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Radical Acts is sponsored by the youth team of the Christian Science church, but it’s for everyone who wants to live the teachings of Christ Jesus.  These teachings are truly universal.  If, for example, a Methodist or Muslim has something to teach us about forgiveness, we want to learn.  We hope everyone enjoys the dialogue!

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  1. Victoria says:

    “The Man on the Road” is an amazing story – what love was expressed.  It should be MUST reading for every church member .

  2. The “Man of the Road”

    I always like to tell people this story, because it is a story about Love, love for your fellow man. Not the nancy-pancy love, but true Love, Love from God.  The kind you cannot explain with words no matter how hard you try.  However, I am going to try to anyway because it is such a beautiful true story, and I want to share it with you.

    This story is about a man named Eric. He lived in my town and he lived on the streets. When people saw him, they would cross to the other side of the street, not really wanting to be on the same side of the street as he was. He lived on the streets, and his clothing was rumpled, and he needed a haircut. He looked very simple, not like someone, you would want to be seen with and he always looked at the ground.

    Whenever I would see Erick, I would ask him if he wanted tea. He would always look startled that I would want to be with him, we would then go into the restaurant, and I would order him whatever he wanted.

    I remember one time on a cold, rainy, blustery night; I took Erick into a nice restaurant in my hometown. We proceeded to sit down when the waitress came over and in a loud voice said,” He cannot eat here.”

    I was startled at the coldness of her voice, and taken aback. Eric was ashamed and immediately hung his head and went toward the door. I asked him to please sit on the bench and wait for me there. He did, looking at the floor, holding his hands in tightly clenched fists in a state of shame and nervousness.

    I proceeded to ask the waiter what was going on here. I told her “that he was my guest”, that I was going to order a meal for my friend, and that I would pay for it. She said whenever he ate in the restaurant he would make a mess and the manager did not like it. I asked to see the manager. I spoke quietly with her assuring her that I would be responsible for cleaning up the mess if he made any. She said that would be fine.

    I motioned for Eric to come and sit beside me at the table, and we proceeded to order. I noticed how nervous he was, but we went ahead. We ordered our meal, and enjoyed it. I left substantial monies to pay for any extra cleaning up and we left the restaurant and went out into the cold, dark, November night.

    “Would you like to come to my place for a cup of tea?’ I asked him, wanting to do something more for him.

    Looking down at his feet, he sadly said,” Sure, Peter, I would like that.”

    We proceeded to my apartment, and once inside I asked him if he would like a change of clothes and a shower. Ashamed and shy, he said” no, no thank you.”

    I said, “Ok, but at least allow me to change your socks for you and give you dry shoes.”

    I knelt down beside him and proceeded to take his wet, bottomless shoes off him, and pull off his stockings. As I  was pulling them off I happened to look up at him.

    His eyes were blue as the summer sky and filled with tears and he looked as though he had seen the dearest, most precious, thing in his life.

    It was a streaming of Love I had never experienced in all of my”loves.”  I was stunned, and was held in this glance for a long time, as I had not had that kind of Love given to me ever.  It was. Golden love, and pure, and filled my soul with a buoyancy that fairly lifted me off the floor.

    Those eyes filled with that pure, redeeming Christ Love are still so clear in my mind as though it was yesterday. I often think that such a small thing as changing a man’s shoes and socks could reveal the hem of the Christ.

    He left soon after that, and went his way. I went mine.

    About a year later, I was walking in that same neighbourhood when I felt a tap from behind on my shoulder. I turned abruptly, not knowing what to expect, and…It was man in a top coat, with a nice hat, and boots, clean shaven and his hair was combed, and he was smiling with those enchanting blue eyes that smiled now at the corners.

    “Eric, what happened?

    “Well, I felt so much better with the dry shoes and socks you gave me with so much love, I went to the nearest shelter, and they took me in. Soon I was offered a room, and  I was able to get a job in the cafeteria, and now, well…come on and see.” He was excited and I followed him down the street.

    He stopped in front of a building on the corner, and we climbed the stairs to number 12. He unlocked the door and there inside was a beautifully furnished little room, with a nice TV and a rocker and the feel of “home.”

    “This is my place, Peter. Do you like it?  Would you like a cup of tea?

    We never know how our actions will influenece others in this world, but we do know that they will influence them , and if done with Love….. well, just  pause and think of  all the possibilities.

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  4. Kaye in Calif. says:

    Are there actual cards that a person can order?  It would be fun to sit around a table with friends and draw a card from a pile.


    • Amy says:

      We’re exploring the idea, but right now, it’s an online/in-person game only. Thank you for your interest!!!!!! Your timing was perfect.

    • Amy says:

      We followed up on your idea and there is now an actual deck of cards that you can order or buy from your local Reading Room.  If you need more information, just let me know and I’ll get it for you.

    • nina says:

      Here’s the page with info about how to buy the new deck of cards.

  5. Bella says:

    Very True :)

  6. Deborah says:

    The game is the most innovative thing the church is doing. Bravo to ou all!  Thank God for TMCYouth

  7. Vivian Faye says:

    Exquisite example of an act of kindness leading to a wonderful transformation in community.

    Salem, Oregon??? wherever – beautiful and important to share and inspire – imagine San Francisco!?!

  8. Anne says:

    I’m so happy to have found these treasures..gifts from a Father who loves every single, beautiful homeless person or banking exec, every person weary of the world’s unsatisfying pleasures, who needs the rest and refreshment of spiritual truth, spiritual love, and spiritual life!

  9. Ann Sebring says:

    Many people talk about and share Jesus’ teachings, but how many of us are actually living them?

    I found a new thing on Time4Thinkers about Radical Acts. (http://time4thinkers.com/blog/the-radical-acts/). It’s about living 18 different acts that Jesus did, but doing it right here and now. I decided to post on every single one that I had done and am still doing, and guess what – that was all of them! I found that these acts are all connected – and if you think you can’t do one, then you’re not doing any of them completely. So I’ve signed up to live ALL 18 RADICAL ACTS! – and it’s the only way I really think we can do any of these acts (https://christianscience.wufoo.com/forms/live-a-radical-act/).

    Here’s my ever growing story that connects all 18 acts.
    Giving up control for God to direct my whole life – and BE my Life – was so hard for me because I didn’t believe or see that good really was all. This is the reason why I wanted to have control. I then learned the childlike trust which understands God’s love for us, Her children. For me, it was seeing that Gods love for me or the good in a situation means God would also want to protect and control that good. But the thoughts I had were saying God’s ideas are persons with their own mind.

    Well, I’ve been learning how to Befriend God’s man: Doing good, Forgiving, Loving them, and Anointing their feet. Also Challenging these “pharisees” that say man has his own mind and power, and therefore Casting the beam from my own eye. These acts include Taking up your bed and Walking on water, which are both accomplished when we Seek the kingdom first. It’s hard to trust in the divine Mind when we automatically separate ourself from Him by believing other things exist and thus have power.

    When I came to loving others and doing good, I’m learning I’m not the one that loves, but that I just watch and accept God who loves all. Letting go of control is like Traveling without a wallet and Losing our life where we then find our life, Living more abundantly, and Multiply loaves and fishes. When we share our experiences with others like I am here or simply in just sharing the Love I’ve come to better understand, I’m Selling to the poor, Feeding the hungry etc., and Healing the sick/sinning/etc. – both others and myself!

    So that’s my story. To me, all these acts are related and doing one helps us do another we may think is more difficult. Or, doing one we think is more difficult gives us a deeper understanding of another act we may think is easier. To me, if you’re not doing one of these acts, you’re missing a part of acting any of the others.

    • LB says:

      to Ann Sebring: Exactly!! You said it so well. You can’t do one without ending up doing all the others. that’s what I’m finding anyways. So thanks so much for spelling it out so eloquently.

  10. Amy says:

    I agree Margaret. I love how she made it clear that she was the biggest beneficiary of her benevolence.

  11. margaret says:

    The video of Jennie Bochleman is so inspiring. What a wealth of ideas. this is so powerful. thanks.

  12. Marcia says:

    Thank you ! ! !
    Excellent list of actions to put into practice and reflect on.

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