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Any community can organize a summit.  Our vision is to be a partner with local communities to develop an event that will serve the needs of their community.  TMC Youth does not decide where the event will be but we wait for YOU to start the process and contact us.

If you are interested in organizing a summit, here are a few things to consider before you begin the process:

What is a summit?

A Spiritual Activist Summit is designed to connect young people with the resources and activities of The Mother Church in order to support their work as healers in their communities and to explore Mary Baker Eddy’s vision for youth in the movement found in the Manual of The Mother Church (Article IV).

What is the basis for summits?

TMC Youth is within the Office of the Clerk, the office tasked by the Church Manual with supporting the church membership. Its role is to help grow a global community of youthful spiritual thinkers.  Summits are events that provide an opportunity for The Mother Church and local members to work together to develop this community and prepare it for active church engagement.

How is a summit organized?

A Summit is locally initiated, locally run, and locally funded. A local committee of 4-10 people collaborates with TMC Youth to develop content and logistics.  Registration fees and donations are collected by the local summit committee, which manages those funds.  After the Summit, the local summit committee will use any surplus funds to continue to engage youth in the region in church activities.

Why should we have a summit?

Summits are a wonderful opportunity to build and support a community of thinkers and healers.  Jesus said, “For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.” (Matt 18:20)  It is a place to ask and answer questions, share ideas and vision for building a movement, and most importantly, healing.

When should we start organizing a summit?

TMC Youth encourages committees interested in organizing a summit to begin planning the event six (6) months prior to your planned summit date.  Once a committee has been formed, please contact  the Summit team here in Boston to collaborate and develop the event.

So how do we start?

Here is a document with more ideas to get started.  It is also available in French.

What our community says... add your comment below

  1. Lucas says:

    Dear friends,

    My name is Lucas Vidal, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m 26 years old and I’m a Christian Scientist since I was a child, all my family too. I’m also a member of First Church of Christ Scientist, El Palomar; and a member of The Mother Church since two years ago.
    A few years ago, together with Marisa Monica Minatta – a Christian Scientist-, we participated in the team from Argentina that had meetings with young people in our branches and that organized a youth meeting in Buenos Aires in December 2010, having a lecture given by our lecturer Monica Esefer Passaglia, C.S.B.
    I’m writing to let you know that we would like to have new meetings, and so we need your help, not only because of your experience but also if you could propose ideas about workshops, days for the meeting, lectures, and promotion.
    I´ll be waiting for your answer.
    I don’t speak English, I speak Spanish.

    Necesito que me puedan responder en español.

  2. Sachi says:

    Hi there! I am a African american teen in North Carolina, and I would really love to have a diversity or minorities leadership summit in this area, because I feel that youth minorities do not receive a lot of help.

    I would really like to get to work on this. Thanks!

    • Veronica says:

      Hi Sachi

      Thanks so much for the message.  What a great idea.  I will email you more information about organizing a summit.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Hi Veronica,

    Would you also send me some start up information?  In my Sunday school, we’ve been discussing the importance of having a 2013 Youth Summit in Washington State.




    • Veronica says:

      Hi Jen

      You can look at this document here:    This gives a break down of how to start and what planning entails.  You can email with more questions.

      Thanks!  So excited you are thinking of a Summit for Washington!


  4. Jeremy Yeap says:

    Hi. If I would like to organize a Summit in my country, Malaysia. What should I do? I need some help and assistance about it. Please assist me. Thanks. Anyway…

  5. Geoffrey Kasangaki says:

    Hi the TMC youth team. this is to thank you for the efforts put in to support the youth and recently concluded conference in kigali Rwanda. its becouse of you people and the effort you put in that will see the youth live a better spiritual and positive life in this world.


  6. Zounho Rolland says:

    Bonjour Véronica! Je voudrais savoir si t4t n’a pas prévu quelques pour l’Afrique de l4ouest cette année? Ghana ou Nigéria? Surtout à Accra (GHANA). Cela permet à nous qui sommes au Bénin de participer facilement. Merci.

    • Veronica says:

      Bonjour Rolland,

      Oui!! En effet, on prevoit deux sommets en Afrique de l’Ouest cette annee. En decembre, on aura un sommet au Togo et un au Nigeria (Port Harcourt). Je crois que le sommet au Togo sera bon pour les gens de Benin n’est pas? SVP, regarder le site de web pour plus d’information a propos ces evenements.


  7. Eugyne Mwoka says:

    I had the same question as Mary and i am happy that it has been taken care of..Waiting for the beautiful forthcoming webpage.. Thanks.

  8. Mary says:

    Are any summits planned anywhere in 2012 yet? Was trying to find a calendar of upcoming events, but was unsuccessful. Thanks!

  9. mark Celina says:

    I will be happy if the youth summit will be organized here in port harcourt because,Lagos is far from Port harcourt city.Thanks.Mark Celina

    • Veronica says:

      Hi Mark
      Thanks for your comment. I believe there is something in the works for a youth gathering in PH though it may not be a full Spiritual Activist Summit like those that have taken place in Lagos in years past. I will contact you with more information about this event.

      Thanks again for getting in touch with us,

  10. Justin Ballantyne says:

    I am so glad to see this info now online because if it were not for me already being contact with the lovely people at TMCYouth I wouldn’t have known where to start for planning the summit in Toronto. Thanks again for all your help in making the summit such a success!


  11. David Fares says:

    I live less than ten miles from the Principia St. Louis campus. Is a Summit at one of the local churches (in the West County area) in the planning stages? If not, where would one begin to start the organizational process?

    • Veronica says:

      Hi David, I sent you an email with some start up info. We are so pumped that you are interested!


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