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Giving thanks

If you need a holiday miracle this Thanksgiving, believe us, they are not relegated to cheesy TV movies. We’ve gathered some of our favorite Thanksgiving experiences–true life stories about abundant

It seems like a lot of people–including Oprah–think gratitude is healing. Is it really healing or does it just make you feel better?

Susan Mack says: In college, I was visiting a boyfriend’s family. I had shared with this young man some of what it meant to me to practice Christian Science healing,

How can I pray about something as horrible as the terrorist attacks in Paris? Our world is so scary.

Big events like the one in Paris can seem overwhelming, and sometimes we feel frozen in place, unable to think or pray. But even when it seems hard to pray, I've found that it helps me to challenge evil, and to refuse its claim to power.

Comfort in times of trouble

Grief…it’s one of the saddest emotions. But you don’t have to wait for time to heal all wounds. Comfort is available now. We’ve gathered some content that contains wise words

Every year I find myself dreading the holidays and all the family dysfunction they bring. How can I pray about this?

Susan Sage says: I spent many holidays suffering from family drama until I prayed to learn more about love. In my prayers, it occurred to me that I could consciously

Will you experience less healing if you don’t read the Bible Lesson?

QUESTION: Will a person experience less healing if they do not read the Bible Lesson? Inge Schmidt says: I recently found myself wrestling with a similar question. Before my son

Do you have to want spiritual growth to get a healing?

Phil Davis says: I’ve heard Christian Scientists say that in order to have a healing, you have to be in it for more than just the healing results–you have to

Do I really need church? Can I be a serious Christian Scientist without being a part of church?

Ariana Herlinger says: It can be easy to begin thinking that we, as individuals, don’t really need church. It’s not hard to practice Christian Science on our own. We have