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We live in an exciting time spiritually.  People are reaching out from church to mosque to temple and beyond.  Monks and medics are working together to systematize ancient forms of spiritual healing.  Scientists exploring the nature of matter find that the deeper they look, the less they find.  “The universe,” said British physicist Sir James Jeans, “begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine.”

Mary Baker Eddy was an avid student of the science, theology, and medicine of her day.  Searching  for pioneering thought that kept pace with her own, she filled scrapbooks with clippings on everything from psychic research to the mental discipline of Eastern yogis.

Similarly, Spiritual Interface is a place where our community can celebrate examples of advancing thought.  Here, we’ll help erode imagined walls between religions, and between religion and science.  As Eddy said, “progress is the law of infinity.”