Why do bad things happen to good people?

Inge Schmidt says: The phone rang. It wasn’t good. A close friend had suffered a sad loss. I made plans to see her the next day, and I yearned to

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Isn’t it irresponsible not to get a diagnosis when you’re sick?

QUESTION:  Isn’t it irresponsible not to get a diagnosis when you’re sick? Even Mary Baker Eddy recommended it.   Michael Pabst says: Your question implies that diseases are quantifiable, objective, physical

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How can we be spiritual when my eyes see a physical body?

Michelle Nanouche says: A couple of years ago, severe pain developed in one of my feet, making walking even short distances difficult. This went on for several months, until I

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Christian Science


What’s the difference between denial, and Christian Scientists saying things like fear and anger are unreal?

QUESTION: What’s the difference between what psychologists call denial, and Christian Scientists saying that fear, anger, and other negative feelings are unreal? Denial just makes you feel worse, right? Amy

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The Bible


Is marriage for everyone?

QUESTION: Is marriage for everyone? Seems like divorce is a result for most marriages. Dave Hohle says: My parents divorced when I was very young. But I’ve never been cynical

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Christian Science


Should Christian Science churches be doing more to help with community issues?

QUESTION: Should the Christian Science church reach out more to help with other social issues in the communities? Is it doing enough? What is the church doing in the communities?

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Christian Science


Jesus healed others, but did he have to deal with everyday problems like the rest of us?

QUESTION: Jesus raised himself from the dead, but did he have to deal with the smaller stuff in life, too? Like did he ever get a headache or a cold,

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Christian Science


How can doing fun stuff be relevant to my study of Christian Science?

Annette Dutenhoffer says: Soul, with a capital S, is a synonym for God and expresses God’s characteristics of color, joy, and humor. Doing things that are fun is proof that

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