What is purity and why is it so important to Christian Science?

Nate Frederick says: Christian Science teaches us how to be like Jesus. Jesus didn’t judge people by outward appearances. He protested against and condemned self-righteous thought when it came from

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Prayerwatch: ebola fears

Prayerwatch: Ebola fears

It’s your world…your prayers can help to bring healing and salvation to humanity. The Christian Science Monitor shows you where your prayers are needed. Dig in. Read the article and

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Shine On

Shine on

The pressure was mounting by the moment. The cursor on the blank screen just kept blinking. For every sentence I wrote, I deleted another. This grad school project was a

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Dear Me: Love thyself as thy neighbor

Remember the “yourself” part of love your neighbor

Dear Cristina, This is exactly what you wanted. Your dream of studying abroad is finally coming true. Your heart overflows with gratitude for all the people who helped you get

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Know who you are

How are an instantaneous healing of a cold and being blamed for a mistake at work connected? Here’s the story. I was accused of leaking confidential information about a work

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Focus Topic: Healing Hatred

Healing hatred

Jesus couldn’t have given clearer instructions: “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you….” The

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Radical healing today

Radical healing today

Last year my husband came home from work and collapsed on the kitchen floor. His face was ashen. My daughter and I quickly got a pillow for his head, and

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Drinking / Drugs


How do we (Christian Scientists) explain to others why we don’t drink?

Inge Schmidt says: If you had asked me this question as an undergraduate, you might have gotten any number of responses. “I don’t like the taste.” Or, “I don’t like

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