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    Hi there,

    The other day I was taking part in a game of Indoor Cricket, (I live in Australia) when I had a very nasty experience. For those who know, Cricket is a sport where, in a “material world”, injury is quite rare – particularly if you’re a practicing Christian Scientist like I am… But, some part of me must have been distracted by mortal error, because whilst playing, I received a nasty surprise that shocked my private parts (I am a male). To be blunt, I got hit in the balls by the cricket ball that was thrown from less than ten metres away… As you can imagine, from a material perspective, this was excruciatingly painful at the time… My mind started to paint disturbing pictures that made me very afraid. I was overwhelmed with thoughts of worry, anger and disbelief: “how and why could this happen to me?”
    Anyway, a few days have passed since the incident, and despite prayerful work, the pain has not disappeared from the most sensitive part of my body… I attend Sunday School, and I have been saying the Scientific Statement of Being throughout the day/s. Unfortunately, I still find it very hard to move around, and there is a lot of pain whenever I try and walk.

    It would be wonderful to hear some good advice on what I can do to realise that there is in fact no such thing as pain…

    Thanks :confused:

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    You are spiritual. In that moment where the ball hit your body and you seemed to get involved in that material non-existent concept of feeling pain and getting injured, you were instead hit by spiritual Truth, like you are every moment. That accident did not happen. Spirit breathes you, you are Spirit’s heartbeat, the very expression of spiritual existence. That movement of spiritual breathing is SO holy and purely good and WITHOUT any pain that not even the claim of material sensation – pain or pleasure – could reach you. You are the expression of mindful Spirit. The holiest place is the safest place to be and play cricket. Reject with all power the claim of being hurt. Reject all thought of pain. Instead open your heart with the humble thought that not your human will but the omnipotent power of Love is a healing power. It flows through you, you are IN the current of Love, in the presence of healing Love. Open up to it. Let it heal you completely. It heals all the time, therefore there has never been a moment to be without healing, with enduring pain. It must leave. Stick to it. It must leave, it must have left that very second the claim wanted to enter your experience, because that very moment Love, Truth, healed you of that claim. Open up to Love to let it heal you absolutely.

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    Dear friend,
    Thank you so much for asking!

    The reason there is no pain is because God is all. There is only the presence of God, all powerful love — there is no room for pain.

    Just think deeply about how much God loves you! You are His precious one! No one takes your place — only you can be you! Rejoice in how loved you are! Think about God, Love, goodness, and feel yourself wrapped up in pure love. Rest in Love’s arms. Curl up on Love’s lap.

    : )

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    In Sunday School this week we watched this video on TMCyouth
    it talks about how there is no sensation in matter and that one piece of matter has no more right to sensation than another. So in your example, you would never expect the cricket bat to feel pain when hit by the ball, or the wickets, so why should your body feel pain? You can go on to realise that actually, you cannot feel pain, because you are completely spiritual. Which is why there is no sensation in matter, because matter doesn’t really exist, so it can’t have sensation!

    Also you said you felt worried and angry, these qualities are not from God, so letting go of them may help you. You were playing a sport which I presume you love, so that love can never be painful, or have a bad experience, let the love for your sport just melt away any suggestion of anything power other than God.

    Hope this helps

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    [QUOTE=Sky O’Brien;27796] But, some part of me must have been distracted by mortal error, because …

    I just wanted to point out that this particular part of your post is not really your thinking. Don’t make excuses for error, and certainly don’t blame yourself by saying, “the error must have happened because I wasn’t a good enough Christian Scientist.” No. You are already a loved child of God and you never lost that, so don’t agree with the lie!

    Now it is true that Mrs. Eddy says this, as you know…

    It is our ignorance of God, the divine Principle, which produces apparent discord, and the right understanding of Him restores harmony. Truth will at length compel us all to exchange the pleasures and pains of sense for the joys of Soul.

    But rather than assigning a cause to the error by saying “I’m ignorant” or “I’m distracted” and “therefore I got hurt,” think of it instead as unfoldment. In reality, the real you is “hid with God in Christ,” and the real you never suffers. Each day God is showing you more and more about His nature, and about the real nature of yourself. So today just get some rest and take comfort in asking God, “God, show me more about yourself.” The injury is only a distraction that would keep you from finding out more about God. Sports are wonderful expressions of Soul, and they carry no divine punishment with them. So remember that God is not punishing you for anything, and this is just an opportunity to get a deeper understanding of God and your relation to Him.

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    Hi, I hear you and it sounds really painful but if you focus on the truth of your existence as a child of God, this will helpful, as a child of God, she never made you anything less than perfect. That means without pain.

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    Thank you all SO much for this helpful advice – after reading and digesting the prayers and knowledge you have shared, I am already feeling better…

    Thanks again

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