Why can’t two people live together before marriage?

QUESTION: Why can’t two individuals live together before marriage? It seems like love is being limited to a material identity of a ring and a legal document. Tad Blake-Weber says:

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Health and Identity


What is purity and why is it so important to Christian Science?

Nate Frederick says: Christian Science teaches us how to be like Jesus. Jesus didn’t judge people by outward appearances. He protested against and condemned self-righteous thought when it came from

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How can I help someone close to me that is falling out of Christian Science?

Kate Robertson says: I love this question, because the answer is embedded in the question itself, and is so simple. For me, the answer is in the word, “Science.” Because

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Christian Science


Does spiritual growth make us a target for animal magnetism (evil)?

Mark Swinney says: During a baseball double-header when I was a teenager, I ended up with eight at-bats. The first seven times, I got seven clean hits. When I was

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How can a Christian Scientist raise the dead?

Colleen Douglass says: In June, my friend Bob walked his daughter down the aisle at her wedding. This might sound unremarkable, until you consider that Bob was once shot on

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If someone has asked me to help them with prayer or inspiration, where should I start?

Phil Davis says: Start with God! This probably seems normal to most praying people, but I’m amazed by how often God is left out of, or marginalized in, prayer and

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Is there any point to commemorating a horrific event like 9/11?

Lois Carlson says: Your good question made me think about another question: Is there value in commemorating the cruel, catastrophic events in any individual life? Even though the anguish in

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Drinking / Drugs


How do we (Christian Scientists) explain to others why we don’t drink?

Inge Schmidt says: If you had asked me this question as an undergraduate, you might have gotten any number of responses. “I don’t like the taste.” Or, “I don’t like

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