Mother Church membership video

Membership in The Mother Church

Save the whales: Join The Mother Church. Think we’re kidding? Actually, when you join with “the greatest and holiest of causes” there’s really no end to the good you can

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Praying with The Christian Science Monitor

There are many good news resources available today and there are more ways than ever to interface with them.  So why pray with The Christian Science Monitor? Monitor National news

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Fool's Gold

Fool’s gold

Have you ever had a strong urge to do something that feels satisfying in the moment, but isn’t really healthy? That’s where I used to be with my favorite band.

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Prayerwatch: ebola fears

Prayerwatch: Ebola fears

It’s your world…your prayers can help to bring healing and salvation to humanity. The Christian Science Monitor shows you where your prayers are needed. Dig in. Read the article and

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Focus Topic: Me? A healer?

Me? A healer?

A wild idea has been tugging at your sleeve. “Hey,” a little voice whispers. “Maybe you could be a Christian Science healer. Or maybe a chaplain. You know, full-time focus

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Does spiritual growth make us a target for animal magnetism (evil)?

Mark Swinney says: During a baseball double-header when I was a teenager, I ended up with eight at-bats. The first seven times, I got seven clean hits. When I was

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How can a Christian Scientist raise the dead?

Colleen Douglass says: In June, my friend Bob walked his daughter down the aisle at her wedding. This might sound unremarkable, until you consider that Bob was once shot on

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Focus Topic: Healing people right where they’re at

Healing people right where they’re at

Healers sit by the phone waiting for calls, right? Sometimes. But sometimes they head for the nearest prison or low-income neighborhood to heal people right where they’re at. Below we’ve

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