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Mother Church membership video

Membership in The Mother Church

Save the whales: Join The Mother Church. Think we’re kidding? Actually, when you join with “the greatest and holiest of causes” there’s really no end to the good you can

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St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church

A Visit to St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church

A conversation with Pastor Jeff Clark When we visited the St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church in Santa Barbara, California, a welcoming congregation greeted us. The service included singing as

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Sharing Christian Science

Meet Ricky Porter

The Rev. Dr. Ricky Porter is academically polished; he’s metaphysically deep; and at the same time he’s as funny and down-home a person as you’d ever want to meet.  Check out

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If Mary Baker Eddy wasn’t Christian, how would that have changed Christian Science?

Shirley Paulson says: This is a fun kind of question, because it makes you stretch beyond the way you’ve thought about things before. So, to begin, I tried to imagine

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Christian Science

Meet Paul White

Meet Paul White

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, meet Paul White.  Paul’s Stronghold School in Ventura, California is giving dropouts, street folks, ex-cons, and others the physical and metaphysical support they need to

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The Bible


Can church services be jazzed up?

QUESTION: Can church services be jazzed up? How can they be made more interesting to the younger generation? David Evans says: Most of us have been to a music concert.

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Christ Jesus

Queation of the Week: Why are Christian Science churches so empty today?

Why are Christian Science churches so empty today?

QUESTION: Why are Christian Science churches emptier than they were 50 years ago? Bill Warrick says: There can be no doubt fewer people are attending Christian Science churches than 50

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How can we pray about unity at church?

QUESTION: How can we pray for unity in churches when some people really don’t want to change and some do? Annette Dutenhoffer says: It’s great that we’re thinking about the how

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