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Here’s a quick look at some great new online features

Radical Acts

Radical Acts is an ecumenical online community that’s gathering to follow Jesus’ toughest teachings together. Share the results of your own Radical Act. Enjoy amazing songs, stories, views, etc. that illuminate Jesus’ life and teachings. Join with others around the world . . . and imagine the possibilities!


Every week there will be an interview and a new song from a talented, thoughtful musician who also just happens to be a Christian Scientist.


Relationships; Health and Identity; School, Jobs, and the Future; Christian Science; Etc. (all that other stuff), and Staff Picks


GoVerse Daily Verse combines inspiring quotes with beautiful photography, powered by the GoVerse mobile app which gives you inspiration to go. Also, check out the Daily Lift and download Wallpapers.


You can register for the site and create a profile, friend people, see who’s on and what they’re posting on the site. Post your questions in the discussion area — or answer questions. Share what you’re thinking about on your profile update. Get notifications.


Now you can find out what’s happening online and offline. Get details about the event and copy them to your calendar.


We’re all over the place — literally. Check the map to see who’s doing what, where.


Once a month on a Monday at 9:00 ET we bring you live chats with thinkers from the community involved in a range of activities. You can submit your questions and even chat online during the live events.

And you can find out about great offline experiences here too


Better organized and more complete information on Spiritual Activist Summits which have been a key activity since 2006. Find out what summits are coming up and check out videos, slideshows and reports from past summits.


Christian Scientists on college and university campuses are holding services and lectures to bring the ideas of Christian Science to their communities.

Church and Sunday School

Expand your experience and thinking with people who are going through the same things you are. Find out how becoming a member connects you to dynamic spiritual team.

Global Team

Since 2008 we’ve had our Global Team (new members each year) taking action in their countries. Check out who they are and what they’re up to.


The internship program is in its sixth year. Every summer and throughout the year there are opportunities to sharpen your skills and help meet the needs of the world through work with various departments of The Mother Church in Boston, Mass.