This time, there’s no panic

Dearest Heather, Staying up writing papers has often felt like battling through darkness. As you stand in your room with finals looming, your gaze falls on your bed, where you

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College and University

CSO Wire - Lecture

You can be a healer! (Live webinar, 3/28, 2pm CST)

What do you do when you’ve been praying about something for a long time but still haven’t had a healing? How can you learn to trust God more and hear

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You’re so tempted

Dear Jamie, You’re going to do it again, aren’t you? Even though, after the last time, you swore you wouldn’t, condemned yourself, even almost confessed. And yet…you’re still going to

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You feel like you’re suffocating

Dear Sara, You feel like you’ve been pushed to your breaking point. You’ve worked so hard to do well in college. To stay involved in sports and clubs. To hold

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CSO Wire - Hobart William Smith

Prayer for Campus: sexual assault

There’s no denying that being a one-person, forming CSO on a campus of about 2,000 students certainly has its challenges. Yet it has also provided the perfect opportunity to grow

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l-avenir-sans-crainte (1)

L’Avenir sans crainte

James Bikai est membre du Conseil des conférences et Jean Morand est membre du CSO de Douala, au Cameroun. La conversation traite de nombreuses questions sur la façon d’affronter l’avenir

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School, Jobs & the Future


Let Love lead

Christian Science lecturer, Chet Manchester, talks about life purpose in this talk given at the 2014 College Summit.  And he shares some really healing ideas.  He talks about how God

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CSO Wire College of William and Mary

How are prayer and spirituality relevant to relieving mental stress?

What did you do? The College of William and Mary has a reputation for depression and suicides, which is often attributed to the high stress levels among students. It is

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