Health and Identity

Dear Me: Love thyself as thy neighbor

Remember the “yourself” part of love your neighbor

Dear Cristina, This is exactly what you wanted. Your dream of studying abroad is finally coming true. Your heart overflows with gratitude for all the people who helped you get

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School, Jobs & the Future


It all depends on You!

Dear Gustavo, One week. That’s all the time you have to find a new home for you and your wife. Your current rental contract says you must be out of

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Só depende de Você!

Ninguém conhece você melhor do que você mesmo. Compartilhe a sua percepção espiritual hoje com Você no passado ou com Você no futuro. Seja honesto, franco e verdadeiro consigo mesmo.

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¡Todo depende de Ti!

Una carta a mi mismo No hay nadie a quien conozcas mejor que a ti mismo. Comparte tus descubrimientos espirituales de hoy con un Tú pasado, o con un Tú

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Desperately lonely

Dear Lizzie: You’re driving home from work, tears streaming from your eyes. You feel desperately lonely! All your friends are in relationships.  You’ve been single for nearly a year. No

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School, Jobs & the Future


Uma carta a mim mesma

Novos Começos Querida Emily, Seria perfeito. Seus tios iriam abrir um restaurante e você trabalharia lá com o rapaz que era seu manorado. Você passaria o verão em seu lugar

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Topics in Focus


God’s got your back!

You’re expecting your first child. You’re happy; your family’s happy. It’s going to mean a total shift in your life, but you’re ready for it. You’ve always wanted to have

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You’re edging toward panic

Dear Jen, The police have come and gone. Everyone’s OK and the damage isn’t too bad. But still: it happened. You caused an accident. Now you’re sitting in an empty

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