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Focus topic: God speaks clearly

God speaks clearly

Sometimes in our eagerness to help someone else, we completely forget that God speaks loudly and clearly to all Her children. Mary Baker Eddy talked about “the divine message from

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Where do you draw the line between fun and “sin”?

QUESTION: Where do you draw the line between enjoying yourself and expressing fun and friendship, and “sin” (i.e. alcohol)? Stephanie Johnson says says: I’ve been told I’m not very good

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Christian Science


Why do Christian Scientists sometimes mute commercials?

QUESTION: When I watch TV with my grandma, she always mutes all the ads for medication. I mean, it’s a cute grandma thing, but really, what’s the big deal? Tad

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Asking God for answers

Dear Inge, The bruises from the car accident have barely faded. And now this—news of your friend’s sudden passing? It’s been a long year. Trying to find your place in

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How do you deal with hatred and people who actively dislike you, when you try and live your life and be a good person?

Mark Swinney says: Once, in an organization with which I was affiliated, through a steady, consistent effort over a long period of time, I accomplished some things that were judged

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Prayerwatch: Nepal earthquake

Prayerwatch: Nepal earthquake

It’s your world…your prayers can help to bring healing and salvation to humanity. The Christian Science Monitor shows you where your prayers are needed. Dig in. Read the article and

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Focus Topic: Healing Hatred

Healing hatred

Jesus couldn’t have given clearer instructions: “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you….” The

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How can you share Christian Science with people who might be hostile toward it?

Jenny Sawyer says: My first job out of college was at The Christian Science Journal. So whenever I met someone new, Christian Science became part of the conversation almost immediately.

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