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Isn’t it irresponsible not to get a diagnosis when you’re sick?

QUESTION:  Isn’t it irresponsible not to get a diagnosis when you’re sick? Even Mary Baker Eddy recommended it.   Michael Pabst says: Your question implies that diseases are quantifiable, objective, physical

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FEED the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter strangers, visit prisoners

Hey, so I had a similar experience with helping a begging person on the street. The guy was standing outside a store and asked me to buy him some shampoo and soap. I did so, and after we'd left the store we walked on a bit. I then asked him if he was hungry. He leapt on the opportunity and, like has been mentioned by past commenters, asked about a limit. The food I bought him he said would last him a few weeks. When we went to pay I reached for my wallet and pulled out a GoVerse card with  an inspirational quote, as well as a business card explaining the details and time of our church service. When the man saw this he commented "Are you going to give me some stuff about Jesus?" I was very careful not to pressure him and told him that I wasn't forcing anything on him but was simply providing an opportunity. He responded, "Don't worry man, I trust Jesus more than anything." When I left him, I made sure to tell him that God loves him. Ever since this experience I have been reflecting on it a lot. I started off worrying the man would start hassling me constantly on my walk to and from work, though I convinced myself that I would be loving in any case, no matter how many times he asked. As it turns out, I haven't seen the man since. I trust him to God's care. I've also been questioning whether it was right to pay for the man's food, or whether I should have sat down with him and discussed spirituality with him more. I think I've realised that whatever I did with the man, whether I should have focused on preaching to him more or not, anything I have done with the motive of love cannot go amiss. Mary Baker Eddy says, "Human affection is not poured forth vainly, even though it meet no return. Love enriches the nature, enlarging, purifying, and elevating it." (S&H pg. 57:22-24)

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