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Christmas favorites

We love the Christmas story and all the lessons we learn from it! This week we’re sharing some favorite content of ours — a modern retelling of Jesus’ birth, a

Let Love lead

Christian Science lecturer, Chet Manchester, talks about life purpose in this talk given at the 2014 College Summit.  And he shares some really healing ideas.  He talks about how God

Alden Blake and Lydia Jayne: What Child is This?

The Backstory Lydia Jayne is a 13-year-old singer-songwriter artist who recorded these songs when she was 11. She is getting ready to record a new EP. Lydia home schools and

How are prayer and spirituality relevant to relieving mental stress?

| College of William and Mary

What did you do? The College of William and Mary has a reputation for depression and suicides, which is often attributed to the high stress levels among students. It is

Do I really need church? Can I be a serious Christian Scientist without being a part of church?

Ariana Herlinger says: It can be easy to begin thinking that we, as individuals, don’t really need church. It’s not hard to practice Christian Science on our own. We have


tares to the bonfire wheat to the barn … minding my garden

Sharing Christian Science

Sometimes it’s hard to share the one thing that could help someone else the most: Christian Science. We’ve gathered some content that shows that it doesn’t have to be so

Ryan Winslow: Mother’s Evening Prayer

The Backstory Ryan Winslow, University of Michigan graduate, is a classically trained vocalist and singer-songwriter from Bozeman, Montana. He has been soloing in church and composing and arranging music for