Why do Christian Scientists sometimes mute commercials?

QUESTION: When I watch TV with my grandma, she always mutes all the ads for medication. I mean, it’s a cute grandma thing, but really, what’s the big deal? Tad

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Christian Science


Why can’t we perform miracles like walking on water?

QUESTION: Why can’t we perform miracles like walking on water? Is Christian Science just limited to physical healing? Rosalie Dunbar says: There are all kinds of healings—not all of them

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Christian Science


Is it strange that people would go every year to the same Christian Science association?

QUESTION: It seems strange that people would go every year to the same Christian Science association (a meeting of individuals who took Christian Science class instruction from a particular Christian

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Question of the Week: How do I know when to call a Christian Science Practitioner for help?

How can I tell the difference between resistance to calling a practitioner for help and a desire to pray about an issue on my own?

Phil Davis says: One of the beautiful benefits of prayer in Christian Science is gaining spiritual discernment—the ability to know where to go, how to go, and if you should

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Mary Baker Eddy


It seems like to become a practitioner you can’t have a sense of humor anymore. Jesus didn’t crack jokes. How can I be a healer but still be able to joke around with my friends?

Kate Dearborn says: I think Jesus did joke. He certainly made ironic statements. Keep in mind, though, that his humor was particular to the times in which he lived. For

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Christian Science


Should the Christian Science community focus more on the Bible and less on Science and Health?

Maryl Walters says: When I first started studying Christian Science in earnest, I paid little attention to the Bible. I read Science and Health exclusively, except when I read the

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Health and Identity


How do you deal with hatred and people who actively dislike you, when you try and live your life and be a good person?

Mark Swinney says: Once, in an organization with which I was affiliated, through a steady, consistent effort over a long period of time, I accomplished some things that were judged

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Christian Science


Is Christian Science right for everyone or is it possible that for some people, Christian Science is not a good fit?

Ariana Herlinger says: When some of my friends have left Christian Science, I’ve found myself wondering if maybe it just wasn’t their path. But I’ve come to realize how ridiculous

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