School, Jobs & the Future


You don’t have time to get it all done

Dear Risa, You don’t have time to read this letter. It’s fall of sophomore year, and between your AP biology class, your other academics, cross country, volunteering, and National Leadership

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School, Jobs & the Future


Asking God for answers

Dear Inge, The bruises from the car accident have barely faded. And now this—news of your friend’s sudden passing? It’s been a long year. Trying to find your place in

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Es tu tiempo para brillar

Querida Cristina, Esto es exactamente lo que estabas buscando. Tu deseo de estudiar en el extranjero finalmente se ha hecho realidad. Tu corazón se esta desbordando de gratitud por todas

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This time, there’s no panic

Dearest Heather, Staying up writing papers has often felt like battling through darkness. As you stand in your room with finals looming, your gaze falls on your bed, where you

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You’re so tempted

Dear Jamie, You’re going to do it again, aren’t you? Even though, after the last time, you swore you wouldn’t, condemned yourself, even almost confessed. And yet…you’re still going to

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You feel like you’re suffocating

Dear Sara, You feel like you’ve been pushed to your breaking point. You’ve worked so hard to do well in college. To stay involved in sports and clubs. To hold

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Sharing Christian Science


Sólo hay una cosa que tienes que cambiar

Querido Andy: Cálmate. Ya sé que parece mucho pedir. La chica con la que estás es preciosa. Quieres estar con ella para siempre. Hace apenas un mes que se conocen,

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Health and Identity

Dear Me: Love thyself as thy neighbor

Remember the “yourself” part of love your neighbor

Dear Cristina, This is exactly what you wanted. Your dream of studying abroad is finally coming true. Your heart overflows with gratitude for all the people who helped you get

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