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One of the most Radical Acts of all is reaching out to help someone.  Jesus said, “Keep open house; be generous with your lives.”  And, “God is not a secret to be kept.”  1

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But HELLO this is the 21st century. How can we talk about God in universal language that works for everyone? When can we offer healing prayer without seeming odd or intrusive? And in reaching out — to a friend, a classmate, at-risk youth, the homeless — how do we make sure our work packs a metaphysical punch?

Get ready to explore these questions and more in the 2013 edition of Radical Acts.  Here’s how just a few of our Radical Actors are leaping over supposed barriers of race, class, religion, education, language, etc. to help and heal others:

Tien Stone Langlois

Tien Stone Langlois runs a school that heals kids of “hopeless” developmental and behavioral challenges;

Julio Rivas has shared healing with prison inmates, runaway teens, and friends of many faiths;

Julio Rivas
John Tyler

John Tyler has transformed dozens of lives off the beaten path in Africa;

Paul White gives street folks and ex-cons the physical and metaphysical support they need to turn their lives around;

Paul White
Allen Tanner

Allen Tanner shares healing with criminals and their victims — once serving as spiritual counselor to a powerful Mafia family.

Are you ready to reach out radically, then share your stories?  Just like last year, we’re featuring 20 of Jesus’ toughest teachings.  Just like last year, we’re living these teachings together.  We’re eager to hear any story about any Radical Act — especially those that involve helping and healing others.

“Keep open house,” said Jesus.  “Be generous with your lives.”  Let’s all say YES together!


  1. Matthew 5:14-16 (The Message).”

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  1. gaye says:

    Hi – You quoted Jesus at the beginning, but where in the Bible did he say “God is not a secret to be kept”?

    I searched for your “1” footnote, but it was not on this page.  thanks!

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