Foolproof love

Audio only What happens when a 17-year-old completely and utterly trusts God to string Cupid’s bow for her?  Big thanks to Lona Ingwerson for sharing this sweet story.

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How can I really feel God's love for me?

How can I really feel God’s love for me?

Ginny Luedeman says: I have always loved the thought from the Bible that reminds us, “We love him, because he first loved us.” This really took on a new meaning

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Work Relationships

What-do-you-do-when a-supposedly-'good'-and-'Christly'-person-can't-seem-to-understand-how-badly-they're-behaving-postimage

What do you do when a supposedly ‘good’ and ‘Christly’ person can’t seem to understand how badly they’re behaving?

QUESTION: What if someone does something abominably rude to you, you try to discuss it, and you get no sense the other person gets it at all? PLUS they’re an

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The saviour thing

Once upon a time, Tricia Chantha reached out to support a young woman with lots of challenges. She scripted a storybook ending, with herself in a starring role.  But .

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Why does it seem like my peers are shallow? How do I think and pray about this?

Jenny Sawyer says: The conversation had turned to gossip. As the group of people I was sitting with laughed and traded stories, I felt myself growing increasingly uncomfortable. Not simply

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Work Relationships

Spitting image

While Janet Horton was busy shattering the glass ceiling as a military chaplain, she got spit on four times.  This was her favorite.  :)   Check out the related Radical

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God’s got your back!

You’re expecting your first child. You’re happy; your family’s happy. It’s going to mean a total shift in your life, but you’re ready for it. You’ve always wanted to have

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Are there levels of Christian Science? How can I not compare myself with others?

QUESTION: Are there levels of Christian Science? How can I not compare myself with other Christian Scientists? Jenny Sawyer says: Comparisons stink. So wrote Shakespeare—though his version was a bit

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