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    Hi everyone, I’ve been in this forum for a couple of months and posted some topics in spanish but there have not been many answers. So I’d like that you could share some ideas with me to pray about it. I know that there’s a lot of people that study Christian Science in spanish and also I saw some post in tmcyouth that were in spanish, but somehow that people isn’t coming here. I was thinking on ideas like God is the only Mind and that Mind help us to understand eachother, no matter what language we practice, and that God’s Mind communicates through thoughts, so everyone who speaks a little of spanish and be a Christian Scientist will come here and will help us to have a forum in spanish…

    Maybe there are others forums in Spanish language, if that’s the case I’d like to know any suggestions.

    Sorry if my english is bad, I hope I had expressed myself right. And thanks in advance for your response =)

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    I love your post. So heart felt and so needed. I don’t speak Spanish, but I wish I did…especially after your post. By the way, your English is very good.


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    Hi Arturo!

    I agree with Ian, your English is very good.

    Hablo espanol, pero hace anos y anos que no lo hablaba.  Que lastima.

    I do think that communication goes way beyond language.  I remember once when I lived in Mexico for 6 months.  My mom, who didn’t speak a word of Spanish came down to visit me.  My Mexican “mom” didn’t speak English.  They sat side by side, each speaking her own language…and they were communicating well.  :)

    I wish we had more Spanish speakers on the site.  We can work towards that.  In the meantime, feel free to post in English and I know you’ll get responses.

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    Hola Arturo- Hablo un poco español, pero tu inglés es más mejor que mi español.  :)

    Estoy acuerdo con Amy, comunicación es muy profundo.  Cuando usamos la idioma del Amor, personas puedan entender.

    Una vez en la semana, voy a la casa de una mexicana para que puedo enseñarle inglés.  Hemos sido amigas 4 años, y a veces cuando salgo de su casa, no recuerdo si ella hablaba conmigo en inglés o español.

    Estoy muy contenta que estás aquí en los foros.




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    Si todo lo demás falla, siempre está Google Translate.

    He he …   but I totally agree with Arturo, the divine Mind is the true communicator, speaking to us all in a language we can understand.  Even better than Google :)

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    Thanks everyone for your responses. I’m glad and I have less fear of posting something in English, now I feel more confident. I really like Amy and Annette responses because they ilustrate how we can communicate through divine Love if we forget about the lenguage and limitations that the world tell us. Today I saw a post of someone else in Spanish!!, and I’m so happy about it, I think that God is always listening to our needs =). Thank you all

    P.S. : I also liked Ian and Peter responses and they are right, God’s mind communicates better than Google, and I feel I could reach your heart Ian even if I my English is not that good… and that was all I needed =)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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