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Audio only As Nate Talbot cut down an enormous tree on his property, it crashed to the ground, bouncing unpredictably and causing serious injuries. But is reality painful and fragmented?

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An angel in street clothes

Audio only Sometimes God won’t let you walk on by when someone’s in trouble.  That’s what Margaret Rogers found when she felt compelled to stop and help a stranger who

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Foolproof love

Audio only What happens when a 17-year-old completely and utterly trusts God to string Cupid’s bow for her?  Big thanks to Lona Ingwerson for sharing this sweet story.

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A beautiful holiday message from one of our favorite Radical Actors, Paul White.  It doesn’t get any simpler than this! Are you ready to reach out radically? Radical Acts 2013

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Behind bars

Despite some initial nervousness, Julio Rivas became very popular among inmates while he was serving as a prison chaplain.  We think it’s because, as Julio says, he was “demanding of them,

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Stone silent statues

Here Brian Talcott tells a marvelous tale about mental health social worker who loved a group of catatonic schizophrenics out of their “hopeless” condition.  There’s only one LOVE! Are you ready to

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Radical Acts Event

Children of Light

[This is a replay of the live event] You want to reach out to someone who’s convinced s/he can’t succeed. You know that’s not true. They rock! But they don’t

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The saviour thing

Once upon a time, Tricia Chantha reached out to support a young woman with lots of challenges. She scripted a storybook ending, with herself in a starring role.  But .

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