Know who you are

How are an instantaneous healing of a cold and being blamed for a mistake at work connected? Here’s the story. I was accused of leaking confidential information about a work

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What-do-you-do-when a-supposedly-'good'-and-'Christly'-person-can't-seem-to-understand-how-badly-they're-behaving-postimage

What do you do when a supposedly ‘good’ and ‘Christly’ person can’t seem to understand how badly they’re behaving?

QUESTION: What if someone does something abominably rude to you, you try to discuss it, and you get no sense the other person gets it at all? PLUS they’re an

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Womens Issues

Spitting image

While Janet Horton was busy shattering the glass ceiling as a military chaplain, she got spit on four times.  This was her favorite.  :)   Check out the related Radical

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Work Relationships


What would Jesus see?

Orchestra conductor Alastair Willis just hated someone he thought had ruined his career.  Yet when he finally forgave — when he finally saw this person through Jesus’ eyes — his

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Topics in Focus


Freedom at work

In her early 20s, Traci Fenton had an epiphany about the power of democracy in the workplace and how it could transform people and businesses. From this inspiration grew WorldBlu,

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The Bible

Daniel and the Lions’ Den

Office politics, deception, and triumph–this is the story of Daniel and the lions’ den. Watch as the Christian Science Board of Directors and some of our own TMC Youth interns

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Not even tempted

Dear Joni, Remember that professor? He was one of those down to earth, salt of the earth, kind of guys. You’d never had him for a class, but there you

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