How can we tell the difference between God’s will and human will?

How can we tell the difference between God’s will and human will?

Marian English says: God’s will leads and guides. Human will pushes and shoves. Telling the difference seems simple! Yet the history of Christianity shows marked examples in which determining God’s

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First Christian Church

A visit to First Christian Church

A conversation with Pastor Elaine Schoepf My next church visit was to the First Christian Church of Santa Barbara, California, (Disciples of Christ). The service was very lively, with music

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A visit with Trinity Episcopal Church

A visit to Trinity Episcopal Church

A conversation with Reverend Mark Asman For my next church visit I went to Trinity Episcopal Church, in Santa Barbara, California. This is a beautiful church, with stone walls and

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Christ Jesus


Jesus said, “Follow thou me.” Why take his advice when he was crucified and most of his disciples came to really bad ends?

QUESTION: When Peter asked about Judas’s betrayal, Jesus said, ‘What is that to thee? Follow thou me.’ But Jesus was crucified and most of the disciples came to really bad

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The Bible

Focus Topic: Bible Stories

Bible stories

Some of the most exciting stories ever are found in the pages of the Bible. But they’re not just exciting, they are inspiring and the lessons they teach change lives

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Why do bad things happen to good people?

Inge Schmidt says: The phone rang. It wasn’t good. A close friend had suffered a sad loss. I made plans to see her the next day, and I yearned to

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Sharing Christian Science

Focus Topic: Sharing Christian Science

Sharing Christian Science

Sometimes it’s hard to share the one thing that could help someone else the most: Christian Science. We’ve gathered some content that shows that it doesn’t have to be so

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Mary Baker Eddy


Nunca sozinhas

Sentia-me tão sozinha. Não era somente porque estava morando temporariamente em um outro país, ou porque não tivesse uma igreja para frequentar, ou alguém por perto com afinidade de pensamento.

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