The Prodigal Son: a social media retelling

Can the spoiled kid who made off with half of his father’s money ever find redemption? In this parable of the Prodigal Son by Jesus—presented social media style—the answer is

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Nehemiah and the wall

What do you do when obstacles and distractions block your path, or thwart your progress? Do you get discouraged? Not if you’re following in the footsteps of the Bible hero,

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Focus Topic: Liberty that lasts

Liberty that lasts

Everyone wants freedom from something and the best place to find it is in God. We’ve gathered some content that shows how people have found freedom by getting to know

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Right Place


Uma carta a mim mesma

Novos Começos Querida Emily, Seria perfeito. Seus tios iriam abrir um restaurante e você trabalharia lá com o rapaz que era seu manorado. Você passaria o verão em seu lugar

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I grieved, but not for him

The sun is out, but it’s cold. Winter is coming—I can feel it. It’s getting frosty on this autumn day in the foothills of Colorado. Although it’s nice to be

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Prayerwatch: Redeeming relations of man and woman


On Friday, a student at UC Santa Barbara killed six people, wounded 13, and ultimately took his own life in a brutal, premeditated outburst of violent rage. Authorities later discovered

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Prayerwatch: #BringBackOurGirls


I can see them now: It’s the night before a big exam. The high school girls were probably cramming, trying to review all that they’d covered. They were focused on

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Focus -- Real Satisfaction

Real satisfaction

How many people love their lives? It’s not impossible even when satisfaction, contentment, peace seem so fleeting. Here’s this week’s crash course in spiritual satisfaction. The kind of satisfaction that

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