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    Tonight’s readings at our local Wednesday evening testimony meeting centered on handling envy and jealousy.  Now, I don’t think of myself as a jealous person at all, or envious.  But, I’ve realized, I do compare myself with others at different times – and isn’t that like the gateway drug to being envious or jealous?  The most pernicious examples of comparing myself have actually been when considering my study and practice of Christian Science.  Questions or thoughts like, “I wish I could reach out the same way they do…Their sharing in the periodicals is so bright and illuminating, I wonder why I can’t do that…Their days are probably so much more productive than mine…”  Obviously, suggestions of envy cut closest to home when they’re about things you really care about!

    So, this is certainly a topic I’ve been loving to pray about, and have certainly seen good progress.  But, I thought I’d reach out to this great community and see if anyone had any thoughts about tearing down an attitude of comparing – and I suppose what would naturally replace that attitude would be a lovely attitude of greater clarity about who we really are!  See?!  Healing already :-)  I love how even just participating in this community – before even posting! – opens me up even more to how loved we all are.

    Would love to hear what y’all might have to share!  Thanks so much :-)

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    Yesterday Maryl Walters had a wonderful Daily Lift titled Christ is the Light. She shared these ideas: “This is not something you do on your own. … When you’re sitting in the darkness, you can’t will away or think away the darkness. The only thing that removes darkness is light. It’s pretty clear that you can’t take away anything or add anything to a sunbeam. You can’t paint it, and you can’t shut it off from its source like closing it up in a box. In the same way, Christ, your light, can’t be imposed upon, shut down, hidden or destroyed.”

    Jealousy can come in as such a cloud of darkness, and it’s not through our own will power reciting “Stop being so jealous, self!” that we dispel it. That’s the Christ’s job. It’s the Christ’s purpose and activity to remove those jealous thoughts as we willingly allow them to be destroyed.

    I’ve found David’s line from the Psalm very helpful: “I shall not want.” Jealousy comes in when we feel like we’ve been deprived of something good that others were entitled to. But God is meeting our need at each and every moment. It often requires we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, or a step up to get a “mountaintop” view to see that we are never, at any moment, lacking anything we need.

    Love what you said about comparisons being the gateway drug… isn’t that the truth!

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