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“Why CSO?” Webinar

| CSO Support Team

What is the purpose of CSO? Am I even needed? If so, how can I really make an impact? How does involvement in church and CSO support us as healers? How can they have a healing impact on our communities?

How detail-oriented is God?

QUESTION: Does God plan out our days like a chess game or script? How detail-oriented is God? Annette Dutenhoffer says:  No doubt we’re following God’s plan! But the chessboard concept

Are there levels of Christian Science? How can I not compare myself with others?

QUESTION: Are there levels of Christian Science? How can I not compare myself with other Christian Scientists? Jenny Sawyer says: Comparisons stink. So wrote Shakespeare—though his version was a bit

How do you forgive and let go of the victim stereotype?

QUESTION: How can you forgive people who hurt you?  It just seems impossible. Amy Richmond says:  I thought I was an expert on forgiveness.  I’d had so much practice. I

You’re done with jealousy

Dear Lily, It’s easy to want what you don’t have. To get jealous of her. Why does everything seem to just happen for her? She doesn’t even try, yet she

If Christian Science church services are all about healing, why isn’t there an opportunity for prayer requests?

Rob Gilbert says: Certainly, prayer requests have happened spontaneously at Christian Science church services. However, I think the deeper issue here is a yearning to see more healing happening at our

Why don’t Christian Scientists tithe?

Laurie Scott says: Well, some Christian Scientists do contribute ten percent or more of their income to church, and some don’t. What I find helpful in thinking about this question is

God speaks clearly

Sometimes in our eagerness to help someone else, we completely forget that God speaks loudly and clearly to all Her children. Mary Baker Eddy talked about “the divine message from