Christian Science


If someone has asked me to help them with prayer or inspiration, where should I start?

Phil Davis says: Start with God! This probably seems normal to most praying people, but I’m amazed by how often God is left out of, or marginalized in, prayer and

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Is there any point to commemorating a horrific event like 9/11?

Lois Carlson says: Your good question made me think about another question: Is there value in commemorating the cruel, catastrophic events in any individual life? Even though the anguish in

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Health and Identity


How do we (Christian Scientists) explain to others why we don’t drink?

Inge Schmidt says: If you had asked me this question as an undergraduate, you might have gotten any number of responses. “I don’t like the taste.” Or, “I don’t like

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How should a Christian Scientist treat sex? Is there anything good about sex or is it all bad?

Deborah Huebsch says: Shakespeare answered this question well when he wrote, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” (Interestingly, you can also find this citation

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Christian Science

How can we tell the difference between God’s will and human will?

How can we tell the difference between God’s will and human will?

Marian English says: God’s will leads and guides. Human will pushes and shoves. Telling the difference seems simple! Yet the history of Christianity shows marked examples in which determining God’s

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Do I need to marry a Christian Scientist to be understood?

Annette Dutenhoffer says: Do you need to marry a Bible-lesson-reading, church-going, practitioner-calling Christian Scientist to be understood? Definitely not! When I met my husband, I wasn’t looking for a spouse,

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Christ Jesus


Jesus said, “Follow thou me.” Why take his advice when he was crucified and most of his disciples came to really bad ends?

QUESTION: When Peter asked about Judas’s betrayal, Jesus said, ‘What is that to thee? Follow thou me.’ But Jesus was crucified and most of the disciples came to really bad

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Why do bad things happen to good people?

Inge Schmidt says: The phone rang. It wasn’t good. A close friend had suffered a sad loss. I made plans to see her the next day, and I yearned to

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