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How do I get myself inspired again to study Christian Science?

Jenny Sawyer says: I’ve hit the occasional Christian Science slump. Through these experiences, I’ve learned that the answers that lift us out of a spiritual rut are as individual as

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If each of us has life in God, and we know that Life is eternal, what does that mean for everybody?

  Mark Swinney says: Suppose you used modeling clay and created several hundred number fives. Then, after the fives were dry and hardened, you tried to see how many you could

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Are healings that take time somehow my fault, or the result of not enough study?

QUESTION: Why is it that if I’m having an ongoing problem, other Christian Scientists’ first assumption is that I must not be studying the Bible and Science and Health enough?

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Why are there only seven synonyms that we use for God?

Why are there only seven synonyms that we use for God?

QUESTION: Why do Christian Scientists only use seven synonyms for God? There could be a lot more. Amy Richmond says: I love this question because it’s the very question that first made

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How do we know God is real?

QUESTION: How do we know God is real and not just some nice idea that someone made up a long time ago? Jennifer McLaughlin says:  Yes, God is real. (And

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How do you understand a spiritual fact so deeply that healing happens?

Deborah Huebsch says: In a way, the questioner has already answered his/her own question. A mere casual or intellectual knowing of a spiritual fact often isn’t enough to bring about

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CSO related


New CSO in Montevideo, Uruguay

Exciting news, CSOsphere! We’ve got a brand new CSO forming in Montevideo, Uruguay – the first in Latin America in over a decade. Having met at a Christian Science youth

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Christ Jesus


Jesus healed others, but did he have to deal with everyday problems like the rest of us?

QUESTION: Jesus raised himself from the dead, but did he have to deal with the smaller stuff in life, too? Like did he ever get a headache or a cold,

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