User Experience Designer

Al Belote

Al Belote

Al’s been designing for the web almost since the day Al Gore invented it. Trained in art history and graphic design, Al’s also an avid photographer who never leaves home without

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Manager, Web Activities


Amy Richmond

Amy’s running the web team because she’s a laser-sharp strategist with decades of experience in print, audio, and video communication.  But ditch all that resume fodder.  What colleagues most admire

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Manager, In-Person Events


Ariana Herlinger

Ari’s got star quality.  Tough, clear, direct, and uber-savvy, she sometimes seems almost fierce.  In fact, Ari started her career as a Peace Corps volunteer, then a Peace Corps trainer,

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Web Designer


Christian Coker

Coker is, in his own words, “all about art.”  Born and raised in Ghana, he grew up doodling, then trained in graphic design.  Coker loves photography too, and he’s teaching

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CSO and Internship Support


Chris Sheasley

Back when Chris was a TMC Youth intern, he suddenly found himself swept into a conversation that felt suspiciously like . . . a job interview.  Before he knew it

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Summits / Global Team


Clementine Lue Clark

Clementine grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, and has lived in France and the UK too.  She has a graduate degree in Coexistence and Conflict Studies, and has done amazing reconciliation

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Web Administrator


David Crabill

Despite his unassuming appearance, David has the heart of a great adventurer.  In college, he helped build and race a solar car in rugged, 2,000-mile national and international competitions.  His

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Community Builder, Global Sunday School


John Biggs

John . . . glitters. There’s just a lot of love there, and a lot of joy. It’s a great match for his job description — community outreach with teens,

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Media Producer

Kemi staff pic 2

Kemi Awosile

Kemi’s originally from Nigeria, where she descends – no kidding – from royalty.  She’s passionate about young people, their spiritual development, and their relationship with a global community of spiritual

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