Bible Lesson


Will you experience less healing if you don’t read the Bible Lesson?

QUESTION: Will a person experience less healing if they do not read the Bible Lesson? Inge Schmidt says: I recently found myself wrestling with a similar question. Before my son

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Christian Science


If Christian Science is a “movement,” why are so many people concerned with preserving tradition?

Phil Davis says: I suppose it depends what you call tradition. If a tradition is any regularly-occurring behavior then a daily reading of the weekly Bible Lesson or going to

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Bible Lesson


Mary Baker Eddy’s Thoughts about The First Commandment

This week’s Bible Lesson includes Mary Baker Eddy’s statement, “The First Commandment is my favorite text” (see Section 2). She elaborated on the importance of the First Commandment in several

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Bible Lesson


My Unforgettable Summer

Last spring, I accepted an internship in Vermont for the summer break, where I would spend several months working for an outdoor organization as a back country caretaker and a

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Bible Lesson


My Extended Family

In 2005 I moved to the United States from Nigeria. I had never lived away from home before, not even in a boarding school. But at 19, I left home

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Bible Lesson


Tares and Wheat

Haiku by Eve Kilger Design by Christian Coker Download Wallpaper

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I was Walking with God

I was at my best friend’s birthday party and was having an excellent time. It was getting late and everyone, including myself, was getting a little wild. We were playing

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Bible Lesson


Inspiration at the Airport

As I stood in a busy airport terminal in Chicago, fear began to sink in. It was late at night, I was alone, and my connecting flight home to California

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