What if the holidays don’t seem so happy?

I was praying about Christmas a few weeks ago. From the news around the world to some news in my own family, I was starting to feel that this would not be a joy-filled Christmas
but rather one filled with doubt, fear, and loss. But I LOVE Christmas! There is no other time of year I like better. I love the decorations, the spirit, and most of all, I love the focus on the Christ that my family has always brought to the season. So I was feeling like all the unhappy news was coming at such a bad time. Not that there would be a good time for it, but coming at Christmas just made it worse. So like I said, I was praying. Basically I was trying to stay open to good ideas. And I got a few! I started to realize that Christmas and it’s celebration of life, joy, and the appearing of the Christ would help me get through the challenges. I realized how important it was going to be for me to be aware of all the good going on around me and to stay focused on all I love about the season. If I let sadness or frustration become what I am focused on, then I’ll be no help to myself or anyone else.

To me, the birth of Jesus symbolizes eternal hope–that right in the middle of what seems like a really bad situation, things can actually be truly wonderful. Joseph and Mary had no place to stay and no proper accommodations for the birth of their child, but they ended up surrounded by love and joy as more and more people came to see Jesus and celebrate his birth.

This perspective is what I’ve decided to use to see my way through. I’m going to stay alert for all the good in each day, and I’m going to be sure that I express the joy and light that Christmas has always brought into my life. I guess when I get right down to it, this is what I should be doing no matter what.

My Christmas wish for everyone is that good is obvious and that the hope inspired by the birth of Jesus fills every heart.

Merry Christmas to you all!


By Dawn-Marie Cornett


  1. Susy says:

    Dear Dawn-Marie,

    I too have had a terrible Christmas one year when my whole world crashed down on me in so many directions.

    I can say that it was only Christian Science and the help of a wonderful practitioner which got me through. She urged me just to continue to love and that misunderstandings could be healed.

    So I acted accordingly and I can say my situation has been healed but without Christian Science to give me strength at that time I am sure I would not be able to say that.

    Christmas is wonderful but everything becomes intensified at that time- past loss and grief, present problems and there is a special poignancy to everything. Those of us who trust God have a great gift in Christian Science which will steer us through.

    Very best wishes for happiness to you.

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