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Healing people right where they’re at

Healers sit by the phone waiting for calls, right? Sometimes. But sometimes they head for the nearest prison or low-income neighborhood to heal people right where they’re at. Below we’ve

Mary Baker Eddy: Down to earth

Mary Baker Eddy was a sincere humanitarian with a love for God so abundant that she couldn’t help but share it. Recently I read the book A World More Bright:

Praying about weather and climate

Mary Alice Rose, now a Christian Science lecturer, was terrified of tornados as a child and teenager. She eventually became a meteorologist. This lecture is packed with stories from both

Grant Taylor: Prayer

Audio only The Backstory Listen to Grant share the inspiration behind this song. Growing up in the LA area, Taylor bounced on his Paw-Paw’s knee at the age of 4

If someone has asked me to help them with prayer or inspiration, where should I start?

Phil Davis says: Start with God! This probably seems normal to most praying people, but I’m amazed by how often God is left out of, or marginalized in, prayer and

Trusting God

“It’s infinitely more important to learn to trust God,” says an old friend, “than to get any particular job or relationship or whatever.” Truer words were never spoken! Because who

Michelle Armstrong: Peace and Quiet

Audio only The Backstory Listen to Michelle share the inspiration behind this song. Michelle Armstrong is a singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA. No stranger to establishing her compelling

Is there any point to commemorating a horrific event like 9/11?

Lois Carlson says: Your good question made me think about another question: Is there value in commemorating the cruel, catastrophic events in any individual life? Even though the anguish in