Spiritual calm in a crisis

Millions are actively praying as Hurricane Sandy begins to make landfall on the east coast of the US.  In support of these prayers, we wanted to share a Christian Science lecture given in The Philippines after a super typhoon struck the country several years ago.  TMC Youth held a Summit there a few months later and Chet Manchester gave a talk entitled “Spiritual Calm in a Crisis” in Baguio City.  It opens with the harrowing story of how a priest saved the lives of dozens of orphans during a tsunami in Sri Lanka and how, just up the coast, a Christian Scientist and her family experienced protection when the same tsunami slammed into their hotel.  In this talk, Chet explores power of the Christ to calm human fear and restore peace in the midst of any crisis.


  1. Roger Brunstrum says:

    How soothing a message this was as Sandy’s winds are blowing outside. Expectancy of good also has come to me.

    Thank you for posting this today

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