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La cosa más preciada que podía dar

Era uno de esos días. No lograba poner en marcha los planes que me había propuesto. Había pasado la mañana pensando en “la caridad”. Quería sentir el profundo aliento de

I can still love

My grandfather had a salvage business. Discarded refrigerators, stoves, mixers, vacuumn cleaners—we looked for all of them as we drove through town, bouncing around the cab of his old dump

Membership in The Mother Church

Save the whales: Join The Mother Church. Think we’re kidding? Actually, when you join with “the greatest and holiest of causes” there’s really no end to the good you can

Why can’t two people live together before marriage?

QUESTION: Why can’t two individuals live together before marriage? It seems like love is being limited to a material identity of a ring and a legal document. Tad Blake-Weber says:

Désirée Goyette: Song Of Soul

Audio Only The Backstory Désirée talks about this song which she refers to as one of her favorite songs. Vocalist, composer, arranger, voice-over actor Désirée Goyette is probably best known

Praying with The Christian Science Monitor

There are many good news resources available today and there are more ways than ever to interface with them.  So why pray with The Christian Science Monitor? Monitor National news

Family without borders

In today’s highly mobile world, a stable sense of family can be here today, gone tomorrow. We could wring our hands over the physical absence of loved ones. Or, we

Fool’s gold

Have you ever had a strong urge to do something that feels satisfying in the moment, but isn’t really healthy? That’s where I used to be with my favorite band.