Health and Identity


Sochi 2014: Will the gold go to muscle or Mind?

“The problem with winter sports is that … they generally take place in winter,” humorist Dave Barry once quipped. Undoubtedly Russians from President Putin down would disagree as the curtain

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Drinking / Drugs

A 'Rocky Mountain high'

A ‘Rocky Mountain high’

Ahhh, beautiful Colorado! The other day I was driving home from a nearby state, and as I left the flat and barren wintry countryside of Wyoming and caught a glimpse

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World Issues


Helping the homeless

There’s something so reassuring about having a home, a place to go where you can feel safe and secure. That’s why homelessness has always seemed scary to me. I try

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Eternal identity

Eternal identity

My grandmother passed on during Thanksgiving break of my freshman year of college. The whole family came together that year and it was hard to believe that she wasn’t with

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World Issues

Redeeming the nightly news

Redeeming the nightly news

Much of my college experience was spent learning about global issues and thinking about how to solve them. Ironically, one of my least favorite things to do is watch the

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Mens issues


Cleveland: Untouched, unscarred, whole

The news out of Cleveland is a somber kind of celebratory. Three women, held captive for a decade, have finally found their freedom. Their alleged captor has been arrested and

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Slash the chains of misunderstanding

The world today is full of opinions and personal views. The Internet and social media open doors to a whole new level of human interaction and networking. But although this

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Moral intelligence agency

News about the extra-marital affairs carried on by top officials in Washington has a tendency to get fingers pointing and tongues wagging. In this day and age, we’re all at

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