I really want to find the “one.” Can God help me?

QUESTION: I really want to find “the one.” Can God and Christian Science help me? John Biggs says: Yes! Your life isn’t a game of connect-the-dots, with “the one” being

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Focus Topic -- Sex and Intimacy

Sex and Intimacy

Sex is everywhere…even on a site that’s devoted to looking at life from a spiritual perspective. Do sex and intimacy have anything to do with spirituality? And if so, what’s

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In Love

God, let me be grateful for those You have brought into my life and not hold on too tightly. To know You are the source of love, so I don’t

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Topics in Focus


I’m sick of being judged! What can I do?

QUESTION: Sometimes I feel like other Christian Scientists judge me, but I want to feel a part of the community.  How can I get past their judgment? Suzette Perkins says:

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Focus Topic: True love

True love

Everyone wants it, but it seems so hard to find — and harder to keep. Maybe the trick is to be more God-centered…. We’ve gathered some content that shows how

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Focus Topic: A new year

A New Year

Are you looking to make some changes this new year? Join the club. Whether you’re like one of our bloggers who welcomes the new year as a time to set

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Every year I find myself dreading the holidays and all the family dysfunction they bring. How can I pray about this?

Susan Sage says: I spent many holidays suffering from family drama until I prayed to learn more about love. In my prayers, it occurred to me that I could consciously

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Are there levels of Christian Science? How can I not compare myself with others?

QUESTION: Are there levels of Christian Science? How can I not compare myself with other Christian Scientists? Jenny Sawyer says: Comparisons stink. So wrote Shakespeare—though his version was a bit

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