1. Johannes Neuer says:

    Inspiration coupled with merit

    During my reflection/prayer today, I reminded myself that when we are inspired (in-the-spirit) to live aright and ready to do something, we are indeed in high spirit and in harmony with Spirit = “Divine substance; Mind; divine Principle; all that is good; God; that only which is perfect, ever-lasting, omnipresent, omnipotent, infinite.” S+H 594

    My thought process originally started out while reading this morning (February 4, 2013): “S&P says it has been told U.S. will sue firm over its 2007 ratings on mortgage securities; says suit has no merit.” So if S&P can declare that the government’s suit has no merit what about ….??? The key for me was the word merit. Therefore, I said to myself, error has no merit. All of a sudden it became clearer to me that all merits, I got the definition of merit from the dictionary as “superior qualities and worth,” are available to each of us and belong to us and that we are not subjected to any demerits. We, as God’s children and reflection, already possess these merits and thus strive for excellence and success and we are indeed enriched.

  2. Last night at the testimony money, a young women was mentioning something she read on your website, about the 10 commandments. She said it was helpful for her to have an expanded viewpoint of them. Is there a way a could get a copy of this info ? Thank you.

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