Drinking / Drugs


What’s so bad about alcohol and drugs?

QUESTION: Why are we so adamantly opposed to alcohol and drugs?  Aren’t we giving them more power by treating them like the plague? Shelly Richardson says:   When my daughter Rachel

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Health and Identity


How do we (Christian Scientists) explain to others why we don’t drink?

Inge Schmidt says: If you had asked me this question as an undergraduate, you might have gotten any number of responses. “I don’t like the taste.” Or, “I don’t like

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Health and Identity

A 'Rocky Mountain high'

A ‘Rocky Mountain high’

Ahhh, beautiful Colorado! The other day I was driving home from a nearby state, and as I left the flat and barren wintry countryside of Wyoming and caught a glimpse

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CSO Dance with the Devil - banner

“A Dance with the Devil”

James Lane's poetry is deeply inspired and tells a story of how the Christ reformed and redeemed his life when he was at his lowest point. Read More...

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How can I experience “exploratory years” without feeling like I’m turning my back on Christian Science?

QUESTION: How can young adults be free to experience “exploratory years” without feeling like they’re turning their backs on Christian Science? Laurie Scott says:I think all our years should be exploratory

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Social Problems


Suddenly you know why you’re there

Dear Daniel, You’re lying on the damp grass in the backyard of an abandoned house. It’s late summer, and the humidity of the air is still palpable even though it’s

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How can I help a friend who’s addicted to alcohol?

QUESTION: How can I help a friend who’s addicted to alcohol? Marian English says: You’ve already taken the first step, by wanting to help. Honest, from-the-heart desire is more than just a

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Drinking / Drugs


Wide awake

So I came across this song on the radio. A friend and I were just about to get out of the car.  I heard the beginning synth and something stopped

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