grateful to know that when we let go and place radical reliance on God, our experience will be good, harmonious, and healthy.

    • Carlos says:

      Maegan, thank you so much for sharing this story! It reminds me of an experience I had a few years ago when I was having a really hard time with bugs and bugbites. I tried all kinds of material means for getting rid of these bugs before finally deciding to handle things through prayer, because the situation was really getting to the point of being ridiculous.

      I prayed for a few days and immediately found comfort in the idea that God could not create conflicting ideas that could harm each other, but the issue continued nonetheless. I continued with this prayer and it led me to think more deeply about God’s kingdom, and what it meant for there to be only one Mind, and hence one consciousness.

      About the third day I woke up feelign uncomfortable once again, but another thought followed immediately: “this isn’t how I feel, this is how the WORLD feels!” It just hit me at that moment that with one consciousness I couldn’t be a separate being feeling discomfort. As you related above, it completely took the focus off of personal sense and brought about a beautiful sense of humility.

      Well… the itching stopped right away, and as I continued to pray over the next few days, I found new and better ways to deal with “the bugs”.

      I was grateful for the renewed sense of comfort, but I was even more grateful for the new-found understanding about who I was, and our unity with God. AND, my prayer completely changed so that I could handle more efficiently other situations needing healing – not only for myself but for others.

      I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s healing experiences as the summer moves forward…

      • itsaboutgood says:

        Hey you two! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful healings.

        I think the Science of healing present in all of these posts so far is so important to really examine and understand. So much of all we see and hear is about being the best you can be, the most beautiful, the most in-shape – but based on what standard? A material one!

        Based on having healthy looking skin, strong muscles, and the most active brain. That sounds pretty cool, except we’re not any of those things! We are not these material organs that come and go – we are the good that we do! We are the love we express! We are the intelligence we put into action!

        An all-powerful, infinite God couldn’t possibly see a limited creation. Looking from space, we couldn’t possibly see a flat planet earth!

        We need to see and understand reality through God’s perspective and be open and receptive to the truth of our being which can not – must not! – be material, decaying, and helpless.

        By living this radical act we are proving – scientifically proving! – to the world that we are not things that are born and die. We are proving that we are spiritual, immortal ideas of God! We are fulfilling Christ Jesus’ promise:

        “Anyone who is alive and believes in me will never die at all” (John 11: 26).

        • Carlos says:

          Michael, I really love your post. I love it so much I want to respond just so it gets highlighted in the front page for a while…

          “An all-powerful, infinite God couldn’t possibly see a limited creation. Looking from space, we couldn’t possibly see a flat planet earth!”

          I too think the Science of healing present in all these posts needs to be examined and understood. What we have here is so powerful! Thank you for the great work.

          • itsaboutgood says:

            Hey Brother, so this week’s bible lesson is super deep in terms of examining the Science of healing.

            I came across this line in this week’s Christian Science Sentinel and thought it was really relevant to this act and conversation:

            After being healed of a pull in his hamstring during a hockey game, Seth Johnson writes, “the purpose of healing is to glorify God, not to heal a material body.” http://sentinel.christianscience.com/issues/2012/7/114-29/hockey-injury-healed

            This is a huge statement. And doesn’t it fit in so well with selfless courage? Jesus said, “I am not concerned with my own glory: there is one whose concern it is, and he is the true judge” (John 8:50).

            A healer’s work is to destroy the fear of the patient at all cost. Once that is accomplished than a recognition of God, ever-present Love, does the real healing work. In that sense, a healer is not really a healer, but just an awakener. God does the healing, not man.

            A real healer could care less whether the patient – or the world – acknowledges that they had something to do with it. All they care about is that God gets the credit, that God is glorified, that Love reigns supreme.


  60. Melody says:

    About a week into working at the Petals school of Africa my friend Rachel, her sister Stacey and I wanted to experience what a night was like being a dorming student at the Petals school. That night we had an amazing dinner, where as all nights before I proceeded to eat to much….since I didnt know after this trip when I would be able to experience food like this again!

    As the students studied in the classroom we got ready for bed and fell asleep instantly. With no electricity for lights, music, television or any other distraction it was easy to listen to my body asking for rest! In the middle of the night though I woke up to intense stomach pain. I instantly began to pray but sleeping next to Rachel I had to wake her up and ask for her prayers too.

    Uncomfortable in the bed I thought about how I could even get to the closest restroom. I would envolve me waking up the care taker, unlocking the dead bolt door and walking around to the back of the school. Not to mention the bathroom can only be somewhat related to a porter potty.

    It was a long night but my mind was consumed with the disturbance I was causing the students before their full day of school, chores and activities. I sincerely prayed that I was not waking them up.

    When the morning came I felt somewhat better and as the girls left for school, I asked one whom I was close with “did I awake you last night?”. She replied “yes we were all awake praying for you.”

    I felt bad that I had caused such a ruckus but was shocked by what she had said. I thought about what I might have said to someone who kept me up all night and it didnt sound anything like what I had just heard. In that moment this African student had cast out all evil.

    I had also become close with one of the kindergarten students. We ran around everywhere together and upon hearing I was not feeling well, he came to the window and watched over me up until the last seconds before he had to go to class. This was so powerful to me to feel the love that these students had after just knowing me for about a week. I felt that my body must be healed by all this love and it absolutely was. After that night I had no other bodily issues and ended my trip having the most wonderful experience and a powerful healing under my belt.

    • itsaboutgood says:

      Hi Melody!
      What a beautiful healing! Thank you so much for sharing. I love the idea that every time we overcome the suggestion that we are separate from God we then have “a healing under our belt.” And healing begets more healing, proving the Science of Christianity in any fashion makes us clearer and clearer about the God-Principle so we can recognize it and bring healing to others.

      Having healings and healing others is so similar! They both bring a manifestation of Christ to humanity through the divine Principle, Love!


    • Hey Melody,

      Thanks for the story. I live in India and I have had many a similar night.

      I love the idea of childlikeness you speak of with the kindergarten students. I feel like many times the years of experience in the “world” jade us and cause us to pile up unneeded layers of doubt about God’s goodness.

      I am currently visiting Saint Louis on a trip to the US to attend an International Conference on Foster Care. I was lucky enough to visit my church and teach Sunday School this Sunday and we talked about the idea of spiritual confidence. What I just realized by reading your story above and then commenting about childlikeness is that the young student had complete spiritual confidences that you were fine, whole and complete. The student didn’t have to sit for a couple hours and pray for clarity; it was just a fact for the student. I am totally refreshed by that idea.

      We have the ability to express inherent confidence in good, God. It is a part of our being. For me I just need to get myself out of my own way in order to express who I am.

      I hope that next time I’m challenged with a need for healing I can be moved by this story into comfortable gratitude and silence for the good I have already received just by being a child of God.

      Thank you for reminding me of this today.

  61. itsaboutgood says:

    Hi All!
    Feel free to use this space to share healing you have witnessed or had happen to you as a part of letting go of self and drawing closer to God. A friend shared with me yesterday that the best way to start the day is with these two questions: What is God? and Who am I?

    When we are clear on these answers in the way Jesus was clear on them – that God is our Father and we are His child – then we no longer feel at war with ourselves or our Creator.

    I remember while doing some work in a rural part of Kenya getting really carried away with feeling responsible and self-absorbed over some perceived problems with a non-profit I was working with. I felt the right to accuse and judge because things weren’t happening the way I thought they should. Pretty soon, I was feeling tons of resentment and anger at others and directed towards me. At the same time, I came down with all the symptoms of malaria. I was refused a ride back from the non-profit to the residence I was staying at, and had to ride a bike 30 miles or so with a serious fever. The whole time I had all these thoughts swirling and orbiting around what was most precious to preserve: my self. There was also a lot of talk about voodoo, black magic, and how perhaps I had been made a target.

    When I got back to where I was staying it came to me that I needed to get out of the situation I was in, let go of my sense of control, and forgive, forgive, forgive. Love would be my only salvation. On the bus ride back to Nairobi I shivered and cried and realized that I had become a monster in the way I was thinking and acting. I asked God for help, to take all the pride and all the accusatory thoughts away from me, and then I fell asleep. When I woke up several hours later, the symptoms of malaria were completely gone and I found work at another non-profit that led to a beautiful learning experience.

    I had to really accept that our Creator, the Source of all good, was looking after all things and didn’t need for me to order others around self-righteously. I realized that God is always in charge and that I am a servant. That my thought about myself and others must serve a loving purpose, or I can’t be myself and do the work I was made to do.

    So the demons were cast out, the sickness was healed, and I drew closer to an understanding of my true spiritual identity. When we’re not afraid or self-righteous, we are so much more useful to God! Only when we have expelled all sense of self can be used as instruments for healing.

    • Carlos says:

      I LOVE this thought…

      “…my thought about myself and others must serve a loving purpose, or I can’t be myself and do the work I was made to do.” Thank you so much.

  62. Ann says:

    Michael and all -
    Unselfed love IS the key to healing and I have found this the truth. When we love, without a sense of self, Love and Good become all there is, reality, Spirit, becomes all there is and we find healing everywhere, fearlessly, confidently, and instantaneously. When we lose a sense of self – a sense of loving or healing “that person” or “me” – when we rid any and all barriers of the material picture and love because love is all there is, because good is all there truly is, because there is no difference between what he needs help with or what I need help with or what you need help with, because we see that there is no separation from ourselves or anyone else from what is, then we find unselfed love and we find healing. We find evil is cast out of all existence and claim of any power. We find death and sin have no foothold in our thought because the only thought we have is Mind – the mind which was in Christ Jesus, the consciousness that is only conscious of good. Death, sin (sickness and evil) are no longer something we’re trying to have not happen to keep us in a perfect, healthy, righteous mortal life. It’s dropping self – dropping our material life and throwing it back to the dust where it came from and realizing that as only Spirit, good is all, and death, sin, sickness, and any evil cannot touch a spiritual idea (child of God).

    • itsaboutgood says:

      Hi dear Ann,
      Thanks so much for getting this started off! In rereading your post here I am really cherishing the radical truths you are claiming for yourself and man. Any specific demonstrations you’d like to share with us?


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