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How do we (Christian Scientists) explain to others why we don’t drink?

Inge Schmidt says: If you had asked me this question as an undergraduate, you might have gotten any number of responses. “I don’t like the taste.” Or, “I don’t like

Riquezas do coração

Nos últimos cinco anos, tenho servido, de forma voluntária, como capelão em uma cadeia em Boston. Durante esse período, tenho visto, sem dúvida nenhuma, que as qualidades de Deus estão

Só depende de Você!

Ninguém conhece você melhor do que você mesmo. Compartilhe a sua percepção espiritual hoje com Você no passado ou com Você no futuro. Seja honesto, franco e verdadeiro consigo mesmo.

Healing hopeless cases

Hopeless? Thanks to stories like the three below, that word is no longer in our vocabulary. Doesn’t matter whether it’s soaring fever, rampant infection, or even clinical death – “with


Healing is of God Not changing reality It is Truth revealed Haiku by participants at the Northwest Summit 2011 Designed by Hanne Andersen

¡Todo depende de Ti!

Una carta a mi mismo No hay nadie a quien conozcas mejor que a ti mismo. Comparte tus descubrimientos espirituales de hoy con un Tú pasado, o con un Tú

Justin Blackburn: All Things Grow Towards The Light

Audio only The Backstory Listen to Justin talk about the inspiration behind this song. Justin Blackburn earned his B.M. in music composition at the University of Kansas and has produced

How should a Christian Scientist treat sex? Is there anything good about sex or is it all bad?

Deborah Huebsch says: Shakespeare answered this question well when he wrote, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” (Interestingly, you can also find this citation