Health and Identity


How do you deal with hatred and people who actively dislike you, when you try and live your life and be a good person?

Mark Swinney says: Once, in an organization with which I was affiliated, through a steady, consistent effort over a long period of time, I accomplished some things that were judged

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Is Christian Science right for everyone or is it possible that for some people, Christian Science is not a good fit?

Ariana Herlinger says: When some of my friends have left Christian Science, I’ve found myself wondering if maybe it just wasn’t their path. But I’ve come to realize how ridiculous

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Is homosexuality something that is wrong and needs to be healed?

Is homosexuality something that is wrong and needs to be healed? If so, why? David Evans says: As a Christian Scientist, I generally turn to the Bible, particularly Christ Jesus’s

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If evil isn’t real and if God guides, guards, and governs everyone and everything, why do accidents (evil) occur?

Deborah Huebsch says: Suppose that last night, you had a dream. In that dream, your beloved pet was stolen. It was heart-wrenching and distressing. When you woke up, a great

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World Issues


How can I pray to get horrible images from the news out of my head?

John Biggs says: If the horrific images have to go away before you can start to find peace, you may be stuck in psychological limbo for a while. As you

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How can you share Christian Science with people who might be hostile toward it?

Jenny Sawyer says: My first job out of college was at The Christian Science Journal. So whenever I met someone new, Christian Science became part of the conversation almost immediately.

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Christian Science


How do we free ourselves from personal attachment?

Annette Dutenhoffer says: Personal attachment—an unbalanced focus on someone or something—can lead us into trouble. Sometimes it’s subtle, and may not seem like a big deal—like when we only feel

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Christian Science


How can the public image of Christian Science be revitalized?

Lari Snorek-Yates says: Christian Science is best known by the experiences of those practicing its teachings. Each of us can change the image of Christian Science and bring new life

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Christian Science Organizations (CSO)