Focus Topic: Healing Hatred

Healing hatred

Jesus couldn’t have given clearer instructions: “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you….” The

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Drinking / Drugs


What’s so bad about alcohol and drugs?

QUESTION: Why are we so adamantly opposed to alcohol and drugs?  Aren’t we giving them more power by treating them like the plague? Shelly Richardson says:   When my daughter Rachel

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How can I get over obsessive thoughts?

QUESTION: Sometimes I get stuck thinking or doing the same crazy thing over and over again.  How can I break free from this horrible cycle? Tom McElroy says:  Obsessive thoughts

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How come I still feel lonely when I’m not alone?

QUESTION: How can you be surrounded by people who love and care for you but still feel lonely? Kevin Ness says: It may seem strange that you could be surrounded

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Focus Topic: Beauty


Are you as ‘beautiful as you feel’ as Carole King sings or just plain beautiful? We’ve gathered some content that makes a solid case for the latter. This week let’s

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It seems like a lot of people–including Oprah–think gratitude is healing. Is it really healing or does it just make you feel better?

Susan Mack says: In college, I was visiting a boyfriend’s family. I had shared with this young man some of what it meant to me to practice Christian Science healing,

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How can I pray about something as horrible as the terrorist attacks in Paris? Our world is so scary.

Big events like the one in Paris can seem overwhelming, and sometimes we feel frozen in place, unable to think or pray. But even when it seems hard to pray, I've found that it helps me to challenge evil, and to refuse its claim to power.

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Focus topic: God speaks clearly

God speaks clearly

Sometimes in our eagerness to help someone else, we completely forget that God speaks loudly and clearly to all Her children. Mary Baker Eddy talked about “the divine message from

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