Christian Science


Do I really need church? Can I be a serious Christian Scientist without being a part of church?

Ariana Herlinger says: It can be easy to begin thinking that we, as individuals, don’t really need church. It’s not hard to practice Christian Science on our own. We have

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Christian Science


If Christian Science church services are all about healing, why isn’t there an opportunity for prayer requests?

Rob Gilbert says: Certainly, prayer requests have happened spontaneously at Christian Science church services. However, I think the deeper issue here is a yearning to see more healing happening at our

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School, Jobs & the Future


Why don’t Christian Scientists tithe?

Laurie Scott says: Well, some Christian Scientists do contribute ten percent or more of their income to church, and some don’t. What I find helpful in thinking about this question is

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Is Christian Science stilted by traditional thought?

QUESTION: I have heard someone once say, “If the Christian Science movement was in the 50s era, it would be radical—but now we need to adapt.” Is Christian Science stilted

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Christian Science


Is Christian Science right for everyone or is it possible that for some people, Christian Science is not a good fit?

Ariana Herlinger says: When some of my friends have left Christian Science, I’ve found myself wondering if maybe it just wasn’t their path. But I’ve come to realize how ridiculous

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Christian Science

Mother Church membership video

Membership in The Mother Church

Save the whales: Join The Mother Church. Think we’re kidding? Actually, when you join with “the greatest and holiest of causes” there’s really no end to the good you can

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Social activism

Meet Ricky Porter

The Rev. Dr. Ricky Porter is academically polished; he’s metaphysically deep; and at the same time he’s as funny and down-home a person as you’d ever want to meet.  Check out

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If Mary Baker Eddy wasn’t Christian, how would that have changed Christian Science?

Shirley Paulson says: This is a fun kind of question, because it makes you stretch beyond the way you’ve thought about things before. So, to begin, I tried to imagine

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