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Self-confidence…from God

How does a quiet girl—so shy that her fellow classmates joked that she spent all her time in her locker—become a woman who knows just the right thing to say

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Social activism


When the ♥ speaks

You can read the first three parts of Laura’s journey here, here, and here. As I continued my work with so-called “at risk” populations in juvenile detention centers and halfway houses,

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Social activism


Honest connections

You can read the other installments of Laura’s journey here, here and here. I felt called to do prison and rehabilitation work. But I didn’t feel totally prepared. A couple days before

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Work Relationships


Freedom at work

In her early 20s, Traci Fenton had an epiphany about the power of democracy in the workplace and how it could transform people and businesses. From this inspiration grew WorldBlu,

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Topics in Focus


True identity — A spiritual way out of prison

Laura Lapointe has a long cherished desire to reach out to people behind bars to help them. To help them in a way that education and social services may not be

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Sharing Christian Science


God calms the waves of violence

You can read the other parts of Laura’s journey here, here, and here. Having worked on two different occasions at a prison and having been more than ready to move on from

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Social activism


Promoting East/West peace and understanding

Janessa Gans Wilder was liaising with top Iraqi leaders as a CIA analyst in the run up to the first elections in 2005, and witnessed first hand the clashes between Americans

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Sharing Christian Science


A spiritually inspired sentence

You can read the rest of Laura’s story here, here and here. For some reason, I seem to keep getting pulled back into prison. I don’t mean as an inmate, though I’ve learned

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