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A marathon day from darkness to light

I felt strange when I woke up on the morning of the 2013 Boston Marathon. The day was perfect. But low clouds seemed to hang in my thoughts. I felt

The course of courage and conscious power

Sirens screamed past my apartment building. Outside my window, police motorcycles sped along the sidewalk. Puzzled, I opened my laptop to check the news. Moments after I read the headlines, my

Alex Cook: Glorious Within

Audio only Alex Cook has made it his life’s work to express spiritual hope, power, and the beauty of God through music. After a 10 year career as a muralist

Why do people unfamiliar with Christian Science think it is cold or un-relatable?

Inge Schmidt says: Rewind with me to my first year of college. My roommate and I are bickering about something trivial, as we often did. In the course of our

Running and watching with God

Last year, when I heard about the Boston Marathon bombing, my first response was to make sure that everyone I knew who lived in the Boston area was safe. My

Tanya Perkins: Seven Synonyms for God

audio only Tanya Perkins has had an extensive career as a singer and actress performing in venues from Seattle to New York City. Her experience shines through when she performs

Can I ask for prayers from several people if I just want some support and inspiration?

Maryl Walters says: Absolutely! It’s a wonderful thing to receive support and inspiration from friends and family. Being embraced in their love and prayers is comforting and inspiring. You are

Lisa Andrews: The Children of Israel

Audio only Lisa Andrews lives in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. She has always loved to sing, and is grateful for the encouragement to start writing church solos from the other musicians