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How do we know God is real?

QUESTION: How do we know God is real and not just some nice idea that someone made up a long time ago? Jennifer McLaughlin says:  Yes, God is real. (And

How come I still feel lonely when I’m not alone?

QUESTION: How can you be surrounded by people who love and care for you but still feel lonely? Kevin Ness says: It may seem strange that you could be surrounded

How do you understand a spiritual fact so deeply that healing happens?

Deborah Huebsch says: In a way, the questioner has already answered his/her own question. A mere casual or intellectual knowing of a spiritual fact often isn’t enough to bring about

New CSO in Montevideo, Uruguay

Exciting news, CSOsphere! We’ve got a brand new CSO forming in Montevideo, Uruguay – the first in Latin America in over a decade. Having met at a Christian Science youth

Jesus healed others, but did he have to deal with everyday problems like the rest of us?

QUESTION: Jesus raised himself from the dead, but did he have to deal with the smaller stuff in life, too? Like did he ever get a headache or a cold,

A clean slate

I need a breakthrough.  The new year may feel like a fresh start, the slate wiped clean, but I’ve got the same problems I had before New Year’s Eve.  The

How can I learn to trust God more and hear His voice more clearly? Sometimes it feels like God doesn’t exist or is completely absent. How do you explain that?

Jenny Sawyer says: I was convinced I couldn’t hear God. Or maybe He just wasn’t saying anything—not to me, at least. After all, when God talked to people like Moses,

A New Year

Are you looking to make some changes this new year? Join the club. Whether you’re like one of our bloggers who welcomes the new year as a time to set