Focus Topic: A new year

A New Year

Are you looking to make some changes this new year? Join the club. Whether you’re like one of our bloggers who welcomes the new year as a time to set

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Every year I find myself dreading the holidays and all the family dysfunction they bring. How can I pray about this?

Susan Sage says: I spent many holidays suffering from family drama until I prayed to learn more about love. In my prayers, it occurred to me that I could consciously

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Are there levels of Christian Science? How can I not compare myself with others?

QUESTION: Are there levels of Christian Science? How can I not compare myself with other Christian Scientists? Jenny Sawyer says: Comparisons stink. So wrote Shakespeare—though his version was a bit

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Topics in Focus


How do you forgive and let go of the victim stereotype?

QUESTION: How can you forgive people who hurt you?  It just seems impossible. Amy Richmond says:  I thought I was an expert on forgiveness.  I’d had so much practice. I

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You’re done with jealousy

Dear Lily, It’s easy to want what you don’t have. To get jealous of her. Why does everything seem to just happen for her? She doesn’t even try, yet she

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Focus topic: God speaks clearly

God speaks clearly

Sometimes in our eagerness to help someone else, we completely forget that God speaks loudly and clearly to all Her children. Mary Baker Eddy talked about “the divine message from

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Where do you draw the line between fun and “sin”?

QUESTION: Where do you draw the line between enjoying yourself and expressing fun and friendship, and “sin” (i.e. alcohol)? Stephanie Johnson says says: I’ve been told I’m not very good

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How can I use Christian Science to deal with a friend who’s always caught up in a lot of drama?

Laura Lapointe says: Growing up, I loved acting on stage because it allowed me to become someone else for a couple hours. As I got a little older, however, and

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