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qotw why do people unfamiliar with Christian Science think it's cold or un-relatable?

Why do people unfamiliar with Christian Science think it is cold or un-relatable?

Inge Schmidt says: Rewind with me to my first year of college. My roommate and I are bickering about something trivial, as we often did. In the course of our

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Can I ask for prayers from several people if I just want some support and inspiration?

Maryl Walters says: Absolutely! It’s a wonderful thing to receive support and inspiration from friends and family. Being embraced in their love and prayers is comforting and inspiring. You are

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What’s really happening when a practitioner prays for me? And how are the practitioner’s prayers making a difference in my thought and life?

James Spencer says: In my several decades in the public practice of Christian Science, I’ve learned to listen earnestly, and with spiritual insight, so that I can really understand how

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An interview with Father Garcia

An Interview with Father Garcia

I’m a member of the National Leadership Council, a four-year program for Christian Science youth. Our fourth year includes a summer project that must benefit the Christian Science community. This

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How do you understand a spiritual fact so deeply that healing happens?

Deborah Huebsch says: In a way, the questioner has already answered his/her own question. A mere casual or intellectual knowing of a spiritual fact often isn’t enough to bring about

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The Bible


Genesis: Pt. 1 – Overview

Genesis » Part 1: Overview » Part 2: Structure » Part 3: Characters » Part 4: Main theme » Part 5: Genesis and me We don’t mean to get all

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The Bible


Genesis: Pt. 2 – Structure

Genesis » Part 1: Overview » Part 2: Structure » Part 3: Characters » Part 4: Main themes » Part 5: Genesis and me Even the structure of Genesis revolves

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The Bible


Genesis: Pt. 3 – Characters

Genesis » Part 1: Overview » Part 2: Structure » Part 3: Characters » Part 4: Main theme » Part 5: Genesis and me The patriarchs are central to Genesis.

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