Don’t covet. Love it!

Don’t covet.  Easier said than done when everyone has a better life than you.  Or is it?  Laura Lapointe has some wise words to help break the coveting habit.

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  1. Amy says:

    Now you’re making me covet you, Kris!

    Just kidding!!!

    Love your experience.

  2. Kris says:

    Hey Laura, this just makes me grin. Your comment about someone else getting the job…yeah, gotta love it cause it’s God saying I’m right here, just watch all the good in action. And,  the baby shower thing. I remember thinking how many times am I gonna be a bridesmaid. But then I couldn’t stop from being married once it was my time. It just rolled over me. I  was a graduate student living in a college dorm as a resident advisor. The atmosphere was wild! But I set the goal of reading Prose Works by MBE through in one semester. So while everyone else was partying I read a little bit every Friday and Saturday night that fall. At Christmas I closed the book, finished. Now what God? Send Christmas cards, spread a little love. The thought of a man I knew surfaced. I loved his goodness. So I told him so in the card! He wrote back that he was thinking of getting married. To someone else. Yikes! But I was happy for him. We shared some ideas about marriage and friendship that we liked and I turned back to God, just listening and being happy for all the good all around for everyone. A while later he got back in touch with me. That relationship had fizzled. No wedding! The next thing I knew he was on a plane to see me! And then as we were talking and walking by a jewelry store he nudged me in and he asked me to try on engagement rings. I thought it was all in fun. Until he popped the question and popped out the ring! We’ve had a wonderful marriage. So glad I didn’t covet. You’re right – love it!!!

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