CSO Resource Guide

The content of this Resource Guide was developed from ideas and activities shared by college students, Christian Science Organization (CSO) members, and Christian Science lecturers around the world. It has been gathered from interviews, sessions conducted at the CSO Spiritual Activist Summits, discussions on time4thinkers.com, and through our interactions with CSOs.

We hope this guide will be a useful tool to those who want to start their own CSO as well as support the work of established CSOs!

CSOs have a unique place on campus, and an exciting opportunity to bring healing to the academic community. This Resource Guide will highlight how students and faculty members are taking a fresh and inspired look at the provision for CSOs in the Manual of The Mother Church and letting it direct their CSOs in activities that are relevant on campus today.

We hope you enjoy reading it and find the ideas helpful in your own CSO work!

  1. What is a Christian Science Organization?
  2. Getting Started
  3. The Power of One
  4. How to Grow Your CSO
  5. CSO Activities
  6. Publicizing Events
  7. The Roles of Professors and Alumni
  8. How to Address Areas of Resistance to CSO Activities
  9. Appendix