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Prayerwatch: Ferguson verdict

It’s your world…your prayers can help to bring healing and salvation to humanity. The Christian Science Monitor shows you where your prayers are needed. Dig in. Read the article and

Jon Hinthorne: Mila’s Theme

The Backstory Jon started playing the piano at the age of 4, an age when his feet could not reach the pedals of the piano. Required to take at least

Every year I find myself dreading the holidays and all the family dysfunction they bring. How can I pray about this?

Susan Sage says: I spent many holidays suffering from family drama until I prayed to learn more about love. In my prayers, it occurred to me that I could consciously

A visit to First Presbyterian Church

A conversation with Pastor Peter Buehler The last church that I visited was the Presbyterian Church. I went to the service at the First Presbyterian Church in Santa Barbara, California,

Heart to heart with people of other faiths

How can we connect deeply with people of other faiths around spiritual subjects? And how can we share the gift of healing without offending or appearing to proselytize? The stories

Stand Up for Healing

We can take a firm stand for the truth of our spiritual identity even in the face of overwhelming obstacles. When we do, we experience healing. Hear what Christian Science

SongWise Productions: Skyward

The Backstory SongWise Productions is a musical collaboration formed between Airlie Scott and Simon Clark to produce inspirational CDs, give concerts, record existing sacred songs as well as new music.

Christian Science says that God only creates good. But how do we really know that God didn’t create the bad things, too?

Annette Kreutziger-Herr says: I had collapsed and fallen into a coma. Mentally, I saw myself sitting alone in a dark room, unable to communicate with the outside world. But I