Mary Baker Eddy


Why has nobody ascended in a while? Even Mary Baker Eddy didn’t.

Annette Dutenhoffer says: When I was a little girl, our Christian Science Sunday school class learned about ascension. I must not have understood the concept exactly, because I was worried

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How can someone who is conservative be a Christian Scientist at the same time?

Tad Blake-Weber says: Haven’t we all been frustrated with someone across the political divide—at least at one time or another? But whether we can’t seem to see eye-to-eye with conservatives—or

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Christian Science


How can I trust God enough to keep praying when it seems like He’s been completely absent?

QUESTION: In spite of all my prayers, the last few years have been full of problems and disappointments. How can I trust God enough to keep praying when it seems

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Can I be healed even if I have doubts regarding my perfection?

Marian English says: Actually, it isn’t the temptation to doubt that hinders healing. What matters is what we’re doing about that doubt. If it triggers a strong desire to think

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Sometimes the holidays are hard. They just point out what I don’t have in my life. How can I pray about that?

Amy Richmond says: I’ve spent more than a few holiday seasons hoping that the next year would bring me what I really wanted. And even when I thought I had

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Christ Jesus


No matter how much time I make for quiet and prayer during the holidays, it seems like the rush and bustle and burden of the season still take over. How can I feel connected to God in the middle of it all?

Nate Talbot says: Ah yes, wouldn’t it be convenient if we could orchestrate just how we’d like to deal with the commotion and materialism of the Christmas season? But let’s

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Do I really need church? Can I be a serious Christian Scientist without being a part of church?

Ariana Herlinger says: It can be easy to begin thinking that we, as individuals, don’t really need church. It’s not hard to practice Christian Science on our own. We have

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How can I learn to trust God more and hear His voice more clearly? Sometimes it feels like God doesn’t exist or is completely absent. How do you explain that?

Jenny Sawyer says: I was convinced I couldn’t hear God. Or maybe He just wasn’t saying anything—not to me, at least. After all, when God talked to people like Moses,

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