Sometimes the holidays are hard. They just point out what I don’t have in my life. How can I pray about that?

Amy Richmond says: I’ve spent more than a few holiday seasons hoping that the next year would bring me what I really wanted. And even when I thought I had

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Could there be another virgin birth?

Barbara Vining says: The virgin birth of Christ Jesus was a sacred, one-time event, which fulfilled prophesy. It brought the Messiah into human view to demonstrate that God is the

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Focus Topic: Christmas Favorites

Christmas favorites

We love the Christmas story and all the lessons we learn from it! This week we’re sharing some favorite content of ours — a modern retelling of Jesus’ birth, a

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Focus Topic: Giving Thanks

Giving thanks

If you need a holiday miracle this Thanksgiving, believe us, they are not relegated to cheesy TV movies. We’ve gathered some of our favorite Thanksgiving experiences–true life stories about abundant

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How can I pray about something as horrible as the terrorist attacks in Paris? Our world is so scary.

Big events like the one in Paris can seem overwhelming, and sometimes we feel frozen in place, unable to think or pray. But even when it seems hard to pray, I've found that it helps me to challenge evil, and to refuse its claim to power.

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Focus: Comfort in times of trouble

Comfort in times of trouble

Grief…it’s one of the saddest emotions. But you don’t have to wait for time to heal all wounds. Comfort is available now. We’ve gathered some content that contains wise words

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Why doesn’t one good spiritual insight heal me of every problem I’m facing?

QUESTION: How come when you get a spiritual insight, you have a healing about the thing you’ve been praying about and maybe one or two other things, but you still

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Si todas las respuestas están en Ciencia y Salud porque seguimos aún cuestionando cosas?

John Biggs dice: En la Universidad estudié ballet durante cinco años. Después de los primeros dos años, yo entendía la teoría del ballet bastante bien: los movimientos musculares tenían sentido

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