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Let Love lead

Christian Science lecturer, Chet Manchester, talks about life purpose in this talk given at the 2014 College Summit.  And he shares some really healing ideas.  He talks about how God

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Stand Up for Healing

We can take a firm stand for the truth of our spiritual identity even in the face of overwhelming obstacles. When we do, we experience healing. Hear what Christian Science

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aha moments CHET

Aha moments that heal

Chet Manchester recently participated in a lecture series called “Spiritual Solutions for Lasting Health,” sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Pasco, Washington.  There were 5 talks given by 5 different

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Christian Science

Mother Church membership video

Membership in The Mother Church

Save the whales: Join The Mother Church. Think we’re kidding? Actually, when you join with “the greatest and holiest of causes” there’s really no end to the good you can

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Praying with The Christian Science Monitor

There are many good news resources available today and there are more ways than ever to interface with them.  So why pray with The Christian Science Monitor? Monitor National news

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People ​M​aking a Difference

We gathered three amazing people together to talk on a special panel at the Environmental Summit​ in August 2014. Each person is making an important impact in their respective fields

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Christian Science


Praying about weather and climate

Mary Alice Rose, now a Christian Science lecturer, was terrified of tornados as a child and teenager. She eventually became a meteorologist. This lecture is packed with stories from both

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Christian Science


The Prodigal Son: a social media retelling

Can the spoiled kid who made off with half of his father’s money ever find redemption? In this parable of the Prodigal Son by Jesus—presented social media style—the answer is

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