Every year I find myself dreading the holidays and all the family dysfunction they bring. How can I pray about this?

Susan Sage says: I spent many holidays suffering from family drama until I prayed to learn more about love. In my prayers, it occurred to me that I could consciously

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Christian Science


Christian Science says that God only creates good. But how do we really know that God didn’t create the bad things, too?

Annette Kreutziger-Herr says: I had collapsed and fallen into a coma. Mentally, I saw myself sitting alone in a dark room, unable to communicate with the outside world. But I

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Christian Science


If God doesn’t know about suffering or sickness, how is He supposed to help me?

Deborah Huebsch says: Let’s think about the sun to help answer this question. The sun does all sorts of wonderful things. It dries clothes. It provides a way for plants

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If all the answers are in Science and Health, why are we still questioning things?

John Biggs says: In college, I studied ballet for five years. After the first two years, I understood the theory of ballet fairly well; the muscle movements made sense and

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Can we time travel?

Annette Dutenhoffer says: The phrase “time travel” conjures up images of modern-day people either heading back in time to be chased by a T-Rex, or dropping into the future where

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Why can’t two people live together before marriage?

QUESTION: Why can’t two individuals live together before marriage? It seems like love is being limited to a material identity of a ring and a legal document. Tad Blake-Weber says:

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Health and Identity


What is purity and why is it so important to Christian Science?

Nate Frederick says: Christian Science teaches us how to be like Jesus. Jesus didn’t judge people by outward appearances. He protested against and condemned self-righteous thought when it came from

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How can I help someone close to me that is falling out of Christian Science?

Kate Robertson says: I love this question, because the answer is embedded in the question itself, and is so simple. For me, the answer is in the word, “Science.” Because

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