First meeting of the “CSO Club” Kinshasa

There are four Christian Science Organizations in Kinshasa, and Parfait Mabela, the clerk of the CSO at the Université Pédagogique National, tells us about the first meeting the CSOs had together and how the CSO club in Kinshasa came to be. It is an inspiring story of connection and inspiration.

Here is what Parfait had to say about the meeting:

The goal of this first meeting was to find a way around the shadow areas, the doubts, a lot of people have about spiritual questions, to discuss spiritual ideas, and then to try to answer questions people might have by sharing our own experiences. University students were the target audience.

We wanted the meeting to create a frame of enrichment and intersection between the CSOs of Kinshasa.

During the first part of our activity, we discussed ways to better explain both to ourselves and others what a CSO is. While talking about this intersection point of sharing, we created and named what is now the “CSO club.” People really liked this idea and having the “club” encouraged them to ask as many questions as they could.

Soon after we showed people about the CSO club, we did what we always do next: have a workshop. The workshop of the day was titled: “My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth”. 1

We had something like a debate, or an interactive discussion. Since I was leading the discussion, my objective was for people to know without a doubt at the end of the workshop that only God can bring a solution, no matter what the problem is.

And that is exactly what happened! At the end, people made comments about God bringing solutions. It was so inspiring to me to see how receptive everyone was to seeing how solutions come from God. To see more about the meeting, you will have to go watch the video


  1. Ps. 121:2

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