Where do you draw the line between fun and “sin”?

QUESTION: Where do you draw the line between enjoying yourself and expressing fun and friendship, and “sin” (i.e. alcohol)? Stephanie Johnson says says: I’ve been told I’m not very good

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Is Christian Science stilted by traditional thought?

QUESTION: I have heard someone once say, “If the Christian Science movement was in the 50s era, it would be radical—but now we need to adapt.” Is Christian Science stilted

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Why does Mary Baker Eddy encourage familiarity with the original texts of the Bible?

Annette Dutenhoffer says: Several years ago, I took some Spanish classes at a local community college. As I became more proficient in the language, I enjoyed reading famous works in

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How can I feel God’s presence all the time?

QUESTION: Sometimes I feel so far away from God. How can I feel God’s presence all the time, not just when I’m praying really hard? Lois Carlson says: Rest assured,

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Christian Science


Why doesn’t one good spiritual insight heal me of every problem I’m facing?

QUESTION: How come when you get a spiritual insight, you have a healing about the thing you’ve been praying about and maybe one or two other things, but you still

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How do Christian Science practitioners keep from second-guessing their work?

QUESTION: How do Christian Science practitioners keep from second-guessing their work when a person keeps calling and calling about the same problem and isn’t getting a healing? Deborah Huebsch says:

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Christian Science


Si todas las respuestas están en Ciencia y Salud porque seguimos aún cuestionando cosas?

John Biggs dice: En la Universidad estudié ballet durante cinco años. Después de los primeros dos años, yo entendía la teoría del ballet bastante bien: los movimientos musculares tenían sentido

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Christian Science


How do I get myself inspired again to study Christian Science?

Jenny Sawyer says: I’ve hit the occasional Christian Science slump. Through these experiences, I’ve learned that the answers that lift us out of a spiritual rut are as individual as

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