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How are prayer and spirituality relevant to relieving mental stress?

What did you do? The College of William and Mary has a reputation for depression and suicides, which is often attributed to the high stress levels among students. It is

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Do I really need church? Can I be a serious Christian Scientist without being a part of church?

Ariana Herlinger says: It can be easy to begin thinking that we, as individuals, don’t really need church. It’s not hard to practice Christian Science on our own. We have

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How can I learn to trust God more and hear His voice more clearly? Sometimes it feels like God doesn’t exist or is completely absent. How do you explain that?

Jenny Sawyer says: I was convinced I couldn’t hear God. Or maybe He just wasn’t saying anything—not to me, at least. After all, when God talked to people like Moses,

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Are healings that take time somehow my fault, or the result of not enough study?

QUESTION: Why is it that if I’m having an ongoing problem, other Christian Scientists’ first assumption is that I must not be studying the Bible and Science and Health enough?

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Prayerwatch: Ferguson verdict

Prayerwatch: Ferguson verdict

It’s your world…your prayers can help to bring healing and salvation to humanity. The Christian Science Monitor shows you where your prayers are needed. Dig in. Read the article and

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Stand Up for Healing

We can take a firm stand for the truth of our spiritual identity even in the face of overwhelming obstacles. When we do, we experience healing. Hear what Christian Science

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Christian Science says that God only creates good. But how do we really know that God didn’t create the bad things, too?

Annette Kreutziger-Herr says: I had collapsed and fallen into a coma. Mentally, I saw myself sitting alone in a dark room, unable to communicate with the outside world. But I

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If God doesn’t know about suffering or sickness, how is He supposed to help me?

Deborah Huebsch says: Let’s think about the sun to help answer this question. The sun does all sorts of wonderful things. It dries clothes. It provides a way for plants

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