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Is Christian Science stilted by traditional thought?

QUESTION: I have heard someone once say, “If the Christian Science movement was in the 50s era, it would be radical—but now we need to adapt.” Is Christian Science stilted

Why does Mary Baker Eddy encourage familiarity with the original texts of the Bible?

Annette Dutenhoffer says: Several years ago, I took some Spanish classes at a local community college. As I became more proficient in the language, I enjoyed reading famous works in

How can I feel God’s presence all the time?

QUESTION: Sometimes I feel so far away from God. How can I feel God’s presence all the time, not just when I’m praying really hard? Lois Carlson says: Rest assured,

You don’t have time to get it all done

Dear Risa, You don’t have time to read this letter. It’s fall of sophomore year, and between your AP biology class, your other academics, cross country, volunteering, and National Leadership

How can I use Christian Science to deal with a friend who’s always caught up in a lot of drama?

Laura Lapointe says: Growing up, I loved acting on stage because it allowed me to become someone else for a couple hours. As I got a little older, however, and

Why doesn’t one good spiritual insight heal me of every problem I’m facing?

QUESTION: How come when you get a spiritual insight, you have a healing about the thing you’ve been praying about and maybe one or two other things, but you still

How do Christian Science practitioners keep from second-guessing their work?

QUESTION: How do Christian Science practitioners keep from second-guessing their work when a person keeps calling and calling about the same problem and isn’t getting a healing? Deborah Huebsch says:

Trusting God

“It’s infinitely more important to learn to trust God,” says an old friend, “than to get any particular job or relationship or whatever.” Truer words were never spoken! Because who