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How can you say that evil doesn’t exist, when all you have to do is turn on the TV to see it?

QUESTION: How can you say evil doesn’t exist? Turn on the news any day of the week and you’ll see that’s not true. Heck, just meet some of the kids

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Gratitude for CSO

Join the CSO support team's regional reps for a Google Hangout as they give gratitude for CSOs

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An angel in street clothes

Audio only Sometimes God won’t let you walk on by when someone’s in trouble.  That’s what Margaret Rogers found when she felt compelled to stop and help a stranger who

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Showers of blessings for the drought in California

Showers of blessings for the drought in California

The texts, calls, and emails from my friends in California all offer a similar refrain: We need rain. We need rain. We need rain. The situation does look grim. Parched

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World Issues


Does the possibility of alien life in the universe correlate with Christian Science thought?

Colleen Douglass says: A decade or so after the United States landed a man on the moon, some scientists mused about the possibility of life on Mars. They asked really

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A beautiful holiday message from one of our favorite Radical Actors, Paul White.  It doesn’t get any simpler than this! Are you ready to reach out radically? Radical Acts 2013

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Could there be another virgin birth?

Barbara Vining says: The virgin birth of Christ Jesus was a sacred, one-time event, which fulfilled prophesy. It brought the Messiah into human view to demonstrate that God is the

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How can I interact with other religions and still be true to Christian Science?

Maryl Walters says: At an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, I made a very brief presentation about the Charter for Compassion, a “cooperative effort to restore…compassionate action to the center of religious,

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