Spiritual seekers…Burning Man and beyond

Monday, November 19th, 2012, 9:00pm EDT

Tom McElroy, Michael Morgan, and Nate Frederick were part of a team that went to the Burning Man Festival this past August.  What started off as a mission to share Christian Science with a community of open thinkers surpassed expectation.  They found close community with fellow seekers for Truth and holy moments of spiritual discovery.  Throughout the experience they dug deep on the sharing concept.  Spend an hour with them to hear their stories and what they felt God was teaching them in the desert.  They’ve all had opportunities for sharing spiritual ideas in some pretty unexpected ways and places, even beyond Burning Man. Join us to hear about their experiences — and share your own!

Julian Schwartz, who is originally from Germany, is currently working in the States as a visiting scientist. Aside from doing research, he enjoys pioneering new ways of sharing Divine Science. While working with a small team, Julian wrote the opensource App that became GoVerse. He also helped plan the first Christian Science lecture at Burning Man from its inception over a year ago all the way to its completion in August.

Michael Morgan is a Christian Science practitioner with a practice that keeps him out in the community.  Michael’s warmth and obvious love for everybody leads to talks about God wherever he finds himself.  Watch out, music is a part of his very fabric so you may hear a song or two. Here’s an article in the Christian Science Sentinel about Michael’s experience at the Burning Man Festival.


Nate Frederick currently works at The Mother Church. You might know him as the host of Your Daily Lift podcast. He came up with the concept of Time4Thinkers.com’s The Weekly Musician podcast series and he’s still at the helm as producer. He naturally shares the healing power of Love with everyone he comes into contact with, so you may get to know him on the street, in a cafe, or anywhere else.

Tom McElroy is a lecturer for the Christian Science Board of Lectureship and a Christian Science practitioner.  Tom’s public talks on Christian Science are filled with fresh ideas and lots of humor; he’s a born storyteller. If you have the opportunity to hear him speak, don’t miss it! Click here to read Tom’s full bio from the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Click here to read about the annual Burning Man Festival.


  1. Emily says:

    Thanks so much for all that you shared here! I appreciate how expansive and substantial the thoughts were.  They’ve completely uplifted my thought today!  I am so grateful for your willingness to let your genuine love and commitment to Christian Science guide you in the instances you talked about.  Your participation in the Burning Man event is a great illustration of how there really are no limits on how and where those qualities can be demonstrated.
    The chat led me to realize that one of the best things I think I can do as I go out each day is to acknowledge that everything is entirely included in the jurisdiction of Truth–that the Lord is good to all, as Nate read from Psalm 145, and that the truth is true about all.  Since Christian Science deals with the laws that govern the universe and all of reality–not just practicing Christian Scientists–there really is no basis for confining our practice and thought of it to any limited sphere.

    • itsaboutgood says:

      Hey Emily!
      Yes! I love the “Message” version of so many Psalms, but 145 has this great line:

      “Everything God does is right – the trademark on all his works is love” (P145: 17).


  2. Christine says:

    I found your sharing very helpful in my considerations of sharing this divine science with others, it being a joyful exchange through Mind rather telling others what they don’t already know, especially in preparation for our church’s upcoming lecture. Thank you very much for this program – the lecture itself by Tom at the event was also excellent – it is rare to hear someone speak about CS in a way other people speak about spirituality – I found that also very enriching. Thank you to all of you for your fine work! Oh I would like to be able to see the invitation to Burning Man as you mentioned might be possible – maybe you could email a pdf of it? Thanks

  3. Judy says:

    Very inspirational and helpful…….thank you, thank you!

  4. itsaboutgood says:

    I love this Church.

  5. Susie says:

    This was incredibly interesting and made me want to meet so many more children of God.  You guys exude a lot of fearless infectious joy as well as profound healing vitality:)

  6. Patty says:

    Thanks so much.  Loved hearing about all the wonderful sharing.  As you brought out so well, sharing is never a one-way street.  Everyone is blessed.  In my work as a prison chaplain and many other “public” venues, I’ve been  inspired by this passage in Science and Health (p. 571), where Mary Baker Eddy tells us: “Know thyself, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a visctory over evil.”  The wisdom and the occasions come abundantly in proportion to the self-knowledge — our true motives and desires.

  7. Julian says:

    If you want to get involved in next years Burning Man event email us: CSa...@googlegroups.com

  8. naniboujou says:

    Burning Man is different for everyone! sorta like life!


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